Monday, October 20, 2008

Still Alone -OR- Fine, I don't really care anymore

A remote beach at Karekare, New Zealand that I got off the internet.



Never, ever, ever visit again, nor care in the slightest. I don't care.

Maybe it's ego, whim, or some other awful and dreadful reason that motivates such abrupt behavioral changes, but the end result is still upsetting and hurtful to me and I don't appreciate it, not one bit, though I guess that's my problem to deal with. Obviously, though, it's intentional and probably done just to hurt me. That's the way.


And on that score, it's time for a relevant Sade video ...

The particularly relevant line:

"His eyes are like angels but his heart is cold!"


Speaking of devils and their scary places ...

Actually, that's the weirdly shaped Center for Innovative Technology building waaaaaay out near Dulles Airport where I went to on Sunday with Gary to the Sterling LWX National Weather Service open house. The CIT building is technically in Herndon, Va.


Oh, yes, it's 2000 days since Bush's "Mission Accomplished" burlesque show declaration in his million-dead, sky-trillion dollar Iraq-Nam Catastrophe.


I don't think I'm going to update this bitch of a blog until the weekend, hopefully by which time there will be some rain, damn it all. Or maybe I just won't update this blog anymore. I'll try to visit all my Blogger Buddies' blogs.

Oh, and also, Happy Birthday, Gary.



krzysztof said...

Karekare looks like something from Star Trek.

Yes I'm watching The Next Generation these days

Regulus said...

I wish I were at Karekare. If Fifi were around, I'll bet she'd have something interesting to say about it.

Thank you for looking at my blog. I may just delete this blog outright. There's really no point in keeping it anymore.

I'm having a hellish day unable to do what it is I'm supposed to be doing. I simply lack the expertise to write the kind of report I'm expected to write. And the florescent lights are a nightmare. I have a headache and this job sucks and I realize that is supposed to be the SUM TOTAL of existence and happiness.

I'm probably going to move to Key West next year if my dad goes there and to hell with D.C. and every nightmare fragment that ever was part of being here.

You can come visit me if you want, but you'll just look silly in tight jeans and a tight tee-shirt in Key West.

I'll see you at Bua at 7PM. Gerry is supposed to come, too.

How is it that Gary's birthday has already past and we're still buying him dinner? Smells funny to me, and I don't just mean the dinner.

krzysztof said...

1) We are buying him dinner because it's the right thing to do and we want to do it and because we (krzysztof) didn't do anything for him on his actual b-day except sending him a brief message and giving his email address to our current lover so he could also send him a message.

You know, job satisfaction goes up and down

kind of like this:


I'll see you at Bua.
We will have a goood time

Regulus said...

Looks like LP is coming, so we'll have a whole group.

My job satisfaction looks like this
. .
( x )

Anonymous said...

I just got home yesterday from a very fun & enlightening trip to Portland (Ore. of course)

I'll fill in the details on my blog of course.

Finding the time to blog is becoming increasingly more difficult.

I don't want to lose my blogger buddies, though. :(

Regulus said...

Hi Handmaiden --

That sounds very nice. I never did get to see Portland (Ore.) properly -- just sort of passed through it on busy highway in a screaming fit with my dad in 1988 on our way to Mount Hood and then to Newport Beach. Guess I really didn't see the city.

I apologize for not having been by your blog. I haven't been by ANYONE'S blog in days. But I will visit this evening.

As you may recall (you were cc'ed on some of the emails) Bryan is talking about the three of us crouching in a forested cabin on the slopes of Mount Hood until certain visitors to his blog go away.

fifi said...

I wish I had something insightful to say on the beach in new zealand, but I have never been there, and to be honest, I am so tiresd and flat today I can't think of anything to say.

I have two days where I lecture back to back until 6pm and it is so draining. Coupled with dealing with student "issues" sometimes, oh my god.
The postgrads have a great habit of collaring you in the hallway while you have a 5 minute break. Some fool yesterday downloaded about 6 bazillion gigs of video clip onto my desktop in digital media. (!!!)) and gave computer a seizure. Then she lost my memory card and then started to CRY.
oh dont start me. Today i am numb and frozen.
The weather here has gone insane: it is colder than winter and it was so hot last week and on the verge of snow this week. Bizarre
So after the usual horror yesterday, I had to go and watch the hockey till 9pm then drive all the kids home.

today is another day. I woke in that awful fright, remembering absent persons. I have so much to do, and goddamit, my head is occupied with distracting thoughts and I wish I could wash out my cranium.

My son will let himself into the house this afternoon and wait 3 hours for me to get home. I wish to scream. If any of my students so much as looks at me, as I run past in desperation for coffee, I will probably smack them.

Mt technical assistant (new, incompetent) is insane and is doing a great job of broadcastng my business all over the university. Today i may be forced to kill her with my bare hands, if only I could be bothered, I am so tired. Perhaps the coffee will enable this.

thanks for the space to vent. I have hijacked your comment box, but what the heck. see, bryan? I'm insane too.

turn off those fluoro lights! light the candle! I will be joining you three in the forested cabin, where I shall henceforth drive you mad.

At least the sea was nice, in this freaky weather, it felt tropical. everything is relative.


hotlipz said...

Let's do lunch soon.

Regulus said...

Fifi -- I'll be your technical assistant. And you are always welcome to vent on my blog whenever you want.

HotLipz -- Say when and where and I'll be there. It would help if you could come up to D.C.

Anonymous said...

fifi's last comment made me think of

Bryan said...

Hey! I wasn't the one who suggested we hide out with Handmaiden! That was you! No fair. You're cheating!

Besides, we can't hide there. Two hot sexy men like us? She'd never be able to restrain herself! We'd have to hide from the person we went to hide with!!

Bryan said...

hahahahaha!! @ Handmaiden!!! We were singing this at work today!!! I'm not kidding, it's been that bad.

My dad used to be able to sing it backwards. Quite an amazing thing.

The original '45 had it recorded on the "B" side as well... since it was the reverse side it played backwards. I think I have a copy of it somewhere.

fifi said...

hahah. yes precisely, exactly how I felt!!!

i certainly should not occupy persons comment boxes (or send people emails) in that manic mood.

I managed not to slap or kill anyone, but it was touch and go.

what will I be doing in the cabin when you three are hiding from each other?

reg, come and rechnically assist me. This girl gives me utter anxiety attacks. Today I calmly informed her i was scanning pictures of my butt and emailing them all over the university from her email address.

she was completely speechless.

I think I need medication. something.

Rita said...

Calm down all of you.

Don't forget I'm going to be a public figure soon.
I'm planning on working my way up from City Councilperson, to Mayor, then Governor, then... TADA! Vice Prez.
When I get to the top, I could use a few assistants, preferably assistants with lots of brains. I don't care what you look like as long as I look better, of course.
You just have to look like brainy nerds.

What fun! Let's pretend I'm the President & you're nerds. :)

Bryan said...

Oh no, Handmaiden's finally lost her mind, she thinks she's Palin. Oh, the horror.

Regulus said...

Fifi -- I meant that Bryan, Handmaiden, and I would be hiding from the world, not each other. There would have to be a lot of liquor involved, too, I guess.

Don't slap anyone -- nothing good comes of that.

If you really need an assistant, I'll be happy to move to Australia for 6 to 12 months to occupy that role. I'd even live in a basement or attic room, but I'm not sure how that would go over with the rest of your family.

Handmaiden: As long as your party gives me $150,000 to go on a shopping spree for you and related accessories, including how your assistants look.

Rita said...

As long as your party gives me $150,000 to go on a shopping spree for you
No problem. :)

bryan Cabin Fever