Friday, October 3, 2008

Casualty Friday

Dusk in Bethesda, Md., Oct. 2, 2008 near outside the building where I work.

I think I'm dying ... I am so sick today with a terrible fever, fatigued, and light-headed. I'm at work right now (blogging -- yeah, I know) but I may go home if I' m not better by this afternoon.

Updated Friday early evening ... I'm feeling a lot better this afternoon and now early evening. I'm sure my three readers (boo) were keen on knowing that.

As you can see, I'm looking and feeling terrific. Right.

This picture actually was taken yesterday by the ground-level parking garage in the building where I work.


P.S. I thought this image was pretty funny ...


krzysztof said...

Get better soon, Reg.

Anonymous said...

Being sick is not the end of the world. Go home, go to bed, drink something hot(like chicken broth), take a couple of aspirin, you'll be fine, tomorrow.
If not call me. I'll regal you with stories about my horrific childhood & tell you all about reform school. That will cheer you up, I guarantee.

Regulus said...

Maternally speaking, I agree.

Rita said...

Love the "Mooselini".

Hey, "Golly Gee Whizz" I know why you are sick! You watched the debate last night.

fifi said...

Well. Do what handmaiden says and go off to bed, tisn't the end of the world just yet.

Aspirin cures almost anything.

cheer up.

к.нео.физ.де.му said...

mooselini pic is funny and to the point... :)

get better!

Regulus said...

Thank you, Mike G. I am better. Sorta.