Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Photos of Bush Drunk at the Beijing Olympics

These images were all taken between Aug. 8 - 11, 2008 (though I dated all the photos as Aug. 11), some already with captions from other / foreign media outlets. None stated Bush was drunk.

Here the Secret Service appears to be holding up a drunken Pres. Bush after watching some swimming events in the National Aquatics Center at the Beijing Olympics.

Note that Laura Bush doesn't seem to need any help. She does look pissed off and a bit embarrassed, though. And look at the faces of the others.

Sources: Wonkette here and here, and also

*I don't believe that any of these pictures were Photoshopped*


BELOW: Bush is either telling a story animatedly, or he's just flailing about all drunk, or both, at aforementioned swimming events, Beijing Olympics.

Look at the look on his daughter Barbara's face. Laura's smile looks forced. According to the Globe tabloid this week, she's leaving him as soon as his presidency is over.

And what the hell is Mitt Romney doing there??


Here Bush pats the ass of Misty May-Treanor of the USA Volleyball, U.S. Women's Beach Team (THAT'S an Olympics sport?? Beijing isn't even remotely close to a shoreline).


Anyway, here are more photos of Bush probably soused at the Beijing Olympics, like this gem here of Bush doing a "duck face" and his clearly embarrassed daughter, Barbara.

I'm guessing Bush had the Jim Beam in a flask.

Let me just be clear on something: I don't give a DAMN if Bush is drinking again. That's his business, as long as he doesn't start a war or something while liquored up -- as it is, he seems to do that when he's sober. And as for too much drinking, like about, two-thirds of my gay male peers, I drink too much. My issues with him have nothing to do with his alcoholism and everything to do with the kind of person and leader he is. (Oh, yeah, don't expect the mainstream whoremedia to dare mention his behavior in Beijing.)

I wonder, though, how he gets booze into the White House. I mean, he can't just pop down to the liquor store at the corner, and presumably it's not stored conveniently to his private living quarters. He must have to ask someone to get it for him.


Bush -- looking like anyone's drunken uncle at a summertime backyard suburban family BBQ, or just a dirty old man -- appears to be about to grope the ass of Kerri Walsh, another USA Volleyball, U.S. Women's Beach Team member.

Actually, he sorta reminds me of my dad at the bar in, oh, never mind.


I'm guessing Bush was so hung over, and all sweaty there in the bright, hazy, smoggy, thickly warm Beijing air.

Here he is with Ms. Walsh again. She seems quite the playful sort, all 6 feet of her. Unless she was just bending over for a shot. A volleyball shot, that is.

Bush was also probably fondly recalling his long ago drunken, coked up frat boys days when his life was one big "Champagne Brigade" Texas Air National Guard deferment after another. The fighting, suffering, and dying in Vietnam (a war he believed in) wasn't for the idle, indolent, arrogant, allegedly "prodigal" sons of the Bush Family.


As for the men he's pictured with (below), I guess this is the U.S. Men's Beach Team of the USA Volleyball and perhaps one of the Brazilian team members.

None of them are hot in the way, say, of a Central European men's water polo team member. Just sayin' ...


Bush and Michael Phelps, whose won now, like, 54 Gold Medals and (I hear) the mustache-less Mark Spitz is all p.o'd.


Here Bush brings honor and dignity to those around him.

Well, that's all for now ... and I promise not to post THIS many pictures of George W. Bush again ... unless he shows up drunk again at some function, then it's fair game, as in "Let the games begin!" Ha ha.

As for my work / school situation, I'll write more about that in my next entry in a day or two.



Unknown said...

I'm ashamed. He should be ashamed of himself.

I agree, he's f***ing plastered. If it isn't that, he needs to have his meds changed.

They'll just chalk it up to fatigue (sp?) or some such nonsense.

I think You and I need to go frolicing in the water with a certain Olympian! OMG.

fifi said...

omg, how embarrassment! what an idiot!

Regulus said...

Bryan -- No, the mainstream media will just say, "A playful President Bush greets the USA Volleyball Women's and Men's Teams in Beijing..." and "An animated President Bush gestures with his hands while those around him listen in rapt attention."

Both sentences are technically true, but without context. In both cases, he was drunk. In the first (volleyball) case he was acting like a drunken frat boy and in the second case, ANYONE who was seated next to the President of the United States (I refer to the individual occupying the office, not Geo. Bush himself) would listen in rapt attention to a story he told. That's just how it is.

Fifi -- Yeah, it's embarrassing, and rather sad in its way. If indeed he has fallen off the wagon like this, then we might expect more such "Kodak moments."

krzysztof said...

I'm not sure, he seems playful and in a good mood. Maybe he's one of those friendly drunks. Maybe it would actually be better for all of us if he was indeed off the wagon

krzysztof said...

And to answer your question from the previous entry P is still deciding between Prince George's County Community College and DC Southwestern University and he;ll choose based on which one has a better basketball team. And for real I think it will be Univ. of Essex after all provided financial aid will be sufficient. Annapolis is still on hold and I praise them for understanding they're showing.
As for K she intends to return to Tbilisi. Don't forget that her line of work is such that much like a good masseuse she goes where tension is. I don't think Tbilisi itself is in much danger however it will be safe not to use the Russian language while there. She speaks Georgian though.

Regulus said...

Kristof -- Agreed about how it just might be better to have happy drunk Bush than sober - egomaniac - Jesus is telling me to invade countries Bush.

As for the other situation, I think what you are saying is P. got accepted to Essex (University, not the campus location of the Community College of Baltimore, the very concept of which is frightening). That's very good news, since that's where he wanted to go first.

As for K. and M. and being back in Tbilisi, it doesn't sound good no matter how it's dressed up.

travistee said...

I'm glad to see him have a good time. :)

Anonymous said...

I am not a Bush fan, but I am a fan of fairness. Is there a possibility he should be given the benefit of the doubt? Possibly could have he been dehydrated or had a sugar imbalance, both would give the appearance of being alcohol impaired.

Regulus said...

TravisTee: Agreed. As my friend Kristof said, I think it preferable if Bush is drunk and happy rather than sober and agitated or sober and hearing The Voice of God telling him to do things.

In that case, Anon, he should have been resting up in his hotel room and/or being checked out by a doctor (I'm sure one travels with him continuously) rather than staggering around under the hot Sun in a sand pit ass-slapping half-naked young ladies on the U.S. Women's Beach Volleyball Team, or having to be held up by Secret Service staff in the bleachers.

No, I wasn't there and I don't know for sure, but the expression on his wife and daughter's face (again, assuming nothing Photoshopped there) sorta says it all: really pissed off but reserved as the occasion called for (Laura) and just sort of flummoxed and resigned to it all (Barbara).

But, I admit, I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

"What the hell is Mitt Romney doing there?" You shouldn't host such a page, if you are THAT poorly informed.

I'm no fan of either the Lush In Chief or Mr. Romney, but I have to acknowledge that Mr. Romney is probably the most significant non-athlete in the last 25 years of US Olympic history. He singlehandedly rescued the US-hosted 2002 Winter Olympics, which were so badly managed that, before he came on board to lead the effort, there was real danger that they might not be held.

That, I'm afraid, is fact. It does us liberals little good to diss our opponents about their genuine accomplishments.

Bryan said...

Oh, that was real intelligent.

I'm curious Regulus, where did that comment last anon. comment come from?

Regulus said...

I deleted the anonymous comment -- I'm really sick of this entry and the absurd number of hits I keep getting on it. Not sure where it came from.