Saturday, January 24, 2009

Puppy Dogs and Wintertime Sunshine ...

Time for a new entry.

The highlight of today was going with Phil and Stephanie earlier this afternoon to the Washington Animal Rescue League (WARL), pictured above, located in the strange far-and-away section of D.C. in the "unit block" of Oglethorpe St., NW, at the edge of the Brightwood section of the city, off Blair Rd., NW.

It was a sort of "open house" day where you could start the adoption process of a dog or cat without the usual $100+ charge. Phil and Stephanie settled on a mixed breed, good-natured, year-old dog named "Doowop" that they're thinking of renaming Oliver if in fact they are able to adopt him.

Here is a picture of Doowap/Oliver. He is probably a mixed English Setter and Labrador, but it's hard to tell.

Here is another picture of Doowap/Oliver.


I've been really today and haven't really felt well, although I've perked up a bit in the past few hours as the day has given way to early winter darkness. Hmmm.

Next week promises to be busy with the spring semester starting -- I have two classes -- and an all-day workshop at NRC on nuclear power plant safety culture that I need to attend as part of my job. Yes, I still technically work, albeit as a contractor. (By the way, I have now actually made it into the NRC "ADAMS" electronic docket. I attended a monthly meeting on the Reactor Oversight Process in December 2008 at NRC headquarters in Rockville and I'm listed as an attendee, but the name of my company is wrong.)


Historic Rock Creek Park Cemetery (not to be confused with Rock Creek Park) in Washington, D.C., as seen from New Hampshire Ave., NW, earlier today in the boom-boxed Brightwood 'hood of the District. We passed this while driving to WARL.

I am so glad I'm not working in that awful office anymore but still have a contractual, project-based relationship withe company. As for money, and the lack of earning much of it now (not that I was earning all that much at that job), I am temporarily flush with money, thanks to my student loan refunds for the fall and spring semesters (the latter arrived earlier this week) that I did not spend because I was working.


This is Boscoe, a rather large mixed breed with lots of bull dog in him. Poor Boscoe was recovering from surgery -- he had to have one of his eyes removed (yikes) and it was just sewn over. I liked Boscoe.

I really need a fundamental and radical overhaul to the way I live my life, but it may not be possible right now given how my life is. I realize that is a hopelessly circular and self-defeating explanation. At minimum, I have decided to take advantage of the excellent gym facilities on the UMCP campus and start working out. I have become so unpleasantly out of shape as I careen toward my 40th birthday later this year (appropriately, it falls right on Thanksgiving this year).


Sunshine in an empty space (to borrow a line from Corona's song "Rhythm of the Night") ...

Light from the setting winter Sun filters into my wee little Washington, D.C., efficiency through the slotted blinds a short while ago, Jan. 24, 2009.

Speaking of empty places, I have been feeling so empty, even sort of dead, inside the past couple of years, and it has only gotten worse -- more dead? -- in the past month or so. Part of this is the simple life draining quality of the whole, dumb, enervating Mr. Sirius fixation, but I'm not going to write about that here on this blog (I have another one for that). More generally, it's just from a sense of overall failure in my life to date.


This was Ashlee the cat at WARL earlier today. I think my mom would have liked this cat if she were there today. But she lives in Millersville, Md., and adopting a pet from D.C. would be difficult logistically for her.

This past week -- excluding Inauguration Day -- has been kinda crummy. I found out that I am woefully "unprofessional" (it had to do with a bit of unpleasantness working on a project for another person at my now-contracting job), an outright liar (because I often show up for group Friday happy hours and other social events involving some of my friends), and incapable of any physical intimacy (since the only people I attract are those I find old and/or unattractive).

About the latter, I had a "date" on Wednesday night that ended rather unpleasantly and awkwardly as the guy who came over stormed out -- why does that always happen?? -- after he realized I wasn't interested in instantly have a sexual encounter with him.


Yet another blurry image with my cellphone camera, this one of Otello's restaurant here in D.C. last night after dinner with Phil, Stephanie, Gary, and Aimee that Phil kindly paid for.

Back to my date on Wed. night ... This guy (an enviro-activist a decade and a half my junior) and I had gone to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and eventually he came over to my place. I should not have invited him up -- I really wasn't interested -- but I didn't think he'd be so, well, aggressive in wanting an instant sexual encounter.

I SAID at the outset just to come up for a little bit and I was going to watch the series of episodes of "3rd Rock From The Sun" on TV Land that night. Do words actually mean anything anymore? Anyway, he just got up and left without saying anything, although I had to open the door lock for him. I was actually glad when he left.

That was my first date in, oh, 5 years. I don't really care.

At least I didn't have what happened the last time a guy stormed out in March 2005: the Catholic school gym teacher who, turning into a scary SOB, stole $80 in cash from me from a coffee mug on my table. I was able to file charges and I actually had him arrested the next day as I saw him at Windows. The charge was "null processed" but at least I had him arrested. During my "active" years in the 1990s in my 20s, I almost never had any kinds of problems such as that.

Part of the reason is that I'm feeling so unattractive these days, overweight in a sort of penguin-like shape. And my hair is so bushy that I can't effectively use pomade. It just comes out looking stupid.


Just a quick political commentary update ... (caution: it's a little bitter)

I REALLY hope that Pres. Obama doesn't cave in to economic depression - craving rightwing Republicans -- I'm thinking of Rep. John Boehner and Sen. Mitch "the Bitch" McConnell -- on the $825 billion stimulus bill.

I fear the whole thing will devolve into a farrago of "tax credits" and tax cuts for the usuaal corporate malfeasants and billionaires and an effort to restart the whole out-of-control financial industry Bush - thieving Ponzi scheme over again, not to mention any other trickle down, supply side, voodoo economics bullshit they can think of.

We need an old-fashioned Keynesian stimulus of a New Deal sort.

Today's GOP, with its toxic combo of fundamentalist religio-insanity and corporate fascism, WANTS a deflationary economic depression with liquidity trap conditions and inverted supply and demand curves that "punishes" the working poor (and the laboring class in general) and the overlapping debtor class(es) BECAUSE they are working poor and indebted.

The Southernized Republican Party of today is NOT interested in the slightest in any serious public policy that helps the country as a whole. It's a basically a collection of crazies, thugs, corporate thieves, warmongerers, charlatans, and con artists.

Only in America would such a foul and discredited system of thought and behavior be magically repackaged and resurrected in time for the 2010 election. Too much of America is extra dumb.

I also agree with Prof. Paul Krugman's sentiments and worries about what might happen in Obama's first term, which if it came to pass would probably ensure he would not win reelection in 2012.

What really bugs me is that it always seems to be the case that all it takes is 1 Republican Senator from some neo-Confederate state to block EVERYTHING.

Not wanting to end on a negative note, though, here is a link to a Boston Globe online page featuring an array of dazzling large image scenes from Pres. Obama's Inauguration Day this past Tuesday, both here in D.C. and around the world.



Cultural - Celebrity News:

Off His Rocker. Again.

John "English Only" Rocker escorted from Atlanta hotel bar after anti-Semitic rant at local sportscaster

Story here and John's side of it here (caution: excessive profanity at second link).

Deep Thoughts With John Rocker (from 2000), who really must have been pumped up on steroids in this (undeniably homoerotic hot) image of him:

"[New York City is] the most hectic, nerve-racking city. Imagine having to take the 7 Train to the ballpark ... next to some queer with AIDS, right next to some dude who just got out of jail for the fourth time, right next to some 20 year old mom with four kids. It's depressing.

"You can walk an entire block in Times Square and not hear anybody speaking English. Asians and Koreans and Vietnamese and Indians and Russians and Spanish . . . How the hell did they get in this country?"

Source here

John, you're not even a clever douche bag.


OK, I'd like to switch gears again from the vulgar and profane to the spiritual and sublime ...

Speaking of GOD, or at least matters of faith and the spirit, I came across Sirach 3: 19-25. I like it. The Book of Sirach, also known as Ecclesiasticus (not to be confused with the Book of Ecclesiastes), is part of the Catholic Bible, but not the Protestant one. I know some Protestant types go into a frenzy of fear at the very thought that there are other books of the Bible that did not make the King James Version.


A Sunshine Buddy ...

I really wish I had one of these little guys.

Speaking of sunshine ... turning to the weather briefly ... I should mention (although in so doing I will be jinxing it) that the models are suggesting an inclement period next week with waves of low pressure bringing precip to the Middle and Southern Atlantic regions, including the D.C. area, and it looks to be cold enuf for at least some snow.

DCA, which this January has the dubious distinction of running -3.6F below normal so far yet WITHOUT ANY measurable snow this month or season so far, could finally get its first inch of snow.

This is all subject, of course, to repeated and maddening weather model flip-flopping, and in the end, nothing happening here.


I think that's about all for now. No one has returned any of text messages, phone calls, or emails today (well, actually I didn't send any emails), and that's fine. I'll just be reclusive.

My next entry is when I feel like it.



Bryan said...

Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. **wink** Check your mail around February 5..

Sorry that your date went... badly. I'd be completely happy watching tv with you. Just tv! Honest! I'm one of those scary, overweight ugly people. I wouldn't even try to get your pants off.

Anonymous said...

Good GAWD, girl, that's a long post... I hope I'm in the right place to comment on your hideous date. I live in your area, and when I was about a year younger than you are now (so ten years ago), I was trying to date, too.

I came up with a horrible collection of trolls, including:

1. A mixed-race man from Brazil who spent the night telling me how much he dislikes black people, and then tried to tell me that even though I found his opinions repugnant, I should keep going out with him "because opposites attract, and we'd always have something to talk about."

2. A 45 y o man who told me that he spent ALL his time caring for his mother, so our relationship should be him coming over Saturday evenings only for a home-cooked meal and sex in a loving, homey atmosphere. We'd never go out. He'd never host me at their house. (Is "mother" a euphemism for "wife and n kids" here?)

3. A man who met me in a restaurant and promptly vanished into the restroom for twenty minutes - I thought he'd walked out on me, but maybe it was just a Larry Craig experience, because he came back to the table and told me he was tired of paying for hookers and, see #2 above, wanted to sleep on clean sheets with a loving woman who wouldn't charge him for it. My best male friend said, "Jeez, Ankh, that's not a date, that's a baboon."

4. A highly educated immigrant gentleman who said I could never meet his family or friends, being the wrong ethnicity and religion, but would I mind if we had lots of hot sex at my house, never went out, and oh, how would I like some nice bondage? Errr, no, I wouldn't.

5. A former boyfriend from college twenty years before, who slid his wedding ring off in my hallway and didn't think I'd notice the white line or the deep ditch it has made on his finger.

6. And so on. Keep trying. But never EVER let them in your house until the third date, and even then, have a reliable friend on speed-dial because 911 is too slow.

I'm sorry you're having a sad time. I hope you'll let us know the end story of Doowop/Oliver.

And I like your politics, but yipes! Break your entries into smaller chunks! Or the replies will get as long as the entries are... :)

Regulus said...

Thank you, Bryan, for your comment. I'm sure any date between us would be a predictable disaster. Ha ha.

Ankhorite: Wow, that was some comment. I need a little time to read it over and think of a reply. Thank you for visiting my blog and taking an interest. It's a good thing you are coming at the tail end of my Mr. Sirius obsession. I'm sure that would have put you right off this blog immediately.

Regulus said...

ankhorite: "Good GAWD, girl, that's a long post..." Ha ha. My entries ususally are. Excessively long.

As for your half-dozen pack of collectible troll dates, my own thoughts:

1. Bad news. Run, don't walk from that one!

2. That one made me laugh.

3. That one left me a little confused. What were his original intentions? And what kind of girl did he think you were??

4. Nasty.

5. Clever, but you were more clever!

6. I realize that now and will be more careful. Of course, at my dating frequency, that means I don't have anything to worry about for several years. Boo.

Re. the dog, I think Phil and Stephanie are going to be able to adopt him.

Re. my entries, I know I have to make them shorter, but I really do appreciate that you took the time to read it and write such a nice and funny comment. Please stop by again, or even feel free to be one of my regular readers.

Bryan said...

a predictable disaster What a perfect thing to say! (Wish I'd thought of it) I'm certain that even if we were getting along fabulously and could be best friends forever something awful would happen. I know it would. lol

We'd end up in peril! A sink-hole would swallow us, then we'd get trampled by mutant rabbits and be eaten by wolverines! All of it would happen in a split second! (I do believe some disaster would happen)


Regulus said...

You're as funny as stepping on barbed wire. And I'm one lucky guy.

Anonymous said...


Sorry I am late returning that call.

I worked all day at the newspaper & then went to auditions for the theatre. I just got home & listened to your message.

Speaking of fundamental and radical overhauls. I feel that is what I did when I got divorced. IMO, a fundamental and radical overhaul is a desperate action, based pretty much on the feeling that there is not much to lose by starting over. Doing that was really scary for me but I was so despondent & hated my life so much it didn't matter if I died trying. Well, it hasn't turned out so bad so far. Not that it's easy but I sure feel more alive & I have some pretty good days when I'm proud of myself & my achievements. I've realized more goals in 1 year then I've ever even attempted in my whole life! I just decided to follow my own path. I quit letting what I thought other people thought about me influence my actions.

Well, that's enough pep talk from me. :)

fifi said...

I don't think you should be letting anyone in your house. They could be an axe murderer.

I think the guys should get another collie dog. After Bernice, everything would just appear so nugget headed.

I cannot understand why you and Bryan dont atch Tv together. I am sure he won't drop an anvil on your head. Possibly.

Bryan said...

lol! Fifi I think Regulus and I would get along just fine. The worst thing I would possibly do to him is smack him in the head with a soft pillow. I certainly wouldn't drop an anvil on him! (where would I get one anyway?)

Regulus and I can't just walk over and visit each other, we live quite a distance apart.

fifi said...

what about that traaaaiiiin bryan......

Bryan said...

Don't get me started with the trains Fifi, I'm so tired of hearing them. It was a nice lovely sound. Now I just want them to fall into the river or something so the noise stops. I don't want anyone to get hurt though, stupid trains are making me loony now!

Regulus said...

Rita: That was beautiful.

Bryan: As per your last comment, what DOESN'T make you loony / psychotic / crazy? Send me by email a list (don't post it as a comment) and then I'll see what I can do. My guess is probably not a lot.

Fifi: You're a goddess. No, really.

Regulus said...

P.S. I'm in a really lousy mood this morning EVEN THOUGH it's snowing. Thus, it's time (speaking of loony / psychotic / crazy things) for a Mr. Sirius blog entry.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the invite! I like your writing but I'm awful at keeping current with people. :(

But I'll try. Meanwhile, I didn't even bother following the Rocker links cuz I'm pretty sure I can guess what's there. Ptui! Bad man!

Good news about Doowop Dog, though. :)