Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Midweek Update OR Tempests All Around

The intersection at P and 17th Sts., NW, Washington, D.C., Sept. 23, 2008, on my way to my weekly Tuesday evening dinners at Bua's with Kristof.


Just a brief update to replace the top entry. I appreciate all the comments in the previous entry and all the visits from my regular readers. To the irregular readers, whatever. I have no control over them. As it is, there is so much, too much, going on the in world, and I've no control over any of it so why obsess on those things?

Another picture of Bernice from this past Sunday in her suburban Silver Spring tranquil abode.

On a personal note, I am very tired right now partly because I am rather busy this semester. Wednesdays are my busiest in terms of how long the day lasts because I go to College Park to campus for my evening class after working in Bethesda. I do it Mondays, too, this semester but it's two hours earlier.

It is nearly 1130PM and I can't spend much time on this entry because I need to go to bed.


Hopefully, that coastal storm will give us a nice rainy, windy Thur night - Friday. We'll see. The frickin' models are all trending away from giving us a lot of rain in the D.C. area. Screw you, weather.

Here is the current surface forecast for 0Z 26 Sept. 2008 Fri (that would be 8PM 25 Sept. 2008 Thur).

So Bush was on TV tonight -- here is a picture of Dear Leader in his exhausted state, probably just wanting it to be Jan. 20, 2009 already -- trying to terrify everyone -- again -- this time into giving his regime blank checks (well, another $700 billion) and unlimited power to "fix" the financial crisis his gang helped to create. What kind of crazy leader tries to stoke that much terror into his people like Bush did tonight in that speech? Oh, that's right, THIS kind of crazy, pathetic and tragic figure.


And speaking of would-be disasters, as for McCain, I think he's half senile and half irrational power keg.

His recklessly bold -- or rather, his boldly reckless --"Hail Mary" passes are evidence of how irrational and risky he'd be as president.

I refer variously to his Russia - Georgia and Iran threats, his selection of disaster-movie-in-the-making Sarah Palin, this inability to grasp the dire financial straits of the country and the suffering to ordinary people, and now his "suspending" his campaign and wanting to call off the debates in the homestretch of this interminable race mostly because he's suddenly behind.

A McCain / Palin presidency would be disastrous in a sort of worlds colliding way.

(The above image is actually from the Sept. 25, 2008 Astronomy Picture of the Day.)

I think D.C.'s local gay Tory and professional Clinton hater Andrew Sullivan is quite correct on this one that the U.S. will go to war with Iran if McCain/Palin -- or Palin/McCain, such as the case may very well be -- are elected.

As it is, McCain is just going for broke now, and totally enthralled to the Rovian / GOP operatives who once destroyed his previous campaign and who he would have condemned harshly.

I just had to repost my Flippo on the computer picture again. Flippo here is looking at his favorite blogs.

Anyway, I don't want to go off on this too much. It's already nearly midnight and I'm pretty tired. My next update maybe tomorrow, or if not, on Saturday. I should be able to talk about Phil's new house on Adams Mill Rd. here in D.C. that he purchased.



fifi said...

What CAN you mean, you have no control? Over us recalcitrants, do you mean.
Oh, Regulus, I will do my level best to be sensible in this comment box but I can't promise you anything especially if Krystof shows up. It distracts me from my more noble purpose


Rain is good. We have had rain.

Bernice is of course, too gorgeous in a Lassie comes home kind of way.

May I ask you a question.
Have the ocean levels risen at all, and if I wanted to see data on that, where would I go.

Ok, off now to buy some McCain diapers, they look great. Sweet dreams.

Regulus said...

Hi Fifi,

No, I wasn't at all referring to you about comments and lack of control! I will email you tomorrow to reply to your questions, including about sea level rise. I also need to visit your blog and post thoughtful comments like you always do with mine.

You're the best, Fifi!

krzysztof said...

I'm starting to suspect that Sarah Palin secretly supports Obama.
Just look at the last minute of this interview. The interesting part starts around 4'30'' into the video clip

Anonymous said...

You have no control over your irregular readers. So, Ex Lax is your means of control? I guess that explains the pic of McCain's deregulators. I'll keep that in mind as I eat a hunk of cheese.

fifi said...

Actually i thought later that the hippo may have hijacked the laptop and started writing. like Abbie the Cat.

Do post some nice streetscapes won't you.
( Please notice that I included one of my recent suburban wandering photos for you but I forgot to say.)

hmm. nighty night.

Regulus said...

Slappy: That's what I was saying. I took a dump at the Fort Totten Waste Transfer Station.

Kristof: Nice to see you last night. Hope you got home OK. Remind me why you started walking south on 16th St. at R St.? I thought you were going to home and not to Li'l Dillweed's in Arlington.

Oh, yes:

"Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop ... pop."

"And I'm proud to be an American ---!'

Fifi: "Do post some nice streetscapes won't you."

OK, will do. I have a few taken last night in D.C. It was a showery - rainy night. Trouble is, my cellphone camera really is not very good and I need a digital camera.

krzysztof said...

Did I really walk south? I can offer no explanation. I remember buying some food items at 7-11 (or rather I remember eating them later at home) and taking a cab to my place. Also I have a huge headache.

Regulus said...

Maybe I'm remembering what didn't happen. That happens sometimes. We might have just said goodbye near the exit.

I remember taking some pictures and being in a hurry to get home.

I need to contact Phil about whether the Grand Unveiling of his new house is tonight.

Anonymous said...

I should borrow that picture of the worlds colliding.

Hey I've actually done a post of my campaign. Check it out. Ignore the horribly painful post above it. My personal life sucks at the moment. But, politics, endures.

krzysztof said...

the Grand Unveiling is tonight. We are meeting at LL 6-7PM.

Regulus said...

Handmaiden: Yes, please do use it. I got it from the Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD), Sept. 25, 2008 edition.

I will check out your post later today when I get home or tonight.

Kristof: There are three, no, four things that I seek in my Friday afternoons:

1. A rainy day.
Status: "Achieved."
2. A drop in the stock market.
Status: No. The DJIA went up 140 points or so.
3. Appropriate blog activity and visitations.
Status: [REDACTED under Regulus Privacy Act of 2008, Sec. 5(c)(1)]
4. Ride down to the lobby in the freight elevator from this top floor. Status: TBD

Overall day's quality: 1 out of 4, 25%, F. Boo.

As for tonight, I actually won't be leaving work until 645PM and I wanted to go directly to Larry's Lounge or even straight to Phil's new place without going home, but at this point, my early afternoon religious experience was not enuf and I may need to go home first.

Anonymous said...

If you were John McCain you probably would have taken that dump at the Fort Totten Metro station. It's a transfer station, too.