Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend Doings, Late June 2009

A tree growing along the Mount Vernon hiker-biker trail between the Potomac River and the George Washington Parkway, about 1.5 miles south of National Airport, 3:46PM EDT, June 28, 2009


I'm home after a good weekend spent in social activities with my friends (described below) and even meeting a blogger friend of mine, except now I am feeling absolutely terrible with a prolonged Sunday night panic attack. I feel as though I am having an actual nervous breakdown. I need help. I'm also in a pretty deep depression.

Not only am I running out of money but more than that, I am having a mental breakdown. Even a good weekend with friends did not help and I am in a terrible Sunday night panic attack.

Black-eyed Susan flowers growing in a cluster on the UMCP campus, June 26, 2009


I'm watching TV right now, flipping between a series of funny Married, With Children episodes on TV Land and the Discovery Channel, which is airing a nature documentary called Prehistoric New York that recreates with lots of computer graphics different geological epochs starting 12,000 years ago ...

... when Arctodus simus, the giant short-faced bear -- reconstructed here and shown to size comparison with a 5'11" adult human male -- and Castoroides ohioensis, the giant beaver, dominated the boreal forests of the mid-Atlantic region late ice age period.

It runs back to one billion years ago (long before any land life) when 30,000 foot mountains are believed to have existed as a result of the formation (called the Grenville orogeny) of the world's first super-continent, Rodinia ...

... pictured here as it may have looked. Bits of these mountains -- what may have been the world's tallest ever -- survive in what is known as the Hudson Highlands, although what is broadly referred to as the Appalachians formed later (220 to 480 million years ago) in multiple orogenies (no, not orgasms).

The program seeks to show the various extinct animals and eco-systems that existed where New York City is today going back as far as can be reconstructed.

Returning to Married With Children ...

It's the episode where Al and Steve are fearing hair loss and are using, among other products, Doctor Fur, a bogus hair tonic.

Steve: "Bad news, Al. Doctor Fur has been recalled. They determined it to be 100 percent dog food."

Screen shot of Married, With Children episode "The Bald and the Beautiful".


Anyway, I had a nice weekend that included a big happy hour at Buffalo Billiards at Dupont Circle Friday night (and a t-storm rolled across D.C. that included some some pea to marble sized hail -- which, was also recorded at DCA officially, the third time hail has been recorded this month there).

On Saturday night there was a big dinner party at Phil and Stephanie's place in Adams Morgan.

Here are some pictures from the outdoor dinner party. There was a group of about 13 people there, including Phil, Stephanie, Gerry, LP, John D., Lacey, Aimee, Amie (that would be Quill), Gary, and David, who did the cooking. David's culinary abilities are second to nobody I know. I love when he cooks.

Gerry and LP are pictured here.

Today (Sunday) included a nice lunch with my one-time blogger friend, Hotlipz (not her real name, of course) in Old Town Alexandria. She contacted me on Saturday by text message as she was visiting friends in Fairfax. She lives near Richmond. We met at the Union Street Public House near the Potomac waterfront.

This is Hotlipz's blog avatar. She was doing a Greta Garbo imitation, I think.

I met Hotlipz originally on Mr. Sirius's old blog but then she became a regular reader of my original Arcturus blog (which no longer exists). She used to blog regularly but stopped a few years ago. Anyway, it was very nice meeting her and I really enjoyed it.

It also made me regret that I never met my late blogger buddy Bryan Haberstick. I hope some day to meet my blogger friend Rita in Oregon. I doubt I'll ever meet my Australian blogger buddy, Fifi.

Hotlipz knew all about the Mr. Sirius situation and which I write about on my blog about/to him.

As luck would have it, after lunch and while walking with her by the river, I met up with Chris T., who was biking the Mt. Vernon trail. After Hotlipz left, Chris and I walked up the trail -- or rather, he rode his bike in circles as I walked. We stopped at the Daingerfield Island marina just south of National Airport. I actually caught the Metro from National Airport. Tonight I met up with Gary and Chris T. again.

Me on a bed at Phil and Stephanie's house in Adams Morgan, around 1130PM, June 27, 2009. I drank too much, of course. Actually, everyone drank a lot (except Quill, who does not liquor at all).

Here Oliver sleeps next to Phil on the living room floor, 3:35AM EDT, June 28, 2009


Changing topics ...

The now-concluded June 28, 2009 was the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall riots in New York City that started the modern gay liberation movement on June 28, 1969, although as I found out recently, the Compton Cafeteria riot in Aug. 1966 in San Francisco's Tenderloin District actually predated it by nearly 3 years -- and that involved transsexuals. The Wikipedia write up on the Stonewall riots is comprehensive.

This is a picture of the Stonewall Inn as it appeared in Sept. 1969 (just two months before I was born).

I still like the idea that gay icon Judy Garland's several death days earlier (June 22, 1969) contributed to the riot when the police raided the place one too many times (as was the custom back then), but it's probably just an gay urban myth.

I think that's all for now. I'm not going to be able to finish a 15 to 20 page report for that crummy contracting job I have, at least not by tomorrow. I am going to ask for a two day extension through Thur. morning.

A friendly cat on the sidewalk of Columbia Ave., College Park, Md., June 26, 2009

Oh, yes, I should mention that my laptop keyboard is falling apart -- the letter "T" and the numbers 4, 5, and 0 have come off, as did the F9 key, although I can still use the keyboard fully. I need a new one.

My next planned update will be around Wednesday or Thursday.



krzysztof said...

Hey you will meet Fifi if you hop on a jet and fly to Australia. Connect in London:-)

Rita said...

I hope you are feeling better & I wish I had some good advice for you. You know you are welcome to come & visit anytime. I'm afraid Coquille might be quite a culture shock, though.

Regulus said...

Kristof -- I think Fifi is through with me, for whatever reason (perhaps because I was too negative).

Thanks, Rita. Just posting your comments and knowing I have your good thoughts is nice enough.

I realize that about Coquille.