Monday, December 8, 2008

Cat's Eye: Remembering Sammie Baby Doll (Jan. 1994 - Dec. 6, 2008)

It is with great sadness that I note the passing of my mom's beloved cat "Samantha," but better known as "Sammie" and "Sammie Baby Doll."

Here is a picture of Sammie that I took at the beginning of the year (Jan. 7, 2008)

Sammie was put to sleep on Saturday, Dec. 6, 2008 at the age of 14-1/2 years. She had contracted cancer and was in rapid decline.

My mom is very upset by this and was crying on the phone on Sunday.

I am reposting some pictures of Sammie that I took in early Jan. 2008 (the last time I stayed at my mom's place since she lives near BWI Airport) ahead of my trip to Florida to see my dad. I originally posted them on my Arcturus blog (Jan. 25, 2008) as part of a planned series of entries about my Florida trip I never actually finished. (I spelled her name "Sammy" in those entries.)

I should note that my mom and I are once again in contact after a three month hiatus and all seems to be fine.

My mom got Sammie circa March 1994 when she was still living in Glen Burnie. Sammie lived with my mom and her husband (my stepfather), Ray, since then through about six moves, mostly in Glen Burnie and then to Millersville, Md.

My dad lost his last cat, Pyewackett, a.k.a. My Guy Pye, in June 2008. I wrote about it here the day after on June 13, 2008. I'm reposting two pictures of Pyewackett from that entry as well.

My guy Pye and me, Flagler Beach, Fla., Jan. 9, 2008 (reposted)

Pyewackett was the last the original menagerie of seven that he had back in the mid-1990s when he lived with his late girlfriend Janet in Florida, and one of the three that came with him from New Jersey when he left there in Jan. 1993. Pyewackett stayed with my dad through approximately 18 changes of address (!) over approx. 17-1/2 years from NJ, to various places across the State of Florida and at least three places on the North Carolina Outer Banks, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and back to Florida (Flagler Beach).

My guy Pye and Jesus (!), Flagler Beach, Fla., Jan. 17, 2008 (reposted)


Sammie and my mom's bird, actually, a small parakeet, simply named "Bird," Jan. 6, 2008. Bird was actually a lot quieter than I thought he'd be. (Bird has a fake bird companion made out of wood in his cage.)


Sammie asleep on a bed, Jan. 7, 2008. Sleep peacefully and gently, baby doll, sleep peacefully and gently. We'll see each other again.


I'm on campus in College Park tonight. I finished my water resources management class presentation (see previous entry). I was actually able to work on it at work today, although I have a bunch of stuff due at work this week and next that I can't shirk.

My only remaining task this semester is the final next Monday in the aforementioned water resources management class. I'm done with my other class, though I do have to show up on Wed. night.

I would have gone back into D.C. earlier and gone to my usual place, where I haven't been since Thursday (that's a long time for me), except it's closed thanks to a holiday party at its Sirius Star sister establishment whence I'm banned for all Eternity, Alpha & Omega, World Without End, Amen.

As it is, the UMCP campus is very peaceful at night in its way, esp. on cold winter nights such as this one (OK, it's still technically fall). The views in the distance are what move me the most -- distant winking transmission towers in suburban Maryland (incl. the one off Brookville Rd. in Silver Spring and the one along River Road miles away in Bethesda near where I work) and in the District (including the Hughes Memorial Tower) and buildings near and far.

The weather forecast for the remainder of the week actually has an active pattern -- above is a screen shot of the current LWX - NWS forecast for our D.C. proper for the week -- with the chance of some mixed precip. tomorrow as precip moves in before the cold air can be "scoured out" (typical for our snow-deficit area), then a good deal of rain late Tuesday through early Thurs., and maybe some mixed precip/snow with colder conditions on Thursday afternoon/night and possibly into Friday.

However, it's one of those things where the coastal low is not in the right place (that happens about 98 percent of the time) and we may just get dry-slotted or just miss everything.


The remainder of this entry consists of some pictures I took while walking around Adams Morgan and the Dupont gayborhood on Sunday, which was a bright, clear, cold day. They are not posted in the order in which I took them. I walked to the (straight) Diner at the "top" of 18th St. near Columbia Rd., NW (not the gay "Duplex"/18th St. Diner on 18th at Florida Ave., NW), and had a late lunch.

