Friday, December 26, 2008

Two Nice, Familial, Suburban Maryland Christmases, 2008 (Part I)

A lone Father Christmas figure this bright, sunny Christmas Day, Dec. 25, 2008, at the corner of New York Ave., NE, and Penn St., NE, in a ghetto-slummy, boom-boxed section of Washington, D.C., as Gary and I headed out of the city into Maryland to go to Glen Burnie, Md., to meet my mom.


Gee, I had a nice Christmas 2008, even if there was no snow and no "weather" in general of which to speak here D.C., and environs. It was 45F to 50F and sunny today.

And also it was nice even if
Mr. Sirius no longer knows, nor cares where my blog is and hasn't read it in, like, forever, not that he ever, ever, ever, ever cared.
Apparently, he is EITHER going to join the SWAT team OR go back to skool. One or the other. Whatever. Either way, it must be gr8-2b-him.

Additionally, virtually no one else will read this entry, judging by my StatCounter that is nowadays constantly at ZERO alllll the time. Fine.


It's now 1:04AM Dec. 26, 2008, "Boxing Day" in other parts of the world ... and I'm watching a Golden Girls rerun. I had a really, nice Christmas Eve and a really nice Christmas Day.

Left: The Xmas Tree at Quill's parents' house in Silver Spring, Md., Xmas Night, 2008.

My Xmas Eve included going with Gary and LP to the Parkway Deli in Silver Spring, and later to Cobalt. Thereafter, we went to the last half of Christmas Eve midnight mass at St. Matthew's Cathedral.

Here is a (blurry) cellphone camera image from the interior of St. Matthew's Cathedral here in D.C., during midnight mass last night, Christmas Eve, 2008.


As for today, I went with Gary to Glen Burnie, Md., to meet my mom for lunch at the Honey Bee Diner, and then later on we drove back to the D.C. area to go to Quill's parents' house in Silver Spring, Md., for Xmas dinner.

Here is a picture of two transmission towers along I-97 near Annapolis, Md., Dec. 25, 2008 as Gary and I drove to Glen Burnie, Md.


Here is a picture of the Honey Bee Diner interior in Glen Burnie, Md., (with just a sliver of me visible), Dec. 25, 2008.


Here is my mom at the Honey Bee diner, Glen Burnie, Md., at the end of a nice lunch, Dec. 25, 2008.


Gary leaving the Honey Bee Diner, Glen Burnie, Md., Dec. 25, 2008


Gary and I drove on a circuitous route through Annie Runnel Kenny (that's Anne Arundel County in Baltimore-speak) into Prince George's County, Md., back to the DC area and over to Quill's parents' house in Silver Spring, Md., for Xmas dinner.

Once there, I got to see my doggy, Bernice, and Quill's brother's dog, Nicholas.



On a serious note, though, Bernice is getting old and her health is beginning to decline.

I asked Quill's parents to please let me know if possible if anything happens to Bernice or sudden decisions have to be made. I want to be able to say goodbye to her if and when that situation arises.


Yours Truly, Regulus, and Nicholas, a Greyhound formerly involved in / rescued from the ugliness of dog racing in Florida. Nicky is a very good dog. He belongs to Quill's brother and sister-in-law and lives in Fairfax Co., Va. This was at Quill's parents' place in Silver Spring, Md., Dec. 25, 2008.


Later tonight, Gary and I went to Omega, where I had one of my higher scoring games on the sped-up version of Ms. Pac-Man. I scored 155,210 on the first game.


Behold: The Apotheosis of 5,000 Centuries of Human Existence ...

... the Glen Burnie, Md., Moose Lodge, Dec. 25, 2008.

Bingo night was always a lot of laughs there, as I recall from when I mom would go there. Bingo.


I technically have to work tomorrow (Friday AND the day after Christmas) at my soon-to-end job (Jan. 2nd), but my boss isn't in.

Anyway, I need to go to bed. I will have a bigger entry Xmas holiday-themed entry posted in the next day or two, perhaps repeating some of the above pictures.



fifi said...

