Saturday, March 7, 2009

Back to Sick ... and Some Political Commentary

Oh, dear ... I'm back to sick.

The house at the intersection of Vermont Ave., NW, and Q Street, NW, Washington, D.C., Wednesday, March 4, 2009.

Yes, that was actual residual snow on the ground. Today was around 70F, so all the snow is long gone. We need some rain as we've been in a lengthy dry spell and we're entering the spring season when rain is essential. Some rain is forecasted next week.


I simply cannot go out anymore on Friday or Saturday nights in slow-motion benders that last until the wee hours drinking and trekking all about Dupont Circle, 17th St., and Adams Morgan.

Last night this included Buffalo Billiards, Timberlake's, Cobalt, and Angle's. I was with Chris T., Eric M., Phil, and Gary (early on). Gary left early as he had a flight to Las Vegas for a bowling tournament this morning.

I feel fatigued and stressed and worn out ... just like last month as I was coming down with the flu last month. Boo.

Trust me, this is NOT a picture of me.

I've been home all day, mostly sleeping, and feeling awful, except I really don't want to be sick. I think it's time for some Theraflu and hot tea again.

The Grant Mansion at Logan Circle here in Wash. D.C., March 4, 2009. When I first came to the D.C. area in 1992, this mansion -- supposedly built by the grandson of Pres. Ulysses S. Grant, hence the name -- was actually abandoned and dilapidated. Even with the real estate market crash, today it is easily worth $3 to $5 million.


Right now, I'm watching some sappy movie on Hallmark Channel. So sue me.

It's called "Generation Gap" -- and, I'm sorry, but the young actor (Alex Black) playing the "troubled teen" who spends summer in a remote town with his strict, retired Army Colonel grandfather (played nearly 80-year old Ed Asner) is gay.

Rue McClanahan (who played Blanche in The Golden Girls) is also in this movie. She's 75 but looks more like 85. In real life, she's been married 6 times with 5 divorces.

To quote Mae West's character in the great 1940 movie My Little Chickadee when she met a guy who said he was married 5 times:

"Huh. To you wedding bells must be like an alarm clock."


Here is a picture at the corner of Vermont Ave., NW, and Q St., NW, that I took on Wednesday, March 4, 2009.


So I've been in email communication with Kristof, who had to leave the U.S. for at least one year as his visa expired. He is back in his native Gdansk in Poland. I don't know what is going to happen with him -- if he'll work in the EU or return to the U.S.

Stock photo of Gdansk I found on the internet. It was not obliterated by the Nazis in WWII, so it retains an unbroken architectural history.


I think that's all for now. I will try to visit some of my blogger buddies' blogs, including the enchanting Fifi; the idealistic, earnest, hard working, highly self-educated on a wide range of topics and issues Rita; and Bryan.

Sorry, Bryan, I couldn't think of an appropriate adjective to describe you. How about "Everything More"??


The following video I pilfered from Fifi's current blog entry ...

Backwash from Isabella on Vimeo.

The images of powerful waves crashing off a steep, rocky coastline in Australia (probably near Sydney) and creating a "backwash" that -- when the reflected waves crash into the approaching waves -- tosses young surfers high into the air is amazing, and the musical score only adds to the sense of the sea's power.

Having said that, this is a little too rough of a sea for me, esp. with those rocky cliffs so nearby.

The wave action in southern Australia -- coming from the giant storms that roar around the Southern Ocean in the circumpolar current that surrounds Antarctica in the Roaring 40s, the Furious 50s, and the Screaming or Shrieking 60s is a little too fierce for me.

Well, back to the hear and now ... How did I manage to get sick again??


Switching gears ...

What follows are a few political cartoons I have been wanting to post and a bit more commentary than I intended (I get carried when when I start writing):

Unless I'm just misunderstanding something profound, I don't see how Rush Limbaugh and the whack-job rightwing Republicans in Congress today can possibly lead their party in this time of near economic depression to anything but ruination.


Ha ha


Related to this image, it is my fondest wish in life that The Washington Post (or the "WaHoPo", as some of us call it) go bankrupt.

