Thursday, August 21, 2008

Water Works OR Regulus' Old School-Style Complainin' About Crap Beyond His Control

A Muir Woods waterfall, California.


Earlier tonight, I had a nice dinner with LP at Dupont Italian Kitchen. I met him after he went to a Richard Diebenkorn exhibit at the Phillips Milk of Magnesia Collection here in D.C. Then we went to Windows and then I went to Cobalt for a bit, where the floors had all been refinished.

I SHOULD be getting my $6100 student loan refund on or shortly (a day or two) after Aug. 25th, plus I get paid this Friday ($1200), so I'll have some money. I need to pay back LP $1050, though.


The weather sucks. The evil atmospheric criminal enterprise that IS our weather is all about ENDLESS frickin' high pressure ridges that block any and all weather ...

... such as Tropical Storm Gay Fay, which dumped 20 to 30 inches of rain around the Melbourne / Cocoa Beach, Fla., area (my dad in Flagler Beach about 50 miles north of there had about 3 to 4 inches so far).

No, I don't want 20 - 30 inches of rain at once, nor violent weather destruction. But I do totally hate D.C. weather, both summer and winter. It's either endless shitty drought mixed with humidity and stank-ass air and every t-storm totally avoiding a 50-mile radius around D.C. (while Boston, New York, New Jersey, and Philly get hammered) in summer ...

... OR it's 55F and sunny with the odd light rainy day and the nearest sleet pellet about 75 miles north and west of here in winter.

The frickin' huge high blossomed overhead, so to speak, with "good down - sloping, good drying, building heights, and fuck you," even as it forced Tropical Storm Fay over Florida to stall and then head west.

This particular high pressure -- a mountain of sinking, warm air -- needs to be beaten down over the ocean by a hundred small shortwaves until it's exterminated, so to speak.

The atavistic weather shit-kickers of LWX -- whose meteorologists write up 4 printed pages of discussion on whether it will be partly or mostly cloudy over the Potomac Highlands, or whether to cancel the fog advisory early -- and the TV weather whores (who I've loooooong since stopped watching) are thrilled. Their idea of good weather would produce a world that looked like this:

True, this is the entrance to the Valley of the Kings in Egypt from a stock picture I got off the internet. But pretend -- just pretend -- instead that it is a hypothetical Earth when the last bits of ocean have dried up (as indeed will come a day about 1.5 billion years hence, except the Sun will be more swollen and tinged orange over a baked, lifeless world and the sky a darker, stranger shade of blue when not filled with dust).

Imagine this as the very bottom of the deepest Pacific or Atlantic Ocean trenches with the last bit of water gone.

Or how about this ...

... as the last bit of water on the vast ocean abyssal plain dries up -- and not what it actually is, a briny pool in the Atacama Desert.

There is no chance of rain at least until next Thursday. I hate D.C. and its miserable summer weather of endless nothing crap. Every year is the same.


Changing subjects in no particular way ...

Here is the original video to the wonderful 1979 hit song "Video Killed the Radio Star" by the British New Wave group the Buggles ... it was the FIRST VIDEO aired on MTV at 1200AM on August 1, 1981, and again as the 1,000,000th video at 12:10AM Feb. 27, 2000 (does MTV even show videos anymore??).

I'm all about Trevor Horn's glasses and hair ...


I had a ridiculous - record number of hits on my Regulus blog today, 234 in all, fully 117 more than my previous all-time Regulus record that was set just last Wednesday and ten times what I was getting on a typical day before I posted a certain entry that attracted so much attention.

Virtually all of them were looking at my "Photos of Bush Drunk at the Beijing Olympics" entry from last Wednesday, and the cause of that record. Indeed, prior to that, my Regulus record was 49. Indeed, I've had 753 hits since I posted that Bush-drunk-in-Beijing entry, about 700 of which were random Google searches on that entry and representing in excess of 600 unique hits and from ALL OVER the world ... from Saudi Arabia and Sudan (!) to Venezuela to Nebraska. It's a bit jarring and unnerving, actually.

As it is, I appreciate my half dozen or so regular readers. Thank you for caring and tuning in.


