Sunday, August 3, 2008

August Sunday Morning -OR- "Summer Wind..."

Flowers growing along the 1700 block of Corcoran St., NW, Wash. D.C., on or about July 25, 2008

It's 745AM on a Sunday morning. I woke up after having fallen asleep drunk on the floor around 330AM after a decent night at Cobalt, BUT also after a stupid argument with [ ]
thinking it was Monday and how the hell am I going to go to work, and can I take the morning off and PLEASE, GOD, shouldn't I just drop dead already??

But then I realized, Thank You, Jesus, it's Sunday morning and I may go back to bed for hours.


I want to see my beloved pooch, Bernice, and I need to call my surrogate mom to arrange such a visit.

I PLAN to have a new entry posted later today. The topics SHOULD (but may not) include:

*Pictures -- scattered throughout -- of my first-ever trip to the Nationals Park baseball stadium last Thursday with my friend Kevin (and reflections on the D.C. legendary gay male go-go bars that used to be there)

*Summer reflections and D.C. area weather / climo-precip. update. Boo.

*Job/school/life update. God. Bigger boo.

*Mr. Sirius: Dr. Frankenstein?

Speaking of my Mr. Sirius (sigh), here is Sinatra singing one of my favorite songs,"Summer Wind" set to a photo-montage of that arrogant S.O.B. (SINATRA, that is!), esp. when he was a young fellow.

Other planned entry stuff (that may not materialize):

* Why I hate PBS;

*Could Obama really lose to McCain (and why shitty Dems can't WAIT to lose and we may just have to wait for Hillary in 2012);

*Thoughts on the late Estelle Getty and the three surviving "Golden Girls," all of whom were apparently no-shows at her funeral, most appallingly, Bea Arthur (and why I'm no longer her fan anymore).

Yay, everything's great. That's why I'm going back to bed 'til about 2PM. Yay.


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fifi said...

That's the kind of waking nightmare I like: realising that it isn't the day you dreaded.

I actually like Mondays: up until 4pm.