Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Regulus-Style Miserable In a Sea of Jubilation

This is my Inaugural morning update ... I will try to have a better update later, including with my own pics of this day ...

It's just about 1030AM ... 90 minutes until the actual inauguration -- or rather, in keeping with the frenzied spirit that has ceased the city, Inauguration and Transformation into GOD'S Divine Instrument of Earthly Rule, of President Elect Barack Obama and the merciful End of the Bush Era/Error.

However, I do not feel well at all. I'm tired and irritable and have no desire to fight the vast throngs -- literally two million people is the estimate -- on this frigid cold but OF COURSE snowless morning to go there. And I'm panicked, perhaps needlessly, over my student loan refund and when it will arrive.

If GOD really existed, we would have had a nice inch or two of snow for this event as a symbolic sort of forgiveness and starting anew after the Bush catastrophic reign, but apparently GOD doesn't exist. Oh, well.

All I want to do is remain in my bed under the covers (Flippo!), my electric fan whirling somniferously. However, I suppose if I get ready now I can sort of schlepp down with Gary and Kristof to the Washington Monument area, which is about as close as I'm possibly going to get.

This is a day of great joy (esp. for African Americans in a way that as a white male I can't fully feel emotionally -- it seems about half the black population east of the Mississippi River is here in D.C., and two-thirds of the nation's overall black bourgeoisie).

Bottom line, even on this truly historic occasion (a SEVERELY overused phrase that is actually apt on this day), when I'm right here in the heart of this great event, the city itself in a sort of frenzy unlike anything I've ever remotely seen in my life, I can't enjoy anything.

I'm just a miserable person.

Anyway, I'll update later on the other side of the End of the Bush Error.


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