Sunday, March 22, 2009

Interim Update: Near Zero Readership -OR- "It's Not Full of Stars ..."

Star trails ...

... as recorded over a 5 hour period on the night of Feb. 24, 2009 at the Haute-Provence Observatory in southeastern France. It was the Astronomy Picture of the Day for March 14, 2009, source here.

The brilliant partial arc in the lower right is Venus sinking in the southwest and the bright arc traced above the dome is Mr. Sirius' namesake star, Sirius, Alpha Canis Major.


This is just a very quick interim entry to update my blog as it has been nearly a week since I last updated it. I plan to have a fuller entry posted later tonight or tomorrow.

No, this is not a scene from the place I used to work (and still do as a part time contractor). Rather, it is an interpretative dance representation of the number of people who read this blog anymore.

Oh, well.



Anonymous said...

Burp! Anon post from my wi-fi laptop. It should still show as me I would think

Bryan said...

Hiccup! Here's me logged in. Wi-Fi. I should show up as the same person I alwatd do.

Regulus said...

Bush is God.

Bryan said...

Bush? God? I think you might need some medication.

Visiting from the actual desktop PC. Connected as usual. No wi-fi.

I think I should show as me. I think all three of these will be me. Email me, because I''m curios about it too!

Regulus said...

I was drunk when I wrote that. Sorry.

Yes, you are showing as you now. So you got your PC fixed after all?

Bryan said...

What did the other two comments/visits show as?

No, my PC isn't fixed. It's hanging out at "Best Buy" or "Staples" (or where-ever it was kidnapped to) with the computer fit-it guys. Hopefully it will return soon.

I screamed at my Dad.... Just take it and tell them to fix the f-ing thing! I'll give you my f-ing credit card! Just take it! So he did.

He returned with a relative of the PC I bought in 9/09. (He feels guilty for screwing the other one up)

How much did you pay for this thing? (the other one was $1,200 I paid $600)

Nevermind. Don't worry about it. He said.

I found the recipt. He paid $1,100 for this damned thing. Retard.

He needs to stay off those sites he visits. I only visit the same few. I'm confident it isn't me causing the proroblems.