Thursday, February 19, 2009

The mental swash zone -OR- In a Sunshine State

I feel like this fish sometimes looks like a catfish, except aren't catfish freshwater creatures and this is clearly the ocean surf.

I posted an entry last night when I was upset -- thus proving why I shoiuldn't post entries when I am in such a state of mind. In addition, I've been updating my (unread) Mr. Sirius blog with the usual content.

I'm feeling old, blobbishly (sp?) fat, and mentally agitated this week, although I may have solved the credit/class problem I mentioned in an earlier entry this week.

I'm going to Florida (I think) on Friday (the Fort Lauderdale area) and I'll be back on Wednesday. Maybe.

I'm looking forward to being on the beach and in the ocean.

OH, yes, The Golden Girls is moving to the Hallmark Channel starting March 1, 2009 -- 12 years after landing at Lifetime, which mercilessly edited the show to make room for more yeast infection medication and maudlin "made for TV" movie promo commercials.

Anyway, I just added Hallmark (and 14 more channels) via RCN for $4.99/month, or at least that's what the lady in India on the phone told me.


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fifi said...

that is a very odd fish.
have fun in Florida :-)