Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Oceanic Memory Gyres

My very far away friend ...

Above is an image from my dear blogger buddy Fifi. She lives about as far from me on this planet as is possible in Sydney, Australia. Here is a picture of her spending time with one of her best friends, the ocean.

By the way, the Sydney ocean baths thing I learned about from her really fascinates me.


Just a quick update ...

First off, this may be my last update until early next week if indeed I go to New Jersey this weekend with my dad. He is on his way up from Florida to go to New Jersey to his 50th high school reunion (in Long Branch) and I'm going with him.

That is, I'm going just to New Jersey, our home state, not the reunion itself, which, obviously, has nothing to do with me.

I am happy that I get to see the Atlantic Ocean. We're staying in a hotel in Long Branch, the town I spent my 1970s childhood and 1980s teenage summers (along with nearby Sea Bright).


Secondly, I might get to see the Atlantic Ocean rather roiled and turbulent as what is now Tropical Storm Hanna is still forecasted to impact the mid-Atlantic region late Friday to late Saturday, although the trend is moving the it steadily farther east ... pretty soon it'll be riding up coastal Portugal. I'm sure Washington D.C. will get zilch, as usual ("trace" at DCA).

I just want it to rain. A windy rainy day. Or night. Not catastrophic destruction. It's the rainy, windy part we typically miss out on in D.C.Actually, the storm is forecasted as of right now to track immediately up the Jersey coast on Saturday night, Sept. 6, 2008, right as the reunion is occurring, so it might be quite wet there.

Perhaps there is some irony since Hurricane David struck New Jersey on Sept. 6, 1979 on its way up the East Coast, just 1 day after I arrived back from a visit to my mother who was then living in Belgium.

It appears, though, that Hurricane Ike -- pictured above in false-color enhanced water vapor image from 0315UTC (1115PM EDT) 04 (03) Sept 2008 and now a powerful but compact category 4 storm in the central tropical Atlantic Ocean -- may approach the Southeastern U.S. coast by the middle of next week.


Ha ha ... Again, I'm serious, if McCain wins, I have a feeling Sarah Palin will be president before his term is over. Instead of Hillary, we'll get her. Now THAT'S a spiteful GOD.


My dad is somewhere at a Knight's Inn in southern North Carolina off I-95. He is supposed to be here by 630PM, though I don't actually get home until 645-7PM. Phil and Stephanie are hosting a party, of sorts, for him.


Ha ha


I am exhausted. I need to sleep. Today was my first day of classes ... recall the wherefore and why that I remained in school and extra year though I could have graduated already as I finish up my third master's degree. Long story short, it involved getting the $6101 student loan refund. Also recall I was able to remain full time at my job but for leaving two hours early for my Monday class.


A picture of Yours Truly, Regulus, looking a fright. It was taken by LP around 2AM Monday, Sept. 1, 2008 (ahead of the Labor Day holiday). This was at the AGU Building here in D.C. where in the pavement they have the arcs that are supposed to represent the planets.

My butt is covering the Earth and that's Venus next to me. The "sphere" where the Sun went was probably long ago stolen. Furthermore, as this went in circa 1980 when the "rings" around Jupiter was discovered, it is RIDICULOUSLY drawn with them as pronounced as Saturn's majestic ring system. Boo.

Pluto -- demoted to a "dwarf planet" in 2006 -- and just a fragment of its path is drawn on the sidewalk yards away among sundry manhole covers.


Tonight was the late class, 7PM - 930PM. The Monday class is from 5PM - 730PM, so that will be a much earlier night.

It appears I will be regularly arriving 10 to 15 minutes late as the J4 "express" bus from Bethesda to College Park/campus via Silver Spring Metro still takes an almost an hour as it schleps through the shittier parts of Takoma Park and Langley Park (sorry, Quill). The bus goes from literally from my outside my office to outside Van Munching Hall.

The bus was crowded. It looked something like this. Just kidding. This is plush hippo heaven, but I prefer my plush hippo, Flippo.

The late night return on the Metro Green Line from College Park is agonizing because it takes forever waiting for an inbound Green Line train while, like, four or five outbound (Greenbelt bound) trains go past. It makes no sense. I used to do that journey EVERY night.

Here is a picture of Yours Truly, Regulus, taken in Ellicott City, Md., in LP's car, Aug. 23, 2008.

I wonder if my Mr. Sirius has ever taken a Metrobus. Probably not. As it is, he is away on vacation this week.

Anyway, I think that's all for now. Again, I may not have another entry until early next week, unless something changes.



fifi said...

fancy seeing myself dancing all the way across the world there....

have a splendid time in noo joisy. Dont forget, all the oceans are connected, so if you toss a pebble into the sea with a message for me, I will get it. better than the internet.

rackorf said...

So that's what happened to Colin - Fifi holding him under. What a cunt, 'they' told us he was humanely put down.

Anyways Reg - just dropping in to say gooday and how the fuck are ya?

Regulus said...

I'm all Australia this morning. Maybe there's a message in there.

Fifi -- You always dance across the world.

I'm strangely ambivalent about going to New Jersey. Part of me thinks I should just nix going since (1) this event isn't for/about/involve me; (2) I'm rather tired and could use a three day weekend to rest (since I'm taking tomorrow off anyway, assuming I'm not fired in the meantime and then have a permanent vacation); and, perhaps most importantly, (3) these trips down memory lane are, at best, problematic for me and, more typically, just painful. The past is gone. On the other hand, part of me wants to go. I don't know what to do.

That pebble's journey could take a very long time indeed. But then again, eternity is a long time.

Rackorf: How am I? Well, I'm not the one who totally stopped all blogging over 4 months ago now and is never around, so I should ask YOU how you are.

How am I? I dunno. Hard to say.

I'm afraid I don't know who Colin is or to what you refer.

Also, again, sorry about Nooft.

As for far away people, you ARE as far away from me on this planet in your far remote corner of southwestern Australia as is possible without being in the Indian or Southern Oceans or Antarctica itself.

Unknown said...

You don't look bad, NIMYOP. You're not fake and plastic. That's a good thing.

I'd do naughty dirty things with the gentleman in those pictures... if he was agreable to such happenings.

Long Branch? I think I could have gotten there... just for lunch and a hello.... but maybe not, with the crap that happened.

I need a vacation from this week.