Friday, August 29, 2008

Oceanaire Away

Updated Friday morning ...

I went with Gerry to Oceanaire, where we got drunk on this "cheap" Australian wine that has its own "airline ticket" and a screw top INSTEAD of cork.

Bottom line, I had a lovely dinner with Gerry tonight at The Oceanaire ... THAT would be the restaurant here in D.C. near Metro Center (1201 F St., NW) where I went to on May 22, 2004 hours before my Mr. Sirius Catastrophe. THAT was the LAST TIME I was there. I don't think I will ever let him go.

I don't want to talk about that.


"She looks like a lot of fun," Gerry said of this lady seated next to us. This picture doesn't do her or what she was wearing justice.


It is right now 1239AM and I NEED to go to bed. Our drink (wine) tonight -- as part of our $218 bill that rose to $263 with tip -- was part of a dinner that was SUPPOSED to be for Gerry, except I screwed up by not bringing my ATM/Debit card, and how pathetic is that??

Updated this morning: Then we went to Larry's Lounge, where -- upon seeing ABC's Terry Moran blather on about the Obama rock concert in Denver last night and why Hillary is a conniving demon lesbian witch just for existing, followed by that 250 lb sonofabitch Doug Hill on Channel 7 burble on and on about how our "protective high pressure" should keep this or that tropical system away, although this morning is a nice, gloomy, wet one -- I think I became borderline obnoxious drunk with running commentary that may or may not have been funny, but was probably annoying. I'm sorry.

On a vaguely related note, I AM curious, though, how and why FLIPPO RELIES on the Weather Channel for storm track forecasts so forcefully, esp. since all forecasted tracks come from the National Hurricane Center (NHC).

I asked Flippo, "Where do you think the Weather Channel gets those forecasts/tracks??"

You see, Baby Doll, the Weather Channel wouldn't DARE issue its own hurricane forecast, either intensity or track because there is a HUEUEUEUEUGE liability issue that the gub'mint does not face because it CAN'T be sued if its forecasts -- from the National Weather Service -- are wrong. True, this is a somewhat unsettled area of law, but it still would never happen.

Also, Flippo has this endearing tendency to spell the electrical discharge in the atmosphere called "lightning" as "lightening," which refers to the BRIGHTENING of the sky (or something like it). But he's just funny that way.


Oh, yes, I had the lobster tonight. It was prepared "dirty" style. I'm not even sure what that means even though our big, burly but attractive waiter Kyle -- he of the radio voice I explained to him, but no one had ever told him that before he said -- explained it to me.

It dawned on me that a lobster is basically similar in a manner of speaking to a giant insect. Yuck.


Speaking of insects, mice eat insects ...

I mention this because Flippo told this interesting story about accidentally stepping on a mouse outside. I was really curious how one accidentally steps on a mouse running around outside. However, since the story is Flippo's and not mine, and he IS my Flippo, it's not for me to question.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oceanic and Historical Tides Ebb and Flow

What would have been ... what should have been ...

... and the saddest thing of all, what could have been.


Hillary in '12 or '16. I'm thinking '12, but I'm often wrong in my political judgments. Maybe Barack really will win in a rout, and maybe I just don't get it. It still should have been her.

I still don't really feel like voting for him ... and in D.C., where he will get, like, 93% of the vote anyway, it really won't matter.


I need to post a new entry but I'm really tired right now. Earlier tonight, I had dinner with Kristof and Scuba Steve -- it's his birthday tomorrow -- at Bua's. Kristof and I then walked briefly to Cobalt for only about a 20 minute stay. Now I'm home.


While walking from the restaurant, transiting the very fringe of the Forbidden / Exclusion Zone, did I catch a glimpse of a certain stellar presence beneath an awning and strangely veiled in early summer night shadows?

In the 15 yard or so shadowy distance, it was all dark hair and big arms linked to a seated figure at once hulking and yet so intrinsically attractive and who appeared to have noticed me.

More likely, it was probably just the interplay of night shadows and imagination.


A few minutes ago, I was trying to pay my RCN cable / internet bill online but I was typing in my routing code and bank account in the wrong boxes. I didn't realize this and instead went into a shrieking fit, until I realized it and then it was like nothing happened.

I guess I'm just nutty or nuts.

Sunrise, Hilton Head, S.C.

I'm severely behind on an assignment at work. Beyond that, my boss agreed to my Monday schedule tweak so that I may now take a class Monday evenings at 530PM and Wed. night at 7PM. My student loan refund arrived. I'm actually NOT broke right now AND it doesn't APPEAR that 85 percent of my refund ($6101) will INSTANTLY vanish on three - week - late - rent, debt to friends, and bills.

I hope it rains tomorrow but it may be a close call. But no weather or politics tonight.

