Friday, October 10, 2008

Termination Shock Friday?

This is why I shouldn't really even keep a blog anymore. I'm just too emotional and weird. But what I posted in the entry I (necessarily) deleted -- that I may be fired this Friday because of a few missed deadline on something I consider quite unfair by an over-intense boss -- still stands.

It's the termination shock, and not the stellar physics type.

I also have a plan of what I will do in response -- staying here until May (based on my current estimation of finances, I can survive that long) and then moving back with my dad.

The collapsing American financial sector and economy may very well tie into this. I will explain all of this ... but, obviously, writing that kind of entry I did when I'm all screwed up is stupid. I'll update tomorrow later afternoon.



fifi said...


rackorf said...

Lessee partee, moree workee, you slack cunt.

travistee said...

Sorry I missed the blowout post, but stop kicking yourself - we all make those posts we have to go back and delete because we were drunk or depressed or just plain fucked up at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Nothing we write is bad. It is our feelings, our dreams, our disappointments and our realizations.

Repressing and not writing, denying and not accepting ourselves is the worst thing to do to our wellbeing.

We can't experience catharsis if we keep everything bottled up inside. We can't work beyond the place we're stuck if we won't openly face our true state of mind.

We must face all of our demons, good ones, bad ones, easy and hard ones if we are to reach our full potential.

You are safe and accepted here. Let your hair down and be who you are, warts and all...


Rita said...
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Rita said...


Bryan said...

You're sleeping with me again tonight. (get your minds out of the gutter people). I think you need the kind thoughts. You've been bumped to a secondary position for now tho...

One of my friends (that I see all the time) died today. I'm okay-ish. I'm terribly worried about the others involved, but there's nothing I can do.

I'll be ok, don't worry about calling or emailing me. Please take care of yourself Regulus, as best as you can. Don't fall apart.


fifi said...


ita 2am and i have done a whole 1500 words. i challenge YOU to stay up all night writing, MR! No cobalt for you!!!!!

Regulus said...

Fifi: Good for you!

Yes, I have a ton of work to do this weekend -- yet another section of that report and a homework assignment.

TravisTee: It wasn't so much of a blowout post as just some drunken gibberish.

Sorry I haven't been by your blog lately and I appreciate that you stopped by.

Rackorf: Thank you. I trust you're somewhere in the remote bush country doing heaven knows what, or at least fishing along some remote beach.

DirkStar: Thank you for your kind words. How are you doing? Good call on the stock market thing.

Handmaiden: Nice talking to you last night. Sorry I was so tired -- I was almost asleep by the end, but not because of the conversation!

Bryan: OK, I'll try not to fall apart. (BTW, I did NOT lose my job yesterday. So I guess that's good.)

Big Pissy said...

Oh so glad you didn't lose your job!

Take care, Sweetie!