Monday, August 11, 2008

As Delta T Approaches Zero

The south view looking into Washington, D.C., from the top floor office building in Bethesda, Md., where I (unhappily) work, as seen on an unusually cool and breezy weather day with instability cumulus clouds, Aug. 11, 2008.

The Hughes Memorial Tower, a.k.a. the "Eiffel Tower" transmitter tower, a.k.a., the Mr. Sirius Things Remembered Tower, is just barely visible in this image (in my not so good in my cell phone image) on the left on the horizon about 3 miles away.


Speaking of Mr. Sirius, I saw him tonight. I'm not sure if he saw me. I suppose he did -- he's very perceptive.

Yours Truly, Regulus, in a deeply and agitated state on the Metro Rail Red Line this morning heading from Dupont Circle to Bethesda on my way to work. Boo. God, I'm looking old.

So what happened was the following ...

I had just gotten back with my friend Scuba Steve* from a very nice dinner at P.F. Chang's China Bistro at White Flint Mall in North Bethesda (Rockville), Md. I met him by the White Flint Metro (which is a short Metro ride from the Bethesda Metro, which, in turn, is near where I work).

*That's a nickname given him by a Cobalt friend of mine. It is from the movie Big Daddy starring Adam Sandler, which I've never seen.

We had a really nice dinner and afterwards, we drove on Beach Drive on a wending half-hour drive through the surprisingly dark - forested wilds of Rock Creek Park back into D.C. and emerging off Adams Mill Road into Adams Morgan.

The waxing gibbous Moon was low in the southern sky and it appeared to swing wildly to the left and right through the forested blackness as we rode along the road. I actually was thinking of Mr. Sirius, but never mind about that. I also kept thinking a deer or two would leap out and -- KABOOM! -- but thankfully that did not occur.

Anyway, we got to Cobalt for an after dinner drink. There was a small crowd of people seated outside for the new "Level One" restaurant, and one of the people was His Imperial Majesty Himself, Mr. Sirius, as was His Royal Consort (the one who posted a comment on this blog a week ago), not to mention his L'Éminence Rouge, Cardinal Pippen.

I said NOTHING, I made no eye contact, and I totally and properly avoided him, and His Lord High Everything Else can't say otherwise, though he may try to say I "annoyed" him by virtue of the fact of my very existence.

I have decided I will try to never, ever mention him again. Also, I want to leave D.C.

I'm tired of it here. Seriously.

What I will just say is can you image for one milli - micro - nano - pico - femto - atto - zepto - yocto second if I posted comments on their blogs like was done on my blog? I'd be, oh, never mind.

All I will say is that I guess a powerful double standard is alive and well.


And all I ever tried to do was frickin' apologize and be polite like on that night in Jan. 2006 ... oh, never mind. It doesn't matter. That's how life goes, and I hate that fact.

Thank You, God. Love Ya.

Yours Truly, Regulus, in the Elm Street Park, Chevy Chase, Md., at lunchtime, Aug. 11, 2008.


The house at the corner of Elm Street and 46th Street, as seen from Elm Street Park, Chevy Chase, Md., Aug. 11, 2008.


I am going to post the 4 YouTube parts of my FAVORITE Golden Girls episode, "Bringing Up Baby," where the girls live with a pig. Gerry came over earlier tonight and we watched this episode on YourTube.

I don't know how long this will remain on YouTube but I'll post it now. It was posted by someone with the YouTube screen name "GoingGolden."

Part 1 of 4:

Part 2 of 4:

Part 3 of 4:

Part 4 of 4:


Puffy cumulus clouds in the sky above Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, Bethesda, Md., Aug. 11, 2008. The weather today was unusual with an upper level low over Pennsylvania and New Jersey with lots of showers and t-storms from Philly to NYC to Boston -- and just the usual lots of sunshine, of course, in the D.C. area. But temps reached only around 80F and dew points were only around 50F. I suppose I can't complain too much -- we've actually had a rather wet spring / summer so far with moderate temps for the most part.


Who sits like that?

A scene at Larry's Lounge, Sunday, Aug. 10, 2008.


An image of Slappy Gerry (looking through the karaoke book) and Yours Truly, Regulus, trying to hold in his fat middle section, taken at Cobalt on Sunday night, Aug. 10, 2008.



Anonymous said...

Holy mange, Batman. I look like I was the victim of a scalping by wild dingoes who ate that chick's baby. There isn't enough Rogaine in the world to fix that! I think I might shave my head completely before the year's out.

Regulus said...

Please don't do that. You look fine, baby doll.