Island Beach State Park, New Jersey.

Oh, yes, my dad is coming up from Florida to go to his 50th high school reunion in Long Branch, New Jersey on Sept. 6, and the plan, it now seems, is that I go with him (I'm taking off Friday, Sept. 5th) but I'm not going to the event itself, which is fine with me. (Gary and I may be going back up to NJ on the weekend of Sept. 12 - 13.)

Being there with him -- our first time there together since May 1994 -- will be bizarre, surreal, in a place so filled with ghosts from my lost 1970s childhood and 1980s teenage summer years.

Oh, yes, I forgot. Some of my here-and-now 2008 friends in Washington, D.C. want to meet him when he is here on Thur., Sept. 4th (he's staying overnight in my broom closet of a place). I explained they want to meet him.

"Why?" he asked.

"Because you're legendary," I said.


P.S. This story from today's USA Today about the possible tragic real-life origins of Superman involving the untimely death of the father of one of the co-creators made me cry.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Baltimore Incoherency: There Is No Sanctuary

NOTE - AUG. 26, 2008: Please note that I've updated / edited / corrected as necessary, and otherwise revised slightly this entry.

Damn this blog and everything else. I'm sorry -- I'm drunk right now.

There is a transmission tower in Baltimore -- NOT the Hughes Memorial "Mr. Sirius Things Remembered" "Eiffel Tower" here in Washington, D.C. -- that is what is known as a "candelabra" tower (pictured above on the left side).

It is located on "Television Hill" on the highest spot in Baltimore and transmits for WJZ-13 TV station. The tower is just under 1,000 feet (305 meters) tall* and is similar to the tower in Mount Royal Park (Parc du Mont-Royal), Montreal (Quebec) and (similar in concept) to the "Sutro Tower" in San Francisco, though the latter looks more like an alien tripod monster creature rather than a candelabra tower, and come to think of it, maybe it's has nothing in common with that tower. (*Source here, with height in meters.)

It is located right next to significantly taller (1290 foot or 390 meter) but more slender, tooth-pick straight tower** -- with guy wires -- for WBFF channel 45 that was put up in 1987, and I recall BEFORE that second tower went up. I had a sort of fixation for years with the "red-colored, tri-mast" WJZ candelabra tower (though I used to liken it to a "pitchfork" and not a "candelabra") all the way back to my earliest days in Baltimore, where I initially arrived on Nov. 29, 1981 just three days after my 12th birthday. (**Source
here, with height in meters.)

WJZ Channel 13 in Baltimore is a CBS affiliate, though for much of my time in Baltimore, it was actually the ABC affiliate, and years (decades) before I got there, it belonged to the legendary "DuMont" network of mid-20th Century Americana lore. Like most local affiliates, WJZ has as its own on-air news line that enjoys local celebrity status. This includes long time local weatherman Bob Turk. It also includes news reporter Richard Cher, who back in the late 1970s and early 1980s co-hosted a shitty local show People Are Talking with frickin' pre-TV mega-star Oprah Winfrey when she who would become a Universe unto herself simply read the news in Baltimore back in the early 1980s.

OH! AND, YES, THERE CRAZY MARTY BASS, who reminds me totally of my blogger buddy "Bryan Nothing More."


Above is a CELEBRATION of this 20 years in Baltimore celebrated in 1997 (i.e. 11 years ago but AFTER his toupee vanished, not long after his encounter with an uncover police officer pretending to be a prostitute).

And did I ever mention all those years in Glen Burnie and my obsession with aspects of Baltimore, which I now realize is a BAD ASS city that while there I vowed TOTALLY avoid. Fuck Baltimore, awful city, I thought, I hate it and its weather and its ways. There is NO SANCTUARY there. Quoting from the movie Logan's Run ...

"Did You Find Sanctuary?"

"There Is No Sanctuary."


I miss my sweetheart of a boy, who apparently has no use for me -- fine, I will never think of him again. Never think of me either. Boo to him. NEVER, EVER, EVER think of me again either.


What I don't understand in that Marty Bass YouTube clip above, though, is all this talk about mythical "blizzards in Baltimore." What kind of sick joke is that? Baltimore and Washington, D.C. don't get "blizzards." We hardly get any snow in a typical winter. Just a dab of sleet and maybe a slushy inch on one occasion.

Yes, we had a blizzard in Jan. 1983 and in Feb. 1996, and a prolonged snowy spell in Feb. 2003 but that's about it over the years for "blizzards." To say otherwise is just a weather hoax bordering on a crime.


But I have something I desperately wanted to share. This was actually in late Dec. 1976 or early Jan. 1977 -- about a half year before a certain someone was even born. (He won't read this, of course but whatever.)