Plush baby honey lamb hippo, Flippo and my other babies ...

I need to go to bed. 'night, sweetie.



krzysztof said...

is it all shit-brown now?

Regulus said...

What an awful comment.

For my non-Bush-Drunk-In-Beijing readers, Kristof is referring to the floor at Cobalt and the comment made by someone there that when the placed was designed, the interior designer must have said, "[THIS] brown and [THAT] brown and SHIT BROWN ..." It was very funny.

The floor is sort of a dark tan brown, but not black-brown the way the floor used to be.

My life is reduced to pondering the floor color at a bar.

Mr. Lucas: "Well, if he's reduced to going to the Cocoa Club, he can't afford to be too choosy."

krzysztof said...

Oh sorry, forgot you have a huge audience now, including people who may not be following the Cobalt reconstruction progress as closely as one would hope.:-)

Anonymous said...

OMG! I loved MTV in those early days. I never thought I'd grow out of it, but I did of course.

Not to gloat but we just had 3 days of rain, it was very nice. Unfortunately, when it rains in the winter here, it can go on for weeks.
Ah well, +'s & -'s to every climate.
I don't think I'd like your neck of the woods, though. I've never thought, I'd want to move back east. I guess once you've made it to the Pacific Ocean, there is no where else to go, except north or south. I'm thinking this way because I've just read the book "Guns, Germs, and Steel".

Speaking of google searches...One thing I noticed when I had a site meter was none of those people that found my blog through google searches ever commented. I always thought that was kinda weird.

Regulus said...

Handmaiden -- It's sort of like passing a stranger. Why would you necessarily say anything? I actually sorta prefer it that way.

Re. the Pacific Northwest climate and how it can be in the winter time, I know it will ... I lived in Seattle for a rainy winter some years ago ... and I've been there enough times to appreciate its wetness.

Anonymous said...

...and the second video ever played on MTV was that of my quickly aging diva, Pat Benatar: You Better Run. Not to be Confused with RuPaul's You Better Work. Cobalt always looked like an outdated Pottery Barn catalog to me. Nice to see they're staying with that motif.

Unknown said...

Sometimes you need to say something to that stranger, just even a smile... I know I've done some good.

I wish I could have magically transported you here Thursday....

We saw this. I think you would have loved it.

The older man in front of me had a very nice bootaaayyy. I haven't seen that many gay-boys all one place playing nicely in years.

There were young people there too. and it wasn't all fruit-loops like me. Lots of pretty str8 boys with their girls.

Belinda was great. I saw Pat Bentar recently too! She still kicks butt.


fifi said...

why would there be only gay boys at that gig, bryan? psst, don't tell reg about that Sirius sign on the corner of the poster.

Now, Regulus, surely having the world call by must be interesting. I find it hard to imagine that they won't come by for more of the Plush baby Hippo now that they've been.

I am so busy and tired that if you see my presnce on your blog, you must chase me away with a stick, because it means that I am avoiding doing homework.

I have lost one of my very important texts. And I am getting nowhere with the papers: eg, this evening the mister arranged me to host a sleepover for the kids. Now that I have just shut them all up. here I am bloghoppering. Ok. I have drunken so much coffee you would think words would just shoot out of me.

It has been raining here on a regular basis, in fact it has been the coldest and most prolonged winter I can remeber. I rather like it except the room I lecture in often has no heating.

ah, look, I have written a post on your comments. I better go.
My love to flippo.

Unknown said...

Fifi, you saw the lineup. Of course there were tons of nancy boys there. Who else goes to these things?

I didn't notice the sign. I would have photoshopped it and took that word out if I had. I'm hoping Regulus stops using that vile word!

**waves at Regulus & falls into bed**

Regulus said...

Slappy: Cobalt's downstairs interior design looks like an outdated Pottery Barn? I never thought of it like that.

I noticed last night that the new finish on the floor isn't holding up so well. A wooden floor in a place with so much foot traffic and spilled drinks perhaps just isn't suitable to looking all smooth and shiny for very long.

Very good karaoke performance at Windows, by the way.


