Saturday, August 16, 2008

Under the August Weather

Uno Chicago Grill (formerly Pizzeria Uno), lunch time, Bethesda, Md., Aug. 14, 2008. (This lunch didn't agree with me very well and I'm not sure I'll be eating there again, or at least what I ate.)

I am coming down with a cold ... flu ... or worse, maybe death. I have had a bad sore throat all week and it seems to have gotten worse. It is 230PM and I'm only just now getting up, which is much later than I wanted to be. I went with Gary and Kristof last night to Cobalt and then with Gary to O-smeg-ma (Omega) and had some drinks. Drinking is bad for a cold, that's for sure.

One thing that has been happening is that I am developing an aversion to vodka and my body is telling me to STOP drinking it.

I am drinking less now overall but it is as though any liquor, esp. vodka, just instantly gives me a headache. This serves as a sort of built in check, I guess.

Maybe that's good.


We missed all the weather I wanted this week, and instead, as always, ended up with that summer time blah, "dead shit sky" over Wash D.C. (pictured above as seen from the intersection of Connecticut Ave and Q St., NW, Aug. 15, 2008).

The weather is never what I want it to be in the D.C. area, esp. this time of year when it seems we miss everything. Last summer, there weren't even scattered t-storms.

But watching the radars as much as I do, and having lived in New Jersey long enough, I can safely say that both it and the New York City area NEVER seem to have the problem that we do in the D.C. / Baltimore area of always "chasing after" the weather, and if there is one thunderstorm in NJ/NYC, then typically there is typically a big outbreak and EVERYBODY gets hit at least once. Ditto ALL of New England, and much of Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia.

As for unexpected night time t-storms, they simply do not happen in the D.C. area proper, and I don't give a damn if the NWS says otherwise.

I'm convinced that the old U.S. t-storm frequency map, an unspecified version of which is pictured here, is all wrong for the mid - Atlantic region. I don't believe it has ever been updated. I'm not sure the source of the data for this map, although I believe the Air Force has old t-storm frequency maps.

Today is a a "sunny, delightful day" following a frontal passage. Eh.


Here is the 2PM EDT National Hurricane Center (NWS) graphical advisory on what is now Tropical Storm Fay.

The GFS model keeps flipping back and forth with what will happen to Fay -- forecasted to become a hurricane and hit near Naples, Fla., on Tuesday morning before moving northward into Georgia and sorta stall. It's not clear if we'll get any rain from the remnants. That WOULD be next Fri - Sat time frame. There will be no precip. before that here, of course.


I was supposed to meet LP today for a drive to Ellicott City, and while we are still going to try to do it, I am very late.

On Sunday, Phil is supposed to have his fishing party at his place. That is, we are supposed to have a fish dinner party from the fish he and others are planning on catching on their fishing expedition on the Chesapeake off Southern Maryland today. (Above is a picture I got off the internet of the Chesapeake Bay at Dymer Creek, Northern Neck, Virginia).

If my hunch is correct, the fish bounty will instead come from the Giant or Safeway grocery store because there really are no fish in the Chesapeake anymore, and what there is, well, probably aren't good for eating.


I think that's all for now. Let me just say that my previous entry was indeed about Mr. Sirius. I was referring to a picture he posted of himself on his blog. I realize it didn't have any proper context. And a few other points ...

* Dr. T.J. Eckleburg refers to the giant billboard that looked over the "valley of ashes" as written in The Great Gatsby. Dorian Gray is, obviously, from The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.

* There is no "Pelican Marina Tiki Bar & Grill" in or around Myrtle Beach, S.C. I made that up.

* I didn't post any pictures with it 'cuz I was at work, even though internet stuff is not as far as I can tell monitored, and I've been there for 7 months. I would have heard by now ...

As it is, on Monday I may get fired from this job (even as I prepare to return to school for a final semester). My boss is back after 3 weeks in Japan and I did not make much progress on a big project at all (this gets into the internet surfing stuff) even as I made noises about a schedule change (related to school) that, in retrospect, may be unnecessary. It's just so damn hard to sit there 40 hours a week in a catatonic torpor under the fluorescent lights.



Big Pissy said...

Hey, Arc!

Sorry you're not feeling well. Sucks...especially on a weekend. :(

Hope everything works out for you on the job front too.



Regulus said...

Hey Big Pissy! But I'm Regulus ("Reg") here!

Yes, I'm not feeling well but not so much that I'm nesting in bed.

I'm a little worried about the job thing on Monday. We'll see. The trouble is, I don't like it there but I don't want to lose it, either. Money wise, though, things (at least now) are not nearly as bad as the past two years.

fifi said...

sounds like a fab time chez regulus!

give the vodka the flick.
beetroot juice is the thing, don't you know?