Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween and Heavenly Night Sky Magic

Eve of All Hallows Eve ...

A sidewalk pumpkin patch outside the Allan Woods flower and gift shop on Connecticut Ave., NW, near Woodley Park Metro in Wash. D.C.,. Oct. 30, 2008. Sometimes I get off the Metro at Woodley Park instead of Dupont Circle and walk home via the Taft Bridge and Kalorama / Adams Morgan. It's about 12 minutes longer but it's a bit more scenic.


Yes, this entry is being posted from work. Boo, Regulus.

This has been a very bad week for me in terms of being horrendously busy with work and school, at least on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and just being in a truly lousy mood, upset, depressed, agitated, not feeling well, and tired all around.

In other words, pretty much like I usually do and the way that GOD (I - Invisible) seems to enjoy.

A Catholic priest (I asked him) riding the Red Line train this morning to Bethesda. He told me what was his order but I can't recall -- it was sort of a long name. Maybe it was St. Nordstroms in the Field.

I had a very funny feeling when I wrote the sentence above about God (not the priest). I actually felt HIS presence, but not in a bad way.


Here is Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church sanctuary at the peaceful lunch hour, Oct. 30, 2008. This church is near my office in Bethesda, Md. The low-angled sunlight from this time of year and into the winter months shining through the stained glass windows is sublime. I usually sit there in a rear pew for just a couple of minutes before going to lunch.

I find suburban Maryland (esp. Montgomery County) peaceful in its non-D.C., non-gayborhood, non-Mr. Sirius (I, GOD) way.

Speaking of Mr. Sirius, I wonder if he'll wear his usual Halloween costume of a football jersey. I saw him last Halloween by happenstance at Cobalt and that was his costume.

Vaguely related Golden Girls Quote:

[Blanche's former "mammy" Viola Watkins, played by actress Ruby Dee]: "Did you not go to your senior prom dressed in a full-length formal gown, and did you not come home that night wearin' a football jersey?!"

Blanche: "It was dark in that hay loft."

ha ha


Back to the job ... sitting here in this office under the fluorescent lights in fevered agony is just that -- agony. Bethesda itself is sort of nice in its upscale suburban Maryland sort of way, as opposed to intense-in-too-many-ways Dupont Circle where I live.

The office building complex in Bethesda, Md., where I work, Oct. 30, 2008

I really want to quit this job, or at least go back to part time, but I don't want to make any decisions like that until January when my second student loan refund arrives and -- if all goes well I would in that scenario have nearly $11,000 and be able to live for 6 to 9 months unemployed with no trouble. By that point, if I were still unemployed, I would have decided to move with my dad to Key West (where he is planning to move at some point next year from Flagler Beach, Fla., where he now lives).

But I realize the whole idea probably has disaster written all over it even as I let my D.C. life go right down the drain.

What I really want is just to get a job at the Univ. of Maryland, College Park and work there. I've certainly been a student there long enough (finishing up masters no. 3).


Turning to some political ruminations as we close in on an election that has been far too long in coming and that is so critical and that is still looking good DESPITE America's profound dumbness ...

It looks like the Bush Gangsters are giving one more good f*cking to America with a series of rule changes designed to turn the country into a regulation - free corporate fascist whorehouse.

I hope that President Obama promptly undoes all this Bushit with his own executive orders, although it may not be so easy.

This is how the Bush mobsters plunder and steal and turn the country into a sad banana republic kleptocracy. It's the BushCo way.

Ha ha

This Palin woman is scary and insane -- poor Grandpa McCain created a monster and all because he fell for her beauty under that
sycamore tree.



Ending on a more uplifting note since Bush/GOP gangsterism is fleeting and ephemeral while the Cosmos is for all intents and purposes eternal and wonderful compared to human times and experiences ...

Behold, the "Witch Head Nebula" -- IC 2118 -- and the blue supergiant star Rigel in Orion. The Witch Head Nebula consists of cosmic stardust and it reflects the dazzling blue white light of Rigel.

Sorry for being all religiously-sounding in this entry, but I can't help but think of Psalm 19:1 (New King James version):

"The heavens declare the Glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork."

Happy Halloween.



fifi said...

I'm not believing in God at the moment.

I have had long relationships with various religions, and have ended up rather liking Jesus, but not interested in any kind of religion as such. I hate the way people do things "in the name of God".

Anyway, I don't want to debate it, I just felt like saying that. i have respect for those with faith, and who manage to act responsibly at the same time. I have spent years in the company of nuns, in various degerees of eccentricity or madness. I rather like nuns, but I don't care for most priests as a rule, except for Father Quinn, and he is retired.
He is the best preist ever, very no-judgemental.