Anyway, I was living in N.J. and my mother married in Dec. 1974 the person who is my stepfather. His name is Ray and he is from Baltimore. He unintentionally embraces every Southern right-wing viewpoint and value you can think of even though he is from urban Baltimore, a city not particularly Southern. Anyway, he had been drafted from high school into Vietnam in 1968 and ended up at Fort Monmouth, N.J., where he met my mom after she split up with my dad, circa 1974.

She married him in Dec. 1974 and ended up in Belgium from Jan. 1977 to Dec. 1979. I recall riding with them on a car ride at night down from New Jersey, right after Christmas 1976, maybe it was already after New Years 1977, shortly after I turned 7 years old. We were going there to say farewell to Ray's parents and family before heading to Belgium. The ride from central New Jersey is about 180 miles in all / approx. 4 hours at night, but to a 7 year old, ETERNITY.

To me, Ray was this tall, scary person I knew nothing about and that NEITHER of my grandmothers (paternal OR maternal) could stand and that my dad was ready to fight (they got into a fistfight once in Oct. 1975 and I recall that).

Anyway, I remember this night time drive from New Jersey into Baltimore -- what to me was this frightful, horrible city I couldn't understand through the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel -- pictured above and not the Fort McHenry Tunnel that would be built MANY years later. I remember getting there to the dump on Bristol Ave. on the very southern edge of Baltimore where they lived. Ray's daughter Debbie -- and my "step -sister" -- the closest to a sibling I have -- was there at the time.

She lives in a section of Baltimore called "Pig Town" today (or more formally, Carroll Park) with 4 to 6 children, not all of which are her own.

Anyway, I recall getting to the dump they lived in (and would live in during a horrible time in the fall of 1981 when I had just turned 12 but that's a separate story).

This is Baltimore's skyline today. It didn't look like this in late 1976 when I had just turned 7 years old.

Ray's mother. She is this hideous, loud, ultra right-wing, vulgar woman "Miss Kay" -- no, really, that's no joke -- and who is still alive and is now about 90 years old and is technically my "step-grandmother" (I haven't seen her in 15+ years), yelling profanities (every female she doesn't like is a lesbian, including Sen. Barbara Mikulski and Hillary Clinton, of course) and guzzling her Red-White-and Blue proletariat beer (not even Baltimore's "National Bohemian" brand). Her one good deed in life is to still take care of her very retarded son, Ronnie. That would be Ray's younger brother. He is her reason for living.

That long ago night, I remember being in a dark room in a trashy, run-down house in a slummy section of Baltimore. I was thinking of my grandparents and father and crying. I also remember a Hefty trash bag being put down on the bed I was to sleep on because I had developed a bed-wetting problem (OH, GOD). I had just turned 7 years old.

And I remember crying because I had left my dad and grand - parents and New Jersey and was to go with my mother and Ray to Belgium (to SHAPE). The next day we went back up to New Jersey and would fly out of JFK Airport a few days later (in a snowstorm, as I recall). (My mother would send me back to New Jersey in March 1977 several months later because I was so maladjusted and BLAME me for "abandoning" her at age 7.)

Anyway, I remember that drive and seeing seeing signs for "RICHMOND", which reminding me of "RAYMOND" and "RICHARD" in my then-young head. (Regulus' actual first name is Richard.)

Years later, I would visit them again in Dec. 1979 and Miss Kay said in her loud cackle upon seeing me, "BOY! DID YOU GROW!"

Anyway, that's my first experience with Baltimore, but I can't handle these memories right now and need to go to bed. I'm going to bed. G'Night.


Ellicott City-Baltimore Railway Local -OR- There Is No Sanctuary

So LP and I made it to Ellicott City, Md., this Saturday, not to mention to Baltimore, where I did not expect to be, at least not for such an extended drive-about time.

Approaching the historic district of Ellicott City, a small enclave in Howard County just to the west of Baltimore and about 35 miles to the NE of Washington, D.C., Aug. 23, 2008.


Main Street, Ellicott City, Md., Aug. 23, 2008, with a big, puffy, cumulus congestus cloud in the late summer sky.



Above is a picture of the caboose car of the train that my boyfriend and I took on our enchanting Trans-Siberian Railway and Orient Express journey ...

... across the endless Eurasian continent beginning in Moscow and diving through snowy taiga forests of interior and eastern Russia into the vast desert plains of Mongolia and north central China and finally to the and fertile fecund river plains of east central China to the humid coast in Shanghai before heading -- first class, of course -- on a jet to our lovely island resort in Tahiti...

Actually, it's a caboose that sorta sits there in Ellicott City, Md., where my friend LP and I went earlier this Saturday. Here is a picture of him below in Baltimore's Fells Point neighborhood ...

This picture was taken this Saturday next to a decrepit tugboat called the Siberian Sