Monday, October 13, 2008

A Shooting Star ...

Here is a bolide (a fireball or bright meteor) flaring brilliantly across the Oklahoma panhandle at night, Sept. 30, 2008. Meteors or "shooting stars" (as opposed to "meteoroids" in space or "meteorites" that strike the Earth) appear so close because -- moving at 20 to 40 miles per second at 50 to 100 miles in altitude -- the human eye / mind has no frame of reference by which to judge objects moving at those kinds of velocities and so it "assumes" they are "close."


OK, the YouTube video BELOW is both very funny and BEYOND messed up -- it's what happens when a mother tries too hard to make her little girl win a beauty pageant. (Yes, I got this from a Web site to which Mr. Sirius (I - GOD) in his baronial splendor linked.)

It is actually both funny and scary-sad. And it gives you an insight into some of America's deeper veins of insanity.

As for the election, well, it's lookin' pretty good ... so saith the WaHoPo and RealClearPolitics (as of Oct. 12, 2008).

As for Mr. Sirius (I - GOD), I hope I am moving beyond him finally. I think.

I went to Cobalt tonight and had a nice time with LP, Gary, Gerry, and Kristof. I also met up with IP, a fellow I met some years ago and really like. He is a professional singer and very sweet fellow.

As for my job, I CAN'T WAIT to be fired tomorrow (or whenever) just because I DIDN'T FINISH writing up over the weekend (WHEN I'M NOT GETTING PAID) about the NRC's Reactor Oversight Process and how it shifted to a "risk-informed, performance-based" regulatory framework from the older "deterministic, prescriptive" one.

I'm truly tired of that job.

Anyway, I'm tired and need to go to bed right now.

Let me just add that I THINK I have it ALL figured out how I'm going to go down to Florida to Key West with my dad and live there in 7 to 21 months (somewhere in there) if things fall apart here. I WILL NOT go through another 2004 kind of year.



fifi said...

Perhaps humans, on seeing that beautiful beautiful vision, assume it is closer because they wish it to be so, overriding any rational understanding of the destruction its proximity might bring.

btw, you have been a bit quiet, was i rude in my email?

Regulus said...

Not at all. You weren't rude at all in your email. I didn't read it that way at all. Your emails and comments are always so nice and thoughtful.

Rather, I've been in an unhappy period ... esp. with this dreadful job ... and I think today I am going to ask about going back to hourly four days a week. I just can't stand being in that office under the florescent lights anymore. And the work load is too much, too. It's either that or quit outright and I don't want to do that.

fifi said...

oh, ok. Thats not so good then. My job is not so great at the moment but I am not looking forward to academic break when i will be unpaid...agh.

krzysztof said...

you didn't get fired did you?

So, Mr Krugman won the big fat mama prize!!! National Review nearly shit all over itself with rage.

Bua 7PM?

Regulus said...

To quote Mrs. Slocombe, "I'm just in a mood ..."

First off, that's DR. Krugman to you, Dr. W.

Yes, I did know, and I think it's terrific, although those damn Swedes said he won it for his academic work on free trade related issues and not his outstanding political commentary, although I'm not sure entirely buy that. The latter has been great during this time of financial crisis, and those royal Swedes know that.

Anyway, the crisis is over now and the Dow is up 1,000 points and the fucking banking oligarchical corporate fascist elite have their trillion dollars of Bush-looted taxpayer money and my mother can say -- all together now -- "GODDAMN IT! GODDAMN IT! GODDAMN IT!" Except she would blame the whole thing on me because she couldn't move out of the Glen Burnie High School district in 1986 "on account of" me.

I suppose mega-recapitalization of the banks is a necessary evil to avoid a Depression that would affect everyone except the rose petal 17th St. D.C. Gayborhood, where full-price jeans, full-attitude bitchiness, and 150 percent of price tipping are mandatory. Go to hell, D.C. And why won't it rain? That frickin' blinding ball of light is in the sky every damn day.

I wrote about Krugman getting the award on my Arcturus that nobody -- and I do mean NO-BODY -- reads. Boo.

Yes, Bua at 7PM is fine.

(I'll be in a better mood by tonight, I promise.)

krzysztof said...

I'll be in a better mood by tonight, I promise.

you know I like you in every mood.... hmmm... but you know, you think you have reasons to complain? What about me?
nobody ever helped me, GODDAMN IT! GODDAMN IT!

DirkStar said...

Uh, why not just go to Florida and live naked on the beach?

Unburden yourself and let it all hang out until you are free of all the dead weight you insist upon carrying around.

You'll thank me for the suggestion some day...

Regulus said...

Because I cling to weird, narcissistic fantasies about "being somebody" in Washington, D.C., or ever finding happiness here -- no, I'm not talking about my tired obsession involving Mr. S. or any such topic.

And it is true that all my friends and support network are here. How easy is it to give that up? It's not like my dad is living on an estate on Fisher Island in Miami-Dade. He lives in a low brow, sorta trashy place 15 miles north of Daytona Beach, and it would be local smoky bar karaoke and fighting every night. But if he were in Key West, well, that might be different.

Your larger point is well taken, though.

Bryan said...

Ahhh. Once again, articulated better than I could do it. Thank you other bloggers.

Regulus, (please take no offence, I live in a glass house) Do you sabotage yourself on purpose? Do you not realize how smart you are? You've got so much to offer, but everything seems to crash around you.

You'd make a wonderful teacher. A great movie critic. So many things. *sigh*

Try to make this work the way it is now. I know you'd love to spend time with your Dad... and definitely love the change in the weather patterns... but what the fuck are you going to do?

You can't go live in bumfuck Florida with no prospects. What are you going to do? Work in a McDonald's or some shit? How would you even get there?

Sure, Key West. Yeah. Right. Those prices? Uhh. No. And it's all full of pretty boys, wannabe starlets and drug dealers. I don't think you wanna be there either.

Sorry if I overstepped boundaries here, but I really want you to think long and hard about it. You're a friend, and I really don't want you to make a giant mistake.

fifi said...

we all cling to weird and narcissistic fantasies that we will be somebody...

hey guess what!!!!
I won a grant. To present the fricking sea paper! Shit!
now I have to finish it!!! it's in 3 weeks.
who'da thunk.

if you go to florida you will have to wear one of those little small hats made out of straw. You know the type.

Regulus said...

Fifi -- That's terrific! Congratulations on the grant!

Re. straw hats, you mean the kind old men sometimes wear?