Sunday, August 10, 2008

Non-Point Source Blog Entry Discharge -OR- Interim Sunday Morning Update

After a drenching thunderstorm the Sun reemerges, Bethesda / Chevy Chase, Md., on Thur., Aug. 7, 2008 during my work (boo) lunch hour. This is Elm Street Park literally standing on the B - CC border. About 0.50" fell, though this storm officially missed DCA.


I plan to have a new post up later today or tonight (possibly tomorrow). This is just a quick interim update. Here goes ...

*It's Sunday morning now... depressed and going back to sleep for a while. And whenever I get depressed, I start to think about the whole Mr. Sirius thing, which exacerbates my depressive condition. But as he doesn't pay me the slightest mind, I will henceforth pay him no mind no more. Yay.

Unrelated to Mr. Sirius, I've decided henceforth to ONLY wear Euro low-cut V-neck shirts to accentuate my muscular man cleavage. That way, everybody will know I'm a supermodel, last seen as a Sears catalog model, p. 310.

*My previous entry got picked up by on Aug. 8th and I could have done without that, but whatever.

* LP and I drove down to Piscataway State Park in/near Accokeek and Fort Washington, Md., in order to try to find that white chalet house that overlooks the Potomac River -- facing due north toward 15 mile distant Washington, D.C.

Alas, no luck.

However, based on Google maps satellite view, I am pretty sure it is on a private road -- Reserve Road or W. Auburn Road, and actually set in a bit from the river. It is near a spit of land called Mockley Point that is in the park. LP and I tried to walk to it but from our starting point off Bryan Point Road, it just wasn't possible.

From an aerial view, the elongated, curled up shape of Mockley Point resembles the head of a dead bird.

*As for the Potomac, it is truly disgusting with out of control algae and moss growth and sundry litter and crap. Rampant nutrient inflow into the river from so many non-point (or nonpoint) sources is the culprit rather than actual sewage. Directly below is a picture of some algae.

This is actually looking directly across the Potomac where it makes a big bend to the west. You are actually looking directly at George Washington's Mount Vernon estate on the Virginia side.

*I went to James Hoban's restaurant at Dupont Circle with Phil, et al., on Friday night, where we got drunk, ate a lot, and watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics razzle-dazzle extravaganza through Beijing's deadly air pollution toxic miasma, CORRECTION, The Middle Kingdom's 5,000 Years of Fresh and Perfect Air of the People. EEEEEEE - YOWW...

After two drinks, I very much enjoyed watching it, esp. the actual torch lighting spectacle where the guy suspended on cables high in the air"runs" around the top of the stadium.

Last night I went to a party at Chris and David's with LP and Gary and had a good time.

* I need a new box fan ... my overused current one is starting to make strange noises. Instead of the soothing hummmmmm sound, it's more of a whoowhoowhoowhooo...

Maybe Gerry and I can go to a NoVa Target later today.


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Unknown said...

Grrr, you have much better posts about D.C. and just about everything else, I've read them! They could have linked to one of those.

It was a good post with great pictures tho.

**undergarments... must refrain... bangs head on desk**