Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Persistence of Many Memories ...

Just a very brief update ...

Here is the Marriott Hotel Conference Center in Rockville, Md., near NRC headquarters where the 21st annual RIC is being held and where I am going for three days this week.

I'm attending the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission's 21st annual Regulatory Information Conference in Rockville this week rather than going to campus, where I really don't need to be anyway. (Oh, yes, my gym idea is not working out very well this semester so far. Boo.) I am covering it for that weird contracting job I have.

Here is NRC's headquarters at White Flint Metro in Rockville, Md., March 9, 2009. This is next to the conference venue, where I went yesterday to pre-register for the event.

I also spoke on the phone to a very helpful senior scientist this morning at MIT's Center for Advanced Nuclear Energy Studies for another work-related project.

As for the contracting job, I am SOOOO glad I quit it as a full-time position. It was a form of hellish fluorescent lit office cubicle slavery. True, I may run out of money in 6 months at my current rate, but I will leave D.C. and go to South Florida with my dad by then. I'm so frickin' over Washington, D.C.

A broken mirror reflecting a green traffic light in a trash can on 16th St., NW, near Swann St., NW., Wash. D.C., March 9, 2009

I'm not from here and my time here is probably coming to an end. But for the friends I made, it has also been mostly a failure, a sort of metaphorical earnestly written but (because I wasn't someone important, and thank you Ms. Martha J. McAteer) unpublished letter to the frickin' editor of The Washington Post.

St. Augustine (of Hippo)'s City of God, nor an enchanted village, Washington, D.C. is not, though that's true of most places on this planet.

The building that houses the Namibian Embassy at 1605 New Hampshire Ave., NW, here in D.C. resembles something from an enchanted village, though.

My D.C. time will certainly end if I don't find gainful employment in the next 6 to 9 months -- except that kind of employment is sure to be the office cubicle hell I cannot abide for more than 6 months, and the cycle will repeat. Hopefully, my dad will in fact be moving to Key West, although I would prefer more the Fort Lauderdale - Miami area by the beach. I will have left D.C.


Speaking of leaving D.C. ...

Persistence of Memory ...

... or Kristof doesn't live here anymore.

(I borrowed both the Salvador Dali 1931 painting and the 1974 movie Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore for those two thoughts above.)


Oh, yes, glorious Washington, D.C., and the larger area is rapidly entering another frickin' drought. I have a feeling 2009 is going to be a bad weather year here with nothing but a torpidly humid, crappy drought. The weather forecasters at Sterling-LWX are titillated over that weather fact.


Down ... down ... down into the Dupont Circle Metro escalator (Dupont South side) into the netherworld of the Metrorail System, where the weather is always humid, dank, dark, and murky.


The 10500 block of South Glen Road, Potomac, Md., March 8, 2009. LP and I took a ride around the really upscale parts of Montgomery County, Md.


My seemingly dyspeptic disposition aside, I am feeling better since my last entry. Indeed, I was better by Sunday. However, the take-home lesson is I hate vodka / liquor and need to avoid it as much as possible, even if I'm not quite there yet.

This bicycle is ALWAYS at S and 16th St., NW, while three (!) of my bicycles managed to get stolen back in '04 and I haven't bought a new one yet.

Well, I think that's about all for now. I may not be able to update this blog again until Friday.

Persistence of Hippo ...

... or Flippo on the table.

Kristof: Notice anything about Flippo's blanket??



krzysztof said...

Notice anything about Flippo's blanket??

Are you kidding me? Half of seventeen street knows that blanket:-)

Regulus said...

Hmmmm indeed.

fifi said...

That Namibian consulate is an interesting structure. I really like that redbrick aesthetic, here it is rapidly diminishing beneath cement render. The colour looks great against the sky. Nice picture.

Anonymous said...

Have fun. I'm going to the State capitol for three days to protest the War & meet with one of the Senators & a Representative for a photo op. for me. :)

Still campaigning...

Regulus said...

Wow -- that's really cool. You're doing quite well these days and I'm very glad to hear that.

Rita said...

That comment was a bit misleading. Actually, I'm going as a part of this organization I belong to Rural Organizing Project but, since I will be leading a group meeting with a Senator & a Rep. from my district, I'll take the opportunity for a photo op. to further my own agenda.
Us'ns who don't have degrees to back us up, have to use every opportunity fur self promotion.

It also helps to have smart friends. :) (Although, I haven't figured out how to exploit that yet.)