That pro-Bush / pro-GOP rag includes an endless editorial / op-ed whorehouse stable of war crazed Council on Foreign Relations neo-con apologists; a now 25-year old hardwired Republican tilt on everything; non-stop corporate ass-kissing and an obsession with "Free Trade" (read: corporate fascism and destruction of the working class and the planet's biosphere).

The worst part is its bogus "objectivity" that intentionally fails to grasp the difference between right and wrong, good and evil. The WaHoPo remains the sole possession of the Graham family.

Pictured here is the creepy, burbling former publisher and now WaHoPo "Chairman of the Board" Don Graham and the current publisher, his niece, Katharine Weymouth. She is the granddaughter of Katharine Graham (Don's mother) and, oddly enough, Ms. Billionaire looks like she'd be right at home in a honky tonk bar fight.

The Grahams' GOP propaganda-filled disservice to their readers, esp. in the Bush era, is so vast that it probably eventually will ensure the paper's demise within a few years.

The WaHoPo, an erstwhile "liberal" newspaper, long ago lost its way (just follow the career of Bob Woodward into a combo imperial court scribe and unfunny court jester).

Today it continually insults in the intelligence of its local and regional progressive-minded readership with its vapid, pro-GOP pablum (read anything by Howie "Mistah" Kurtz or Fred Hiatt or Sebastian Mallaby) and is hastening its own end. Good.

Please go bankrupt, Washington Post, and complete the circle that began in 1933 in the last Great Depression.

Please watch this YouTube clip of Jon Stewart demolishing Rick Santelli and the rest of the clueless, always wrong Wall Street corporate / GOP apologists on CNBC on his show on Wednesday (March 4, 2009). Santelli is the one who started the pseudo-populist, very short-lived "Rick's Revolution" with his screaming outburst a few weeks ago that homeowners who can't afford their mortgages are "losers" (that would be at least 12 percent of the homeowners in the U.S., a figure that is still rising), all while cheerleading the trillions being given to corporate thieves and their bankrupt companies.

Even worse, the whores at parent NBC company tried to flog this bogus "re - volution" until it backfired so badly.

Above: coke-head and right wing-nut Larry Kudlow has the scummy Santelli on his CNBC show. The nexus of evil and stupidity here is breath-taking.

Stewart's beat down is the best 8 minutes and 38 seconds you will spend if you are interested in seeing how incredibly pimped out and corporate whorish, not to mention brain dead clueless, part of the American media establishment have become.

Ha ha

The Stewart beat down has caused quite a stir in journalistic and media circles over the ensuing days, and there was also some good Columbia Journalism Review commentary about it here and here.

Hefner, you dirty old man. Are these your investigative journalistic bunnies??

That Playboy (!) piece about how Santelli's outburst may have been part of a planned and coordinated GOP Propaganda Matrix offensive ("TWITTER TEA PARTIES" -- what American bullshit) was removed by fearful editors at Playboy, but a copy of it was secured by Megan McArdle's Asymmetrical Information Atlantic Monthly blog here.

Yet it's still more than the WaHoPo would ever DARE carry, lest it not curry GOP and corporate favor.

OK, that's enough of that. I'll sign off now. I'm still not feeling well. I am planning to go to LP's place tomorrow and ride around with him a bit rather than being trapped in this dusty little apt. all day here in D.C., unless I'm really not feeling well.



Rita said...

Great Jon Stewart clip & interesting commentary on The Washington Post. I am currently comparing local newspapers that are in competition with ours. Speaking of right wing rags, one local small town paper along with derogatory cartoons about the current administration has a blurb that they've embedded in the masthead(I believe that's the right term) lamenting the fact that they have to use recycled paper. They state they'd rather use old growth so they could support our sagging timber industry. Unbelievable I know, we'll have to wait & see where that kinda talk gets them in the long run. :)

Rita said...

PS: I hope your illness is temporary.

fifi said...

hey, I hope you are eating the right kinds of food and making sure to take might need to start thinking about extra healthy eating in order to build up your immunity.
Ginger and garlic are both good for fighting off germs...

The walks are good...I like the scene with the snow hiding in the shady parts. very nice, I could almost feel that cold air.

Glad you liked the was a really great day. And you get to hear the shark siren at the end. The one I blogged about.

