Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rainy Night and Redacted Entry

Tonight has been an eventful and curious, even outright strange night. I'll write a bit about it now and plan to do more tomorrow.

The above image was taken last night, Sept. 25, 2008, around 8PM in the 1700block of New Hampshire Ave. NW, here in Washington, D.C.

It also was a RAINY night and that's a beautiful, wonderful thing. We've had almost an inch of rain in the current complex and wet weather system since yesterday, primarily tonight, and adding to the yearly surplus.

This is a random image I got off the internet of a rainy night in New York City as seen from the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

I will explain more later.
I will post a new entry tomorrow, although I am going to see Phil and Stephanie's new place tomorrow -- I didn't go tonight for complicated reasons -- and help them pack a bit.

The following update isn't really an update -- I never see him anymore -- but rather a recounting of some thoughts in my head, redacted under the provisions of the Regulus State Secrets & Confidentiality Act of 2006, as amended 2007 and 2008, Sec. 5(c)(1)

"[Redacted] really tired [Redacted] [Redacted] rude as can be [Redacted] annoyed [Redacted] all wrong [Redacted] GOD [Redacted] can't wait until [Redacted] vicious [Redacted] big [Redacted] in a pod [Redacted] gayborhood values [Redacted] May 22/23 [Redacted] just want to go home [Redacted] damn blog is so enervating [Redacted] whatever, I don't really care but ...

[Redacted] Flippo, my plush hippo [Redacted] enough [Redacted] go to sleep [Redacted] July 12, 2026 [Redacted] whichever comes first [Redacted] once long ago [Redacted] now is over [Redacted] lost love ended long ago."


Speaking of things redacted, or maybe that should be redacted, I've decided to NOT apply for the a particular student employment related program at a particular Federal agency where I've always (thought that I) wanted to work even though it is a very good entrance way into it. An email went out via the policy school announcing this particular program and a campus visit by agency officials. It also said that interested individuals should email the coordinator in charge of it.

So I did.

And OF COURSE I did not hear back from that person. Nor did this person respond to my telephone call. (I could tell she's probably a bitch just by the sound of her voice. Bitch.)

I've decided to NOT ATTEND the frickin' session at UMCP (even though I'm coincidentally on campus on Monday evenings) because this has REJECTION AND FAILURE written ALL OVER IT.


What's the U.S. Govt''s ideal / dream candidate for this program or really any position suitable for me?

(A) The 36-year old African American female Iraq war veteran and mother of three on a welfare-to-work program who lives in the 4000 block of Benning Rd., SE, Washington, D.C.

(B) The 18-year old Down Syndrome teenage male from Cherry County, Nebraska, who is 25 percent Arapaho Native American by ethnicity and who interned for two consecutive summers at the Nebraska Dept of Environmental Quality.

(C) The 21-year old Hispanic female with a double major in Gyn - ecologized Native Peoples studies and molecular biology who helped the Brazilian government do an inventory of native primate species in the Amazon Rain Forest state of Rondonia in the summer of 2007.

(D) Any frickin' body but me.

Correct answer: D

And on that negative note, I think I need to go to bed now.

Before I end, though, let me just repeat that tomorrow I plan to go over to Phil and Stephanie's place to help them pack and also to see their new house on Adams Mill Rd., NW, here in D.C.

I was there tonight with Gerry and another friend (herein not named) who got so drunk on wine that we had to pour her into a bed after insisting that she not try to catch a cab home.

As for Stephanie, I told her that her night gown looked like Wilma Flintstone's dress, and she threw me out of the house.



fifi said...

Have you constructed this scenario complete with hypothetical candidates all of whom will get chosen over and above you?

(fifi smacks regulus VERY hard)

stand up. Chin out. get to the session and pretend to be as impressive as all get out. Just go because you can.

i have just received my 14th rejection for the year. I am not taking it personally, but it's hard.

ha ha ha wilmas's dress, I'd have thrown you out too.

DirkStar said...

Dude, yes the seven-hundred-billion dollar bailout bothers me, but everyone is missing the more sinister element in all of this.

Dude, the corporate entity is pulling in all of the markers their lobby monies have purchased for them.

A Republican President and key Democratic leaders are going to force this bailout upon the American people.

That's right, we the people are not being represented.

The interests of the corporate masters are being protected at our expense.

The political system of our country is badly broken...

This is no longer a government of the people for the people. Our political leaders are kept whores for the corporate fat cats.