The house at the corner of S and 19th St., NW, near Dupont Circle, Wash. D.C., Dec. 7, 2008

Left: yellow-hued ginkgoes at their autumnal peak, Swann Pl., NW, Wash. D.C., Nov. 7, 2008 (reposted)

I've griped before about the ginkgo trees (or more properly, the ginkgo biloba trees) that were planted as sidewalk shade trees, specifically, the female ginkgo since that tree is dioecious.

There are these nasty female ginkgo trees that grow along 18th St., NW, in Adams-Morgan and even at this December date with the leaves off the trees, they cling to huge quantities of that stank-ass "fruit" (it's not really fruit), while equally large amounts are squashed on the sidewalks. They smell like crap. Literally.


Not a ginkgo tree: The Columbia Station bar / restaurant along the 2300 block of 18th St., NW, in the heart of Adams Morgan (a chaotic and sometimes scary zoo between 11PM and 4AM on weekend nights), Wash. D.C., Dec. 7, 2008


The 1700 block of Seaton Pl., NW, Wash. D.C., Dec. 7, 2008. This is located between U and V Streets, NW, near Florida Ave., NW. Washington, D.C. doesn't lack for colorfully painted row houses.


The stately row houses along the 1800 block of Kalorama Rd., NW, Wash. D.C., Dec. 7, 2008.


I think that's all for now. I'm tired, a bit hungry, and posted all the pictures I wanted to. I need to head back into the city. My next update should be later this week.



fifi said...

That's the thing with pets: we only have limited time with them.
I love mine so much, I am distraught when I lose one.

Sorry about Sammie Baby Doll.

Regulus said...

I know -- that's the immutable painful truth ... unless one gets a giant tortoise, since they live for, like, 250 years, though admittedly that's not so practical and where is one going to get such a animal short of going to the Galapagos Islands??

People almost always outlive their pets and separation is terrible. The only comfort is to know all the love and companionship and devotion that you were able to give -- and get back so amply.

I do hope she gets another cat, though obviously it is going to take some time.

fifi said...

no, it shouldn't take any time, the getting of another one. A kitten is so diverting, you see. And so much work, plus you have it to cuddle when you sob for the other one and your lap won't be empty.

I hated having empty arms. I almost love my new cats as much as the first pair.

giant there's an idea, but I wouldn't want THAT on my lap.

Regulus said...

I will share this comment that you wrote with her when I see her (probably around Christmas).

You're so wise and compassionate. Sublime is the word that applies to you.

As for that beach house, was that invite for real? You know I would soooo love to visit Australia for a week or so in the next year or so.

Rita said...

Losing a pet is sad & i do hope your mom finds something to take it's place.

I take Ginko Biloba as a supplement. I try to find capsules as the pill form does smell bad when you open the container.

Regulus said...

It's the female ginkgo "fruit" that's nasty, particularly when it's "ripe" and over-ripe.

By the way, love the stuff you've been writing about on your blog lately. Don't let the little online newspaper guy get you done: journalists tend to be an INCREDIBLY THIN-SKINNED sort, dishing it out but unable to take anything. Use your own Concerned Citizen blog to fight back -- but in a creative way. Don't let him think he's getting you mad. Journalists and those who pretend to be journalists love that. I know whereof I speak.

And, also, as I posted over on your blog, another entry about that long ago love seat and your ex-in laws rec room / general house decor would be fun to read!

fifi said...

I am not sure that you would enjoy the scrutiny of my insane family, or how I would explain your presence.
Still, were you so inclined, and if we have not crumbled in the credit crisis and put the house on the market, if you show up then I would certainly fluff up a pillow for you.

This is a very erratic and volatile household I would warn you! Except for the cats.

Bryan said...

Everyone on the net is complaining about those trees! AGAIN... since they're dropping the rest of their dung now.

One thing that made me laugh, somebody said China sent them here years ago to show us who the real boss is.

krzysztof said...

Such a sad entry...

My mom's cat is rather boring. He just sleeps all day. Whatever...

I just thank the Lord and the city officials for not having planted any ginko trees here. What a revolting stench indeed

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your mom's cat!

Richard, I just started looking at your blog. I often sit between the math and physics buildings (on the College Park campus) and look at whatever lights are in the distance, thinking about nothing. It's very comforting. Thanks for echoing something sentimental to me. Hoping you're well.


