Monday, December 22, 2008

A Regulus Christmas Tale, 2008

Hmmm. Even normally rainy, gloomy Seattle is getting lots of snow while we in the (in)glorious Washington, D.C., area get zilch. Boo.

Downtown Seattle in a snowstorm this past Saturday night.

All we got in D.C. the other night was a weeeee tad of sleet, followed by a bit of drizzle, followed by a moderate Arctic outbreak today (highs only around 25F, lows in the 10F to 15F range with wind chills as low as 0F) that is going to end the femto-second the next system arrives with precipitation, thus guaranteeing rain.

Of course, I was really wanting rain for so much of 2007 and 2008, so I suppose I shouldn't complain.


Speaking of cold places, whilst doing some more research on the Snohvit (or rather, "Snøhvit," which is Norsk for "Snow White") LNG project, specifically, the Norwegian laws and regulations surrounding its carbon capture and storage (CCS) for my soon-to-be-ending job, I came across this picture of the remote, frigid Norwegian island of Jan Mayen in the Arctic Ocean midway between central Greenland and the northern tip of Norway.

A picture of the 7470-ft "stratovolcano" mountain Beerenberg on Jan Mayen island. Apparently, it's the world's northerly most active volcano.

I believe Mr. and Mrs. Sirius -- who've been inseparable ever since their eyes first met at Dell's Route 1 Chevron** -- will be spending their winter holiday in Jan Mayen's only "town," Olonkinbyen, where lives the island's entire population of 18 to 30 people (all Norwegian Meteorological Institute or Norwegian Air Force personnel) on the otherwise unpopulated, barren rock in the Arctic Ocean.

**Actually, that's a knock off from a Golden Girls quote. All my quotes are GG or other sitcom knock-offs. My humor is thusly limited as am I.


One last Norway item (other than the fact I now want to visit there and a see a snowy forest and I like the song "Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)", one of the few Beatles songs I enjoy) ...

A Norwegian Troll Doll. Print out this image and fold it up and put it in your wallet or purse as a good luck charm.


Now where was I? Oh, yes, posting this blog entry at work. Boo.

I discovered how small my student loan refund will be with 9 credits (3 classes) next semester, so I promptly dropped down to 6 credits (2 classes). I'm still waiting for that to be reflected in my student account information. (The refund isn't due until around Jan.20).

If I could get a 1 credit independent study, I would only need one additional regular class since the full-time requirement for financial aid is 4-credits at the 600 or 700-level. In point of fact, I don't need any classes to graduate -- this year was just extra for purposes of the student loan refunds. Regardless, I need to graduate in May.


Ha ha


Speaking of vanishing money, read this AP story about how the $350 billion -- the first half of the emergency $700 billion TARP approved by Congress to help with the financial and credit crisis but with virtually no oversight and to be doled out by Bush's Dept. of the Looted Treasury -- has been sucked into a black hole by the banks.

Basically, it has been absconded with and will never be found, and the banks -- including Bank of America and Robert "Master of the Universe" Rubin's Citigroup -- told the AP to fuck off when they asked about where the money went.

This is what happens when you let criminals and crooks (Bush and his gang) take money with no accountability and dole it out to corporate cronies who themselves are little more than pirates and thieves, not that different from their Somali counterparts.

Very funny.

So what can we expect on the next installment? The usual Democratic cave-ins and failures to hold anyone accountable.

Even the $1.6 billion spent on executive bonuses, perks, and other goodies in 2007 while they were running their institutions into the ground will fail to rouse any Democratic lawmaker or leader (yes, Pres - Elect Obama) take oversight action ("Can't do anything that would appear partisan, gotta reach out across the aisle and hold hands...").

As for Republican lawmakers, well, to them that's the way the world SHOULD be.

OK, enough of that. It's Christmas week and no need to be all politically riled up. There will be more than enough time for that next week. Ho ho ho.


As for my Christmas week, it is tentatively arranged as follows:

For Xmas Eve, I think Gary, LP, Phil, Gerry, and I are hanging out in some combination. I think the idea (for me and Gary) is to have dinner, get drinks at Cobalt and then go to St. Matthew's Cathedral for midnight mass. (The picture above / left is one I got off the internet from the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem taken at Xmas midnight mass in 2007.)

Midnight mass is best done buzzed.

Then go back to the bar.

As for Xmas Day -- when it will be TOTALLY SNOW-FREE and just partly cloudy and around 45F in the D.C. area -- I'm supposed to go with Gary to Glen Burnie to meet my mom at the Honey Bee on Xmas Day. We're having lunch there. Then I'm going to Silver Spring, again with Gary, to Amie's parents house.

I think that's all for now. My next update will be later this week.



Wait, Cruise 'distractingly bad' in any movie -- that's not news.

On that score, who releases a movie about the Nazis -- even if it is one about a failed attempt to kill Hitler -- ON Christmas Day?? Much like Tom Cruise's mental state, that's messed up.


Rita said...

Hi! It's me Your blog buddy from Oregon, going incognito.

I just pulled the name out of the air. It's short & sweet.

If I ever revive my blog I think I'll use it.

Right now, I'm reading the cities "Comprehensive Plan" & it's "Urban Renewal Plan".

Interesting, considering not much has been done in the last ten years or so. I am realizing there is a lot of lackluster &/or apathy in our city government. I'm finding out, the city council is not able to do much in way of having vision because they don't get along with each other & have turned all decisions over to the "paid staff" at city hall. The city manager who makes a good salary doesn't do much either. He can't even write grants! He is responsible for hiring the Police Chief & it took my volunteer citizens group to lay themselves out on the line to create a climate for the city to straighten up the police force. The city council has the responsibility of evaluating the city manager every year. I believe they have justified his existence for 12 years.

My assessment: We need some new blood on the council, a new City Manager & a vision that the citizens can get behind.

Besides all of that...Thanks for talking to me on the phone & giving your advice...PS have a "HAPPY HOLIDAY!"

Regulus said...


Interesting incognito ... or maybe "incogrita" -- ha ha.

I'm gonna guess you didn't pull it out of thin air entirely: I'll bet "Rita" was the name of someone who figured in your life in some way, perhaps a long time ago.

Your stories about the city council relationships and machinations are quite interesting. I am sorry, though, that you have to go through all that confusion and delay as for whether you're going to be on the council.

Bryan said...

How's this avatar then? Super Hippo!!

THOSE ARE DAD'S DOGGIES!!! Why must I keep reminding you? It'says they're dad's in the post. Are you trying to make me crazy?!?

No snow. Zilch. Zero. Nada. It's terribly cold though.

I have no Xmas plans. It's over and done with as far as I'm concerned. Enough. I may never do it again.

I sent a photo link to your email last week. My sister's family dinner thing.

Visit the North Pole? You kiddding? I'd die first. Unless that was some seceret invitation to... well, nevermind. As tempting as that would be I just couldn't. Remember, I'm completely insane after all.

Bryan said...

Rita, how are you really being incognito when you publicly tell who you are??? **bangs head on desk**

Rita said...

I am not doing a good job of hiding my tracks I know, but good enough I think.
I thought I should quit blogging altogether. Easier said then done. I'd miss you guys too much.

Reference "Rita"
You gave me the idea, regulus. You mentioned the Beatles, & thought of "Lovely Rita."

If I ever resurface, I'll find a meter maid avatar to go along with the name.

Nice hippo bryan