Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Rain Man Chronicles

This will probably be my last entry before my upcoming South Florida trip. That trip is set for Saturday, June 6 - Wednesday, June 10 (more on this below). I started this entry Thur. evening (June 4th) but I'm finishing and posting it in the wee hours of Friday morning (June 5th)

The hydrangea bushes at bloom outside the Argentinian (Argentine?) Embassy at the corner of New Hampshire Ave., NW, and Q St., NW, here in Washington, D.C., earlier this evening, June 4, 2009. The embassy is under renovation.


I have a lot I want to say, but I also have a lot I want and need to do for my contracting job and updating this blog in the really long entries I write -- as well as frittering away so much time doing nothing, as I tend to do -- are not going to help.

First off, we remain in an unusually rainy period ... which, let me state upfront, is fine with me, although I was caught in a deluge late this afternoon in Bethesda, where I had gone to pick up a check from my contracting job. A number of the images in this entry are weather related.

Here was the view outside the Bethesda Towers office buildings ("North Tower" and "South Tower") where the consulting company for which I work on a contractual basis is located.

It rained like crazy and I was drenched by the time I got to the Bank of America, where I discovered that so far my terrible indebtedness problems have not yet resulted in any shit-creditor trying to seize my account's measly account -- and I can't declare a second chapter 7 bankruptcy for another 10 to 11 months.

Rainy Wisconsin Avenue, downtown Bethesda, Md., 4:13PM EDT, Thursday, June 4, 2009

"Came in from a rainy Thursday / On the avenue / Thought I heard you talking softly ..." -- Ordinary World, Duran Duran (and others)


Thereafter, I went to my favorite Thai restaurant, Bangkok Garden in Bethesda, Md. ...

Here I was in an otherwise empty restaurant for an early dinner, 4:40PM EDT, June 4, 2009


As for the weather, again, it has been unusually rainy the past few weeks ...

Here is the flood (versus "flash flood"?) watch in effect for the "CWA" (county warning area) of the LWX (Sterling LWX) forecast area.


LWX base reflectivity radar at 740PM EDT, June 4, 2009.


The following are rainfall totals through midnight June 5 (i.e. 1159PM EDT June 4), 2009 ...

Month to date: 2.02" +1.57" (normal 0.45")
Year to date: 19.29" +2.81" (normal 16.48")

Month to date: 1.73" +1.25" (normal 0.48")
Year to date: 21.01" +3.22" (normal 17.79")


Month to date: 3.25" +2.69" (normal 0.56")
Year to date: 23.03" +5.66" (normal 17.37")


As for actual t-storm activity, the past few days have been rather dramatic.

Here is a picture of a t-storm / squall line approaching D.C. from the south, as seen 6:39PM EDT, June 3, 2009 from U Street, NW, looking south down 14th Street, NW, Washington, D.C. Of note, the actual precip amount where I live was small where I live. The squall was actually moving more west-to-east than to the north.

The same approaching squall line, 6:43PM EDT, June 3, 2009, as seen from U Street, NW, looking south down 13th Street, NW, Washington, D.C.


The following are three pictures of mammatus clouds that appeared briefly over downtown Washington, D.C., on June 2, 2009 between about 5:45PM - 6:15PM EDT...

Mammatus clouds over downtown D.C., as seen from M and 18th Streets, NW, 5:58PM, June 2, 2009.

Mammatus clouds basically represent a kind of "upside down" convection in which updrafts in strong to severe thunderstorms reach a maximum altitude and cease to be buoyant and thus spread out. Because the air parcels are saturated, they begin sinking. Typically, sinking air causes the parcel to warm, but this heat energy is used up to evaporate the droplets. The result is sinking air that actually cools -- which represents an upside down convection -- and creates these pouch like structures.

Mammatus clouds over downtown D.C., as seen from Connecticut Ave., NW, near Farragut North, 6:00PM, June 2, 2009

Mammatus clouds are often associated with violent thunderstorms, at least in the distance. In this case, there were some powerful thunderstorms about 40 miles south of D.C. in the vicinity of Fredericksburg, Va.