Regulus said...


"...or how I would explain your presence. I can imagine that would involve some explaining!

I was thinking more of that pretty beach house, a picture of which you posted in your Dec. 1st entry.

"Everyone on the net is complaining about those trees!" Really? I didn't realize there was an online anti-ginkgo tree equivalent to the netroots.

As for the China - gift comment, that sounds about right: unloading some nasty stuff on us and we're only too eager to purchase it.


You're stay in Gdansk is HALF OVER as of today, baby doll. You'll be back in no time on the 15-X or the majestic T16/T17 wondering what the hell happened and was it all a dream?

"My mom's cat is rather boring. He just sleeps all day." That's good -- increases his longevity.

I just thank the Lord and the city officials for not having planted any ginko trees here. What a revolting stench indeed

Yes, indeed, the ginkgo -- aside from being maddeningly unspellable (is that a word??) -- is nasty. The female ginkgo, that is.

Even if they had been planted in Gdansk along the Baltic, I'd be surprised if they flourished there. That's a rather chilly and damp climate.

Actually, I don't know what the ginkgo prefers.

Oh, yes, the Pearls Before Swine cartoon yesterday (Tuesday) was hysterical, as was today's follow-up. You should look it up.

Also, you missed OPRAH'S Earth-shaking announcement that she's back up to 200lbs from 160lbs. That means she weights what you-know-who weighs as opposed to me. Yay. Actually, I'm probably 165lbs now. Boo.

Jason: Thank you for your kind comments. Now I'm curious who you are. I thought you were a friend of mine going incognito but he denies everything!

I'm on campus Monday and Wednesday nights this semester and next semester, it will be all day Thursday, unless I'm let go from this job, in which case, it will be pretty much daily during the week.


fifi said...

yeah, it would be a very entertaining scenario in which I am sure to have made up some appropriate story!

I don't see any pretty beach house...? just a view. which is from the one I am in, right now.

Bryan said...

Nobody likes them all! Especially now that they're pooping again. Do a quick Google. I've only encounterd them twice and lived to tell. I thought something had died.

Here I thought the 75+ yr old sumac in my yard stunk when it bloomed in spring. (I'm not even sure it was a sumac, that's what the tree guy who cut it down said, he'd never seen one that big either.)

I am sorry about your moms cat. I know how it is, if you remember, I was a mess when Bart died, ran upstairs and hid under the blankets.

Bryan said...

"at all"

Anonymous said...

Definitely not going incognito. Jason, math guy who went to College Park. We met in 1991 and recently re-met (lacking a better word here!). I think the first time I saw you in this century was at Nellie's sports bar during the summer. Remember me now?

Regulus said...

Fifi -- I was referring to the second image in your Dec. 1st post.

Bryan -- I do remember when Bart died and how painful that was for you. I still think you should get another cat.

Jason -- Ah, yes. Now I do. We met each other at Nellie's but I've known you for years prior.

The Nellie's night was in May when Local Comedian Mr. Sirius performed his shtick there and by his own admission did not do well, and then a couple days later lashed out at me on his blog as his "stalker Unstable Mable" who "managed to sneak his way in" just because I went to watch him and accused me of posting some online anonymous comment on some bulletin board that said, "You sucked, but you're hot, let's get a drink."

That wasn't me and I really didn't appreciate that he said that about me.

That aside, yes, the UMCP campus has its own little sublime and peaceful moments and spots.

Thank you for stopping by -- hope you are a regular visit to this Regulus blog. Ha ha

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize that was May! So long ago already it seems.

Anyway I am trying to read when I can! Starting in Spring '09 I am there in CP on Monday nights.


fifi said...

Tis the view from the street, on the left is the boat shed.

Regulus said...

Jason -- Yes, that was May. Scary how fast time goes.

Fifi -- I'm referring to this picture from your blog entry. I just think it is so beautiful. Is that the one you are referring to also?

Bryan said...

I want the purple tree in the other shot. I'm certain there must be something that makes it evil even if it is pretty.

fifi said...

yeah, thats the actual beach, parked in the structure that you can't really see is the rescue boat.

Bryan, its a jacaranda, and they're gorgeous and lovely and not at all nasty.