Happy Christmas to you...

Sounds like a lovely time was had, at the Honey bee and everywhere.

I haven't been very diligent with bloghoppering, primarliy because I haven't been working and hence no need to distract myself. but i am also on Summer Holidays, and shall be looking in when i can.

I laughed out loud at the Moose Lodge!

Give Bernice an extra kiss next time, she is gorgeous, and I don't much care for dogs usually.

Regulus said...

OK, THIRD and LAST try on this excessively long comment ...

And Happy Christmas to you, too, although in the States, unlike in the UK and Australia, our typical greeting is "Merry Christmas." You'd think it would be the other way around.

As for blog-hopping or blog-hoppering, I've done none of it lately, although here we are, ostensibly, in winter time.

Re. the Moose Lodge, remember that the Moose is one of those numerous fraternal and service organizations in the U.S., and named after a game animal as are the Elks.

My mom and her husband Ray (my stepfather) belong to it, originally because Ray's (family belongs to it.

I do not consider myself ANY relationship, even by marriage to Ray's estranged family.

As for the Moose, it claims membership of approx. 1 million men in 2000 or so chapters in the US, Canada, and England, and another 400,000 women in those same chapters. The organization makes a fuss about that gender distinction.

The Moose are also fairly or unfairly (it's a bit of a mix) known for not welcoming African Americans as members. At least that's the long running charge, which the organization itself angrily denounced, citing the general charity and philanthropic work it does in the U.S.

The truth is somewhat mixed -- they're hardly KKK members, and to call them that is on balance libelous, on the other hand, they're not going to win any diversity awards from the NAACP or the Berkeley City Council, and they don't exactly go out of their way to have racial diversity membership drives.

My feeling is that it's a private organization, not tax-payer funded, and suffice it to say, as PC liberal as I'd like to be, I don't think it a good idea for the Government to be dictating by legal fiat who should socialize on pain of various punishments.

I say this acknowledging that by this logic, I have to accept that America's surfeit of religious organizations and institutions are therefore justified in discriminating against gays and lesbians in their memberships and operations.

Of course, in those cases, many of these religions -- which are really businesses -- benefit mightily from favorable government treatment, most notably in not having to pay any taxes. (I'm mot sure what the status of that little Brown Shirts fascist organization, the Boy Scouts, with respect to tax payer finances. They get some support, I think.)

As for the Moose and its members views, having said what I said, I CAN say that my stepfather's estranged family (excluding his late father) are virulently racist.

Anyway, as for my mom, she goes there once in a blue moon for bingo and sometimes for group holiday dinners with Ray (her husband). I've been there maybe 4 or 5 times in the past 25 years.

In terms of stereotypes, though, the Moose in Glen Burnie, and the Baltimore area in general is actually known for a much more lighthearted reason: the accents, hair styles, and dress of the folks, esp. the 45 and over native Marylander women who belong to it.

See the 1988 movie "Hairspray" by John Waters to get a sense of what I'm talking about. It's the hon culture of Baltimore with its "Baltimorese" dialect.

Let's see if I can do this:

"She's from Balmer, Merlin, hon, and she raid her boscicle wif her ayes glazed in da snao in Ana Runnel Kenny."

("She's from Baltimore, Maryland and she rode her bicycle with her eyes closed in the snow in Anne Arundel County.")

Something like that.

As for the Moose comment, well, you see although I'm from New Jersey (as is my mom), I spent my adolescent and teenage years going to school in Glen Burnie in what was mostly an unhappy time, so I feel justified in poking fun at the Baltimore area Moose culture and larger Baltimore culture.

Anonymous said...

It was so good to see you both--I'm glad you had a good time! Bernice was pleased to see you, no doubt of that.

It was one of the best Christmases I've had in a long time.

Regulus said...

Thanks, Quill. Yes, I had a very nice time, too!

Bryan said...

Here's another link, if it works it might amuse you for 30 seconds. My mom sent me this, I wish I could do it in real life. This is almost as good and you wont get arrested.
Throw Shoes At Bush