Friday, August 29, 2008

Oceanaire Away

Updated Friday morning ...

I went with Gerry to Oceanaire, where we got drunk on this "cheap" Australian wine that has its own "airline ticket" and a screw top INSTEAD of cork.

Bottom line, I had a lovely dinner with Gerry tonight at The Oceanaire ... THAT would be the restaurant here in D.C. near Metro Center (1201 F St., NW) where I went to on May 22, 2004 hours before my Mr. Sirius Catastrophe. THAT was the LAST TIME I was there. I don't think I will ever let him go.

I don't want to talk about that.


"She looks like a lot of fun," Gerry said of this lady seated next to us. This picture doesn't do her or what she was wearing justice.


It is right now 1239AM and I NEED to go to bed. Our drink (wine) tonight -- as part of our $218 bill that rose to $263 with tip -- was part of a dinner that was SUPPOSED to be for Gerry, except I screwed up by not bringing my ATM/Debit card, and how pathetic is that??

Updated this morning: Then we went to Larry's Lounge, where -- upon seeing ABC's Terry Moran blather on about the Obama rock concert in Denver last night and why Hillary is a conniving demon lesbian witch just for existing, followed by that 250 lb sonofabitch Doug Hill on Channel 7 burble on and on about how our "protective high pressure" should keep this or that tropical system away, although this morning is a nice, gloomy, wet one -- I think I became borderline obnoxious drunk with running commentary that may or may not have been funny, but was probably annoying. I'm sorry.

On a vaguely related note, I AM curious, though, how and why FLIPPO RELIES on the Weather Channel for storm track forecasts so forcefully, esp. since all forecasted tracks come from the National Hurricane Center (NHC).

I asked Flippo, "Where do you think the Weather Channel gets those forecasts/tracks??"

You see, Baby Doll, the Weather Channel wouldn't DARE issue its own hurricane forecast, either intensity or track because there is a HUEUEUEUEUGE liability issue that the gub'mint does not face because it CAN'T be sued if its forecasts -- from the National Weather Service -- are wrong. True, this is a somewhat unsettled area of law, but it still would never happen.

Also, Flippo has this endearing tendency to spell the electrical discharge in the atmosphere called "lightning" as "lightening," which refers to the BRIGHTENING of the sky (or something like it). But he's just funny that way.


Oh, yes, I had the lobster tonight. It was prepared "dirty" style. I'm not even sure what that means even though our big, burly but attractive waiter Kyle -- he of the radio voice I explained to him, but no one had ever told him that before he said -- explained it to me.

It dawned on me that a lobster is basically similar in a manner of speaking to a giant insect. Yuck.


Speaking of insects, mice eat insects ...

I mention this because Flippo told this interesting story about accidentally stepping on a mouse outside. I was really curious how one accidentally steps on a mouse running around outside. However, since the story is Flippo's and not mine, and he IS my Flippo, it's not for me to question.



Anonymous said...

Hmmpth! Well, I enjoy both cheap wine & insects. As a matter of fact, I'm going to check on my worm farm now.

Regulus said...

Yuck. Sounds nasty.

Rita said...

No it's not. I'm in the process of "uplifting the Worm". Check out my new post.

Anonymous said...

I believe 'lightening' is also a term for what happened to that fun woman's hair. Dinner was fantastic! Thank you!

Regulus said...

Ha ha

fingers said...

Oh right, I was wondering where we dumped that Airline Wine...

Big Pissy said...

Hi, Sweetie!

How are you?!?!?



Regulus said...

Hi Big Pissy. I'm OK. Thank you for stopping by. I'm really sorry I haven't been by your blog lately. Hope all is well with you.