Bryan: So let me get this straight ... The actual '80s's bands The Human League, and A Flock of Seagulls, not to mentino Belinda Carlisle and Naked Eyes all are performing together on a whirlwind tour that included Trenton, N.J., two days ago and Mexico City the week before that?

I've heard that Pat Benatar is still performing strong even though she's getting rather advanced in years.

Fifi: See below.

Regulus said...

ifi: I think you refer to the Sirius Satellite Radio logo on that Web page ... yes, I've thought about that ... If Sirius and XM Radio merge, will the new entity be called Sirius - XM Radio, or something totally different? I sort of like the name Sirius, as you may know.

As for the "world calling by," well, it's only 11AM at the time of my writing this (that's 11AM yesterday to you, sweetie! you're at, like, 1AM tomorrow (Sunday)), and already I'm up to near 50 hits ... after another 120 yesterday ... so now I'm up to about 900 hits representing about 800 or so individuals (!) who have visited that particular entry. They just look at it, i some cases, repeatedly, but almost never comment (which is fine with me). For the past two days, the swoosh of hits has been from Venezuela. Perhaps it's Hugo Chavez's people. Ha ha.

Maybe I shouldn't have posted that entry at all.

When you say you lost a very important text, you are referring to a file/manuscript/report, and not a cellphone text message?? OK, that wasn't funny.

I'm sorry to hear that. But do you really think being on a coffee super-caffeine buzz with a gaggle of teenagers (how many?) is conducive to either (1) rest or (2) getting done all this academic and artistic work you are doing?

The rain sounds nice. I'll be glad when this summer is over. Oddly enuf, it's not even particularly hot and humid here this summer the way it can be some years ... we've had a paucity of 90F+ days so far, which is fine with me. Still, we've gone into at least a temporary drought mode and it is soooo annoying to see a nice, big, wet tropical system being shunted on some strangely anomalous westward path nearly 700 miles to the west from the Atlantic seashore all the way to the frickin' Louisiana coastline by some dumb high pressure that won't move, and we're just sunny here and everyone is THRILLED.

Well, actually, virtually no one pays attention to the weather in that kind of detail. In the popular mind, it's just sunny=good.

I'm also supposed to be deliriously happy that my supposed Savior St. Obama picked Loquacious Joe Biden as his VP. Now we have to hear a non-stop media talk-a-thon about what an unstoppable team this is ... the first-term, vaguely detached, achievement-free but rhetorically charismatic senator from Illinois that 55 percent of the country can't quite make out ... and a Senator from the "First State," Delaware, so named because it was the first to ratify the Constitution, but otherwise a fly-speck sized state only slightly bigger than our smallest, Rhode Island, that brings no particular regional value to the ticket. It should've been Hillary.

But now I'm off topic.

Get a good night sleep. Flippo sends his love back to you. He's here with me in the room watching TV now.

Bryan: Waving back to you, Bryan. Or were you mooning someone?

Unknown said...

Yeppers! The actual real bands!Tha actual real people!! The darned show was almost 4 hours long!

They've all aged pretty well too. I did miss the Seagulls guy's funky hair though. He wears hats all the time now. He's probably lost most of his hair.

The Seagulls are local, I think they live in PA. They play here every couple of years (usually free).

The Human League has no hair... the girls are still smokin' hot (for their age).

It was worth going just for Belinda.

I have Sirius radio. Word from them is it's going to be Sirius-XM.

What I want to know is are they gonna fuck me over. I bought the $500 "lifetime" subscription when I signed up, even though I expected they would screw me eventually, the lifetime subscription was a better deal in the long run. I listen most of the day, almost every day. It's a wonderful thing.

I don't moon people. That's crude. Of course, if someone wanted to see my ass, I might be inclined to show it to them. These days that's highly doubtful tho.

The comment in the Bush post doesn't translate well. I think the person thinks you like Bush.

Unknown said...

Human League guy! The girls have their hair, or at least nice wigs.

I bought tickets for that show back in January, I think. I wasn't gonna miss that.

Oh. I have another tattoo. See my latest entry.