Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dog Is My Co-pilot ( Part II)

Yours Truly, Regulus, in Oliver's crate earlier tonight, just testing it out ...

Tonight, Phil and Stephanie and I went to the Washington Animal Rescue League (WARL) here in D.C. to pick up their newly adopted dog, now named Oliver. "Doowop" was his name at WARL, at least temporarily. It went very well.

Thereafter, I went back to Phil and Stephanie's place with Kristof, Chris T., and Eric M. Later, Kristof and I went to Cobalt.

Oliver in his that same new crate.

As an aside, I was thinking of linking to my Mr. Sirius Blog since the only reason I started the second one is to avoid alienating folks who do not want to read it rather than 'hiding' it ... besides, it's not like it can't be found.

Oh, yes, my FIRST gym work out in nearly FIVE years went well -- the first in nearly NINE years at the Eppley Rec. Center at the UMCP campus -- even if I went at the most crowded time. I did 20 minutes of weight lifting (on the machines), 30 minutes on one of the elliptical trainer machines, and then I went swimming, or rather, splashing around in one of the two giant pools out of the "circle swim." Yay, I win.

The gym was MOBBED but that's OK.

I'm going to try to go to UMCP to the gym tomorrow again except I've been battling a mild cold and I'm rather sore, too.


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