Mammatus clouds over downtown D.C., as seen by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) building, 6:02PM EDT, June 2, 2009.

Those storms did NOT reach D.C. and no severe weather accompanied the mammatus clouds appearance over the District of Columbia.

The LWX base reflectivity mode radar at 610PM EDT, June 2, 2009 showing these thunderstorms south of D.C.


On a political note, President Obama gave one of this barn-burner incredible speeches today, this time in Cairo, Egypt to the Muslim / Islamic World. (Alas, some of his incredible speeches so far on different topics are not matched up by actions, most notably giving in to the Wall Street speculator crowd, but never mind about that now.)

A link to his speech is here.

I mention the speech in order to juxtapose it with the silly shit headline of The Washington Times on June 4, 2009, "Obama, bin Laden vie for notice" that the paper put over a picture of Pres. Obama in order to have the "name" of "Obama bin Laden" in the lead headline. And the picture suggests some sort of evil deed. What a fucking silly paper. Only Cokie "The Bitch" Roberts would take it seriously.

The Washington Times is, of course, the massive money-losing insider hard right GOP propaganda broadsheet run by rightwing impresario and billionaire Korean businessman and Unification Church cult leader Sun Myung Moon, a.k.a. the Second Coming of Jesus Christ in his own deranged mind.

The Washington Times was a far more scary thing back in the 1990s and early 2000s when the GOP was in control. Now it just looks stupid and pathetic. Of course, D.C.'s main newspaper, The Washington Post, is little more than a pro-corporate, "Free Trade" obsessed, neo-con-imperialistic tilted bag of stale, dessicated shit with nothing to say to its readers, and it should go bankrupt.


The following set of three pictures are from the private bathroom of the 8th floor "psychiatry department" of the GWU Medical Faculty Associates at the corner of 22nd St., NW, and Pennsylvania Ave., NW, where I went on Wednesday during the lunch hour break of the all-day symposium of the Space Policy Institute of the GWU Elliott School of International Affairs.

When Dr. Robert Perito used to see me for free -- he was so good and I so miss him -- back between 2004 and 2006, during the most painful yet purest days of the Mr. Sirius catastrophe, Phil would drive me to my 930AM Friday appointment ... and we'd drive in from Silver Spring (where I lived with Phil at the time until Feb. 2005).

And I would look out through those slotted blinds (with the swivel knob you can turn from inside) ... and I would see on cold December and January mornings the rising steam from nearby and faraway buildings, looking to the west, deep into what I thought was suburban Virginia (which is my friend Gerry's home world) until one day I opened the blinds a bit more and realized I was looking to the southeast -- and directly at the nearby Washington Monument, and more distant Maryland suburbs toward Suitland.

And I would remember my FIRST time ever in Washington, D.C., in December 1977 when I had just turned 8 years old and I came here with my dad from New Jersey on a bitterly cold morning. Oh dear God, Mr. Sirius, Matthew My H. As for him, he was a new born and living in Europe -- not even in the Tidewater/Norfolk area yet, let alone his "native" Woodbridge, Va.

Oh, yes, speaking of Mr. Sirius, I have finally decided to link to my blog to him. If you are interested in reading it, go here. He has full stop stopped reading my blog (after my "Five Year Anniversary: An Assessment" entry). To hell with him. Boo.

On a related note, please see that entry as to why I am interested in I Love Lucy and Lucille Ball. As for I Love Lucy, the episode at 230AM a short while ago on Hallmark Channel was "Lucy and Ethel Buy Same Dress" and here are two screen shots from it ...

Here Lucy and Ethel realize they both are wearing the same dress for their rendition of "Friendship" ...

Here Lucy and Ethel try to sing "Friendship" as if nothing were wrong. It doesn't quite work out that way.