I love the pictures of the skies though. I like the witches head nebula.

I have had the most emotional week, and have come to the end of the road in terms of getting things done. One paper presented, two to go.

I won a grant, and I am going to perth, which is on the other side of the country. In fact, It may as well BE another country, it's five hours away. i am really stressing about getting all my rescheduled lectures taught, My powerpont sorted, and the final edit done.
The mister, helpfully, has organised a "business" lunch on Sunday, which means a major overhaul of this messy chaotic house....

I am not needing the loony bus to come and pick me up this week, that was last week. let's just say that a major issue was resolved, and I am walking on without it.

Perhaps if those flouro lights bug you, take a lamp with daylight bulbs to shine on your work. Did you know fluoro light is actually green and our brains correct it?

I'll be off now, I probably should try sweep some of the cobwebs off the high windows. It looks like the Addams family house at the moment: what will people think?

Regulus said...

Hi Fifi

"I have had long relationships with various religions, and have ended up rather liking Jesus, but not interested in any kind of religion as such."

My sentiments precisely!

Why were you around so many nuns? Were you raised Catholic and/or go to Catholic school?

The bulk of the priests I have ever known here in D.C. were gay.

I have heard of Perth. It looks like a really interesting place. (Blogger Rackorf is actually from some isolated coastal bush-country place not too far removed from there.)

I'd actually be curious to see your PowerPoint presentation (if you wanted to email it to me).

No, I didn't know that about fluorescent lights. I just know I dislike them!

As for housekeeping, it sounds like you are really busy teaching, writing proposals for grants, doing your artwork, raising kids, and being a wife and mom. If you miss a few cobwebs from up in the rafters, so be it.

I hope you are feeling better. I always appreciated and enjoy your comments and visits.

fifi said...


thanks for all that.
I ended up making some fairly brief but informed claims about the imminent collapse of life in the ocean due to rising acidity and temperature levels, and as this would relate to a notion of Contemporary Sublimity. I will still use those links and sources you sent me, as I am planning to create a more cohesive paper in the summer.

Hahah! I don't imagine I will run into Rackorf, but if I do I will give him your regards!

yes, I live about three simultaneous lives, which is crazy The wife and MOm bit is suffering at the moment, but I'm sure tings will work out.

I worked in a convent for many years. I was brought up in a Protestant Anglican household, and a have Huguenot branch of the family tree.
My Grandma was Catholic, we also have Orthodox relatives, and the children were christened Catholics. At least they have the ability to choose: one is quite religious, the other not.

So all in all, I have a bit of almost every christian religion.

If you like I will give you the powerpoint but it isnt that interesting. Lots of stills from installations.

Regulus said...

YES! I would very much like to see the PPT presentation and/or essays you have written.

The various religious branches in your family history tree sound sort of East Coast American.

Big Pissy said...

I have nothing profound to say about religion or politics.

But I DO like that first photo of the pumpkins.

Very nice! :)

Miss you, Arc!


DJG said...

I like the "Golden Girls" quote.

I feel no peace in Montgomery County however, usually just boredom, or resentment (because it means I had to drive to my advisor's house at 2:00pm on a Saturday to meet with him).

Also, I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for Obama to stand up to corporate interests, if (once, if everything goes as expected) he takes office. Obama and big money have already demonstrated a strong mutual affection toward one another.

Regulus said...

BIG PISSY! I miss you too. I've been very remiss in visiting my blogger buddies' blogs lately.

Z.J.: Holding one's breath is a bad idea, esp. since it could lead to fainting and banging one's head.

Seriously, though, I am not expecting a miracle from Obama. Recall I was very pro-Hillary. Indeed, I think the following column I posted on my Arcturus blog about how many GOP catastrophes it took to get the Repubs in a position to lose says a lot about America

As for Obama himself, the difference -- and this was true with Bill Clinton and even to a small extent George Bush Sr. but NOT his disastrous son -- they all understood at some level that there was such a thing as a common good, common actions, and that only the Federal Govt could do those activities for the benefit of all. (Papa Bush signed the Americans With Disabilities Act and the Clean Air Act amendments of 1990, plus he increased payroll taxes to help Social Security's long term funding prospects, and that actually worked. I cite those as three examples to buttress my case for Bush Sr.)

In this way, Obama will -- hopefully -- end the crazed corporate kleptocracy and war profiteering and robber baron style crony capitalism that DEFINES the BushCo regime. Plus his election will mark the end of a certain racially polarized era that began in the civil rights unrest of the 1960s.


As for peaceful Montgomery County, I was just referring to a feeling sitting there in that church and on some of its quieter suburban backstreets.