Hope you feel better soon.

krzysztof said...

You found a very nice photo of Gdansk. It's really what it looks like. It's pretty and quite lively even now

Regulus said...

Rita: Rightwing rags like the one you describe are basically comical in the way that Rush Limbaugh is more a comedian and entertainer for those mostly white male working class and middle class sort who feel disempowered and victimized. There is irony in this, of course, since he claims to be against all liberal and their victim-ology.

Papers like that are not really meant to be taken seriously, although one shouldn't underestimate the degree of support for the strain of thought they represent. In the end, though, they are fundamentally reactionary and while such a view of the world never goes away, particular issues fade in time (such as old growth logging) as the economy changes (the movement of the center of the timber industry from Oregon and Washington to the American South).

By contrast, papers and other media outlets such as The Washington Post that pride themselves on their breadth of knowledge, policy sophistication, and ability to hold those in power accountable but in the end are little more than pimped out shills for corporate interests or ugly philosophies (neo-conservative imperialism) or that hide behind a journalistic "objectivity" in order to be willfully blind to Bush/GOP corruption and malfeasance ... well, that's what I find unacceptable.

Yes, I am feeling better.

Regulus said...

Fifi: Garlic? It would repeat on me all day ... burp, burp, burp, burp ...

So that was a shark siren? I was wondering what that was. How close is that beach to where you live?

I was more amazed that the authorities are OK with allowing people, esp. minors, to surf in such a potentially dangerous area with waves crashing and reflecting violently off jagged rocks (strong enough to drown someone if sucked down, that's for sure).

Yes, I feel better.


Kristof: It was an internet stock photo. My only two internet stock photos of Poland are Gdansk or Auschwitz with its "Arbeit Macht Frei" tourism motto.


Oh, yes I turned in your key today. I will email you the particulars of my conversation with Lissette. It really wasn't any different than what she said on the phone. I think she pretty much knows a check is not forthcoming any time soon.

Did you get a lap top yet?

fifi said...

That IS the beach where i live.

DJG said...

Hey Regulus,

Minus the back story (I'm assuming you are not a military vet and were never part of the religious right) this could have been taken straight from this blog. Enjoy.

Regulus said...

Fifi: I see!

ZJM:: Good stuff. Very interesting to watch. Actually, when I lived in Texas for part of 1980 and 1981, my mother and Ray (her husband) became 7th Day Adventists, and we went through a sort of modified born again phase. I think there's just religio-insanity in the air there. We also lived in a trailer. And Ray was in the Army (he was stationed at the time at Fort Hood). So, yes, I have some religious and military experience, at least indirectly, in my childhood.

During the 1980s and 1990s, I occasionally dabbled in religious insanity, most recently with a bunch of nutty rightwing Catholics. But that's pretty much all in my past.

Anonymous said...

I imagine you aren't interested in small town newspapers seeing you live in a metropolis & probably read nothing but the New York Times, The Washington Post, etc...
But, because you are astute about these things, I'll continue to bend your ear, besides at some point a newspaper, is a newspaper, is a newspaper, whether it's the "New York Times" or "The Coquille Valley Sentinel".
It really is one medium where you can always read between the lines & I don't think it's very often that you find one that can truly claim journalistic "objectivity".
In the case of the "small town right-wing rag" I mentioned above, I'm afraid their blatant lack of objectivity will be their downfall, because they will lose advertisers & that is where the money is that keeps a small paper afloat.
In the case of the Washington Post, it looks as if they have found a way to follow the money, so to speak.

Anonymous said...

Correction! The small town right-wing rag is NOT The "Coquille Valley Sentinal" that's where I work. It's "The Roseburg Beacon". :)

Regulus said...

Maybe if it were the size of, oh, I dunno, Salem, Oregon ... and I shared an apt. there with a certain native Oregonian (!)

I actually read most of my news online, and I tend to ignore The WaHoPo entirely. I loathe that paper more than I can describe, as I've explained before. And you're quite right about why they stay afloat, although I'd add "money and power."

I do read The New York Times a fair amount.

The Roseburg Beacon? Wow. I'll see if I can find it online!