Tonight was a lousy night as NOT ONLY did the crazy SOB upstairs flood my kitchen for the FIFTH time in 4 years ... and after he was warned with a threatening letter about being evicted 6 months or so ago ... though FORTUNATELY I was home to again (as on the other occasions) to capture all the water in buckets and containers, or else the damage would have been gigantic (and I would have sued). The water falls into the kitchen and entrance way, including through light fixtures. It is time he was evicted OR I was given a new apt. I don't know that either of those WILL happen, but enough is enough ... it is intolerable.


But I also realized tonight something more profound, specifically, the fundamental failure of that which I have been trying to do for 3+ years. It involves someone I will not write about even though he doesn't read this blog.

However, I still had a nice time with my friend Gerry at Larry's Lounge and then at Cobalt. It is very complicated.


The College Park Metro station platform looking to the south/southwest, 6:05PM EDT, June 3, 2009. There were some big storms to the south.


Finally, it turns out that Macy's -- the company with which I have had a relationship for 15 years, back to when it was Hecht's -- did a "credit check" on me and the beast system opted to reduce my credit availability (approximately) from $2800 to $2400 (approx. my current balance). I have ALWAYS been on time and in good standing (except briefly once a few months ago).

Here is a picture of the hot male model in the coincidentally-timed Macy's catalog ... This guy is hot. (Ignore the little kid. That was just annoying and I was going to crop him out of the image but I did not do so.)

EVEN when I declared bankruptcy in June 2002, I didn't declare Hecht's among my creditors. Well, if these beasts are going to "punish" me for nothing -- esp. as they are charging me $50 in finance charges per $85 in minimum payment -- then I am going to GIVE them a reason to "punish" me and DEFAULT on the whole fucking $2400.

As it is, I have enough debt and creditors closing in (alas, I can't do a Chapter 7 until May-June 2010) and they can join them. They are just more amoral animals and carrion feeding vulture beasts of of a degenerate system*, and I will PROUDLY default on that card since it it NOT a crime to be in debt in America.

*I refer not only to the Bush - Cheney cartel and its ways but also to Larry Summers and Tim Geithner, and the rest of the "Masters of the Universe" financial speculator class who love their trillion dollar Ponzi schemes and worship at the the altar of the credit card multi-headed corporate hydra.


A quintessentially summery scene, even if it isn't quite summer, as seen from the Univ. of Md., College Park campus, looking east toward a cumulus congestus cloud, 3:41PM EDT, June 3, 2009


OK, that's enough. I think I am going to go to bed.

I MAY try to update this Saturday before I leave, but if not, I will update this in about a week (June 11th or 12th).


**UPDATED, 11:16AM EDT, June 5, 2009** I just wanted to post the Sterling (LWX) radar image from a short while ago this rainy, rainy morning.

We're under a flood warning right now here in D.C. I think today should be the last day of so much rain and then it should dry out.

I don't feel well this morning. I also don't even feel like going to Florida tomorrow for a variety of reasons. The flooding situation, NOT because of the rain but because of the crazy man directly above me, is not going to get any better. My property management company is basically limited in what they can do (although they talk sympathetically) and court actions take forever in D.C. It's all about that guy's rights. I said if he floods my apt. disastrously when I am not here, I will sue as needed.

One solution is for me to move to a new apt. in this building, except the rent on the unit $115 more a month, which is out of the question. I actually would not mind moving into a new unit if the rent on that one could be adjusted downward, which may be able to happen. However, my own financial situation is such that I may have to move out of here no matter what by Sept.




Rita said...

Hi! Loved the hydrangea bushes & the cloud pics. Curiosity also compelled me to look at your Mr. Sirius blog for about 5 sec then I tiptoed out of there. I felt like a voyeur peeping in on something very personal.

Enjoy your vacation in Florida!

As for myself I've been very involved with work, moving into a new apartment & etc...this morning I've got to dress up in my play costume to ride a float for our annual "Gay Ninties Parade & Celebration weekend."

Regulus said...

Thanks for the comment, Rita. I have to go to the airport now. I got your message. I will give you a call tonight.

krzysztof said...

the umbrella man image reminds me of this lovely graffiti by Banksy:

6th drom the left