Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Regulus / Arcturus Blogger Redux: Another New URL for an Old Reason (oh, and my 'new' job situation)

The upstairs at Maggiano's on Wisconsin Ave., NW, in the Friendship Heights section of D.C., near the Maryland line. I was there yesterday for my office holiday luncheon. Today, I basically appear to have lost my job (as explained below).


But first, concerning my blog, I changed the URL to this Regulus one even while I deleting my old Arcturus blog.

The reason was basically the same reason that I changed the original URL of my old Arcturus blog in late Nov. 2007. Mr. What's-His-Name won't notice, and if He does, he won't bother to look up the new one. At least that's my weird hope. And in this way, I end this on my terms while He lives in His Perfect Universe. For some of my longer readers, you may recall that I have linked FAR too much of my blogging activities to that situation, real or (mostly) imagined.



On an unrelated note, here is a picture of Gloria and myself taken on her second-to-last-night in D.C. before heading to Peru for a year and a half on a World Bank assignment. It was taken at Larry's Lounge on Friday, Dec. 6, 2008.


As for the job situation, to begin with, I have been VERY much wanting to return to hourly and less than full time. Furthermore, this has been a particularly bad few weeks as a result of the end of semester rush and being tired -- actually, totally exhausted and burnt out -- on my job.

Well, now that same job appears to be ending. It has nothing to do with the bad economy but rather I simply want a big change.

What happened is that, unfortunately for me, I spoke a little too fast today ("I just can't do this anymore") and probably initiated a two-week countdown to the end of the job rather than just going to the hourly / four days a week (plans for which were being too drawn out and made too complicated).

The 4th floor hall way, CSS Building, old wing, on UMCP campus last night after my PUAF798J final exam. I walked over there (where the old meteorology dept used to be housed, recalling my FIRST grad school incarnation) for the private privy.


Today, I was that I was in such a bad state of mind and I have been so exhausted, literally burnt out and unable to concentrate, that when she emailed me in an off-hand way about being finished "by midday" (it was already midday) another one of these complex and convoluted projects (this one on any laws in Norway governing carbon capture and storage for the Snohvit project).

It wasn't all bad in that she said we would try to find a "happy medium."


Here is another picture of Gloria and myself on Dec. 5, 2008 here in D.C. at Larry's Lounge -- a place that never quite lives up to its cozy-sounding name promise, even on a rainy night when you would hope jazz music would be played but usually this de facto gay bar is all about blaring Beyonce and "bootylicious" crap, and the general manager agreed with me and he would have his staff be more mindful of the music.


Returning to my job situation, the "happy medium" my boss mentioned said would be for me to work as an off-site contractor for the company (YAY! I'd be a sub-contractor) on a project by project basis. I would be OK with that, and in fact it could work out well, provided there was actually enough work to make it worthwhile. I was thinking 20 to 25 hours a week.

Christmas tree, Buffalo Billiards, Dupont Circle, Wash., D.C., Dec. 14, 2008

However, it may not work that way and I may be back to being unemployed as the spring semester starts.

As for my Federal application I submitted for a job series at the agency where I interned in Summer 2006, well, I doubt that will even get me an interview.


Here are Gloria and Gary at Larry's Lounge, Dec. 5, 2008.


As it is, assuming my second student loan refund arrives as scheduled next month, I have enough money to last about 9 months. Of course, ALL of that is from the student loan refunds since the $41,000 pre-tax I earn (or would have earned in a full year) at this job (more like $28,800 net) is simply not enough to live in D.C. and actually save anything.

Most of my other friends earn more to much more to WAAAAAY more than I, but I'm not going to go down that road right now. There are reasons for that.

A silhouetted now winter bare tree next to my apt. building here in Wash. D.C., 116AM, Dec. 16, 2008. Yes, it probably did not help that I went to Cobalt for 90 minutes last night until 110AM last night.

Tonight is a rainy, cold night here in D.C. It is not going to turn to snow with the temp uniform at 34F (2C) and not enough cold air coming in to lower the temps. We could actually end up with nearly 48 inches of precip. this year at DCA or +9 inches above normal and about 45 inches at BWI and IAD, +4" and +3", respectively

I think that's all for now. Oh, yes, as part of the upgrade to all-digital TV, my cable (and internet) provider RCN completely and utterly rearranged the channels with random numbers in the 100s, 200s, and 300s just for basic stuff. It isn't possible to use a TV now without a remote control with channels that high. Hm. And I guess if I'm unemployed long enuf, I'll have to get rid of cable, internet, everything and go back to nothing, and then homelessness. No, I won't let that happen.


Lastly, here is a picture from my dear blogger friend Fifi's blog from her Tuesday, Dec. 16th entry. It was taken by her during one of her regular swims in the Pacific Ocean just off the beach near her house in Sydney, Australia.

She posts the most amazing pictures. This is a post card quality one.

Well, that's all for now. I'm not sure when I'll update again -- maybe not until the weekend. I should have some more clarity about my "new relationship" with my employer tomorrow.



fifi said...

thats all very depressing.

I have to rush off now, what is also depressing is that my little son is very depressed and sad and about to go to his primary school farewell and doesn't want to go. He just started to cry. Awful.

So that makes two sad sacks that I know of.

krzysztof said...

Those pictures featuring Gloria are nice.

Last night I visited one of my ex-class mates who is gay (we had at least 3 gay/les people out of 17). Over much vodka we were showing each other pictures of our respective boyfriends. I must say he's done very well in that respect. Before that we went to a concert of Buddhist music played on the strangest instruments I have seen in my life. It was kind of interesting. After a short hiatus my social life is picking up.

Just thought I'd share...

Regulus said...

Fifi, sweetie, I know this entry is depressing. Most of my entries are depressing. That oughtn't to be big news here.

Today is somewhat better and it appears that there may be some way to do a part time (20 to 25 hours per week), project-based, off-site (i.e. wherever the heck I want to do it and at whatever time) schedule while finishing my degree next semester. That would actually be ideal.

Kristof -- Gloria seems to be doing well in Lima. She found an apt. and has this social networking software that allows you to talk and even see others in real time (if they have the appropriate camera set up).

When you say "3 gay/les" people out of 17, you mean "gayless" at 14 of them were gay?

It sounds like you have returned home, baby, but in a profoundly different and socially liberated (not to mention adult) context that allows you to see so much of your past in such a better way. That you've been able to reconnect with so much of your past in this new way is also wonderful.

It's like I said: God loves ya, baby. And so do I.

Oh, yes, please see my above reply to Fifi about my job situation. 'T'would appear that I'm NOT being given the cuckoo clock and three choruses of "For He's A Jolly Good Fellow" before being shoved into the lift (to borrow "Are You Being Served?" imagery of Mr. Grainger's planned retirement party).

krzysztof said...

I'm glad re your work situation. I am currently doing pretty much that: working from wherever the heck I want and at whatever time I want. My self-discipline amazes me.

Today I have to clean up more than usual as my cousin is coming tomorrow. She and I will be sharing the apartment from now on. That should be interesting

Anonymous said...

yeah.. interesting style :)