Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Downpour during a thunderstorm earlier this evening as seen from inside Larry's Lounge, 18th and T Streets, NW, Washington, D.C., Sept. 30, 2008


Just a VERY, VERY, VERY brief entry ...

The top floor view from my office in Bethesda, Md., Sept. 29, 2008, looking south over Chevy Chase into D.C. That is the Hughes Memorial "Eiffel" / Mr. Sirius Things Remembered Tower on the right sort of under that puffy cloud.

I am in a bit of a bad bind tonight as I am SOOOO busy and have so much to do. First off, I am going to a conference tomorrow morning involving the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in downtown D.C. (something about green power). Then I am going into the office in Bethesda. Then I have to finish -- which I very well may not -- my first memo for one of my public policy classes that is due tomorrow at 7PM. Getting to class on my busy Wednesdays involves the nearly hour-long J4 express bus to College Park to campus around 6PM. I don't get home until nearly 1045PM on Wednesdays.


Tonight, Kristof and I had a nice dinner at Bua's and then we went to Larry's Lounge (see above top and below pictures).


(**Updated Sept. totals**): Anyway, we had a nice cluster of t-storms pass through the area tonight. It upped the September precip. totals by 0.44" at DCA to 6.41" (with perhaps a bit more to go), by 0.49" at BWI to 7.22" and by 0.51" at IAD to 7.18", with DCA already over its YEARLY total of 39.35" and now at 39.96", or +9.91" above normal and a whopping 18.32" above where we were at this point last year. (There may be a bit more at DCA before midnight tonight and thus the start of Oct. 1st.)


I will avoid a discussion of the financial markets mess, yesterday's record 777.68 record point (but not percentage at almost 7 percent) fall on the Dow Jones Industrial and today's nearly 500 point gain.

HOWEVER, I strongly recommend ANYTHING by New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, including his blog, as well as his regular NYT column.

His Sept. 30 "Where Will the Money Come From?" blog entry and his Sept. 29 "OK, we are a banana republic" blog entry are very good.

Also, I sometimes find myself really enjoying New York Times columnist David Brooks' columns, such as this one, even though he's a Republican ...

... while the ostensibly "liberal" -- but in actuality Bush enabling, war criminally complicit, and vile -- WaHoPo Editorial Board just make me livid. I don't understand them at all. That Ruth Marcus a real bad tempered / distempered bitch, and Fred Hiatt is a fucking clown and useful GOP tool.


Green light as seen in the rear car bulkhead of the Metrorail Red Line heading from Bethesda back to Dupont Circle this evening.


My shitty Glen Burnie High School's shitty 20th anniversary is coming up on Oct. 11th. (I am from New Jersey, not shitty suburban Baltimore, although I spent my unhappy teenage years there.) I keep getting incessant messages via ClassShits.com, I mean, Classmates.com.

I didn't like many of those people then and I don't now. Anyway, here are the following stats of who is going to the Oct. 11 soire that ISN'T at the La Fontaine Bleue -- Glen Burnie's MOST ELEGANT spot, esp. for high school proms and "shotgun wedding" receptions for those shacked up young couples who now "have to" get married -- but at some strange and probably scary place called Beefalo Bob's on Ft. Smallwood Rd. in a truly remote part of awful Baltimore City.

Here are the current stats of Class of GBHS of who is coming (not counting spouses or significant others): Filter by: all (293) | yes (38) | no (9) | maybe (13) | no response (233)

I am PROUD to say I am in the "no response" column. And I don't think I'm going. I was THINKING of asking Gary to go with me -- and not just because he has a car but because he's quite attractive and they can (1) all realize I'm gay, and (2) think he's my boyfriend ... oh, never mind.

I think I prefer the old Glen Burnie Improvement Association Carnival workers' "thank you dinner" in the fall. As it is, I'm again on the outs with my mom, so staying overnight in Glen Burnie isn't a useful option.


On a happier note, here is picture of my plush hippo, Flippo.

Oh, hippo, you're so good, so complete, so wonderful, so EXQUISITE, so PLUSH.

I love you hippo.


P.S. I was watching Rachel Maddow's wonderful new show tonight and she FINALLY got a House GOP Congressman wing nut to come on the air. This man (I didn't get his name) gave the reason for the hard-right Republican reason for the no vote on the bailout.

She let him speak at length, though he ignored her basic question -- who is in charge of the Republican Party.

He ended by saying "Thank you, Sir, I mean, Ma'am" (what an idiot), and Maddow (an attractive lesbian) said, "Happens all the time."

Ha ha

Here is a picture of Ms. Maddow. I as a gay guy find that soft boyish smooth complexioned, dark haired look very appealing, though in her case she's a she and not a he.


OK, that's all. I need to go to bed. My next planned update will be later this week, possibly not until Saturday.

P.S. I need to post some pictures of Phil's new house.

It is an incredible house, a perfect place for me to convalesce after my next nervous breakdown or other health crisis in a quiet upstairs room.

Below is a picture of Phil's new house near the National Zoo here in D.C.



fifi said...

O what a gorgeous house!

Good luck with the conference.

and I relly like the first image of the car in the rain.

Also, I don't think I would go to that school reunion either. Why would you? There is no reason to go that i can see.

fifi said...


as in, One day I will REALLY learn to type.

Regulus said...

I thought the reunion might be fun but now I don't. I think it would be a sad let down, and holding where they are is an even bigger turn off, as is the fact so few people are planning to show up.

Re. "really" versus "relly," I thought you were just doing an Australian accent version -- ha ha.

What you lack in 90 words per minute, typo-free typing abilities, you make up in sublime poetic insights and creativity and sensitivity and clarity of vision and humanity and compassion ... and I could go on all morning but you get the idea.

fifi said...

bless your dear plush heart.

fifi said...

australian pronunciation would actually be "rearly"

Rita said...

We didn't have reunions in Reform school or proms... :(

I'm going to check out that Paul Krugman blog because you recommend & I respect your POV. This whole money crisis thing has me stymied. I hate to sound paranoid but...I just have this intuition that we are all getting screwed somehow.

Regulus said...

Fifi: I couldn't help but notice your comment on Handmaiden's recent post. I hope you aren't feeling down. I don't sense that in your posts.

Handmaiden: "We didn't have reunions in Reform school or proms ..." Sounds scary. You really went to Reform school? Or are you joking?

Yes, Paul Krugman is definitely worth reading on a regular basis. He keeps both a New York Times blog and has a Monday and Friday regular column in the New York Times print (and online) edition. He sees things quite clearly, he's progressive, and he calls bullshit as needed -- as with the Bush tax giveaway to billionaire and multimillionaire types. Back in 2000, the NYT wouldn't let him say that Bush was lying ... he had to rephrase it ... How things have changed.

Krugman's take on it is that if it done right, the bailout actually won't "cost" anything since, as he points out, if will have the effect of moving money in a circle. (Whether that increases social justice or even progressive politics is another matter.) He thinks the main thrust of the current plan -- the Treasury buying up "toxic" mortgage assets at inflated prices rather than recapitalizing the overall financial system, in part through purchases of shares of companies for part ownership is a better way to go. (At least I think that's what he is saying -- I'm not so good with the nuances of this financial mess and how to fix it.)

Bryan said...

Yes, Handmaiden went to reform school. She'll tell you about it. She's very honest about such things. She didn't do anything horrid. It's best talked about more privtely than in the comments.

I give her much credit for being the person she is today considering the things that happened to her.

Maddow could almost make me go sraight. Almost.

There's this cute young guy who works in my building, he can't be more than 25... Oh! I wanna squeeze him and hug him and kiss him! But ewwwww!!! He's just a baby!

He looks quite like her. Dude is trying to grow his facial hair in... to look more adult I guess. Unfortunately it isn't exactly working. It's all peach fuzz. Poor guy.

Hopefully he'll remain looking young and cute enough and not have to shave more than once a week.

He's definitely a chick (or guy) magnet... or at least he will be soon. I give him 3 years and he'll be totally hot.

Regulus said...


Bryan said...

Oh, hush up. Nobody comments at all and you get all pouty.

I get all verbose and you don't like that either. Hey, I've been behaving. There's no pleasing you.

I still think you're sexy.


Anonymous said...

Bryan's right, I did go to reform school & he's right I don't mind talking about it.

I'll blog about it, sometime.

How we are getting out of this financial mess & whether or not any of these bailout plan proposals will work is beyond me.

I tend to agree with this guy when he says:
"It’s a good thing, though, that we’ve had a couple of weeks to take stock. Congress can call this a “rescue plan” and festoon it with all kinds of bells and whistles, but it’s still a bailout that lets Wall Street off the hook. And in the end, despite some limits on executive compensation and stirring words about oversight, it promises nothing but a temporary setback for the “greed is good” Wall Street mentality that created this awful situation. Gordon Gekko will just lay low while the heat’s on, then come back with a vengeance. The environment’s getting hot, in more ways than one; maybe the next phantom market will be in pumped-up securities somehow based on “clean” technology."

I have no faith in Wall Street or the Federal Government to fix anything

Regulus said...

Handmaiden -- While that writer and you are probably right, I'm going to try to be optimistic on the whole thing.

Bryan -- You are right. I apologize. And thank you for your comments, extemporaneous and all.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I am an optimistic person. I have in human kind just NOT governments or Wall Street.

Bryan said...

Apology accepted. Dude, you know I think you're a rather intelligent man (I hope you do).. and bla, bla, bla.. (things I've said before). I wouldn't check in here so often if I didn't...

You know when I'm here. You've probably already taken note of my new IP#. There are days and days (I think) where I don't say anything.

Your last few posts were very good. I'm sorry I'm not up to discussing politics, or this or that. I know what topics to leave alone, so I don't go there.

You've talked to me. You must know I'm not a complete dumbass (like the one illustrated on my blog).

Ok, I've commented enuff in here. Time to stop. I will try to continue to behave nicely here and post the dribble on my blog.

Have a great weekend! (((hug))

Ans I really do think you're... oh, nevermind.