Friday, January 2, 2009

Probably Not the Best Entry to Start 2009, But Whatever ...

This year's strange looking ball at Times Square, New York City, at 11:59:59PM, Dec. 31, 2008 as it dropped to its rendezvous with the New Year, 2009. Actually, there was a few second delay, so it was already a few seconds after midnight into Jan. 1, 2009. I saw this at Chris T. and David's place last night on TV.


OK, I intended an entry on Jan. 1, 2009 -- that's 01.01.09, regardless of day and month, OR if you want the YEAR first, 09.01.01 (which looks vaguely like 9-1-1). But it is 01.02.09 now, OR in my non-USA readers' way, 02.01.09.

This is a TV image I took last night of Dick Clark kissing his wife, Kari, moments after he helped ring in the New Year in New York City on his show as he has for the past 36 years. Clark is 79 and recovering from a stroke.

I have to say that I think Ryan Seacrest and Dick Clark made a great duo. I really do. Clark is a survivor and Seacrest is a class act in his way.

I'm somewhat drunk right now. More so than I was on New Year's Eve, when EVERYBODY at my bar, Cobalt, was wasted. I had been at Chris T. and David's place earlier and that was fine.

Last night when I got home, I watched this:

It is well worth your time to spend 1 hour and 11 minutes (UNINTERRUPTED) watching this documentary called "9/11: The Falling Man".

I knew I shouldn't have watched this, but the last 12 minutes are so profound.

His name was MOST LIKELY Jonathan Briley, a 43-year-old employee of the Windows on the World restaurant who jumped rather than die in fiery agony in the 9/11/01 attacks.

The story of figuring out who "The Falling Man" is here. YES, it's a Wikipedia article, but it's still worth reading.

As stated in the article: "It also drew its material from photographer Lyle Owerko's pictures of falling people. It debuted on March 16, 2006, on the British television channel Channel 4. It later made its North American premiere on Canada's CBC Newsworld on September 6, 2006, and has been broadcast in over 30 countries. The U.S. premiere was September 10, 2007, on the Discovery Times Channel."

I'm tired and need to sleep. I'm feeling overwhelming and just uncertain about everything right now.

I watched this starting at 5AM last night. I couldn't stop crying the entire time.


My baby Bernice isn't going to be around much longer ... probably just a few days ... I need to see her tomorrow, even if it means leaving that stupid job on my last full time day earlier.


I need to sleep now, Gentle Reader. Let's hope 2009 is a good year, Dear Jesus. Please.



krzysztof said...

Oy. Such a depressing dark entry would have been more appropriate for Christmas than New Year's.

I should be able to see you on Monday or, if too jetlagged, Tuesday.


Regulus said...

YAY! And then I'll once again be able to shout out: "KRISTOF'S UP DA' HOUSE!! THROW YO' HANDS TOGETHA' SHOW SOME LOVE! MAKE SOME NOISE!"

Regulus said...

Besides, as I told you, I always thought you looked a little like British uber-club DJ Pete Tong.

Bryan said...

Seacrest is a class act in his way

Glad you put "in his way" in there, it gives you a cushion of safety from the Seacrest Haters, I am one.

I think he's a complete douchebag. I don't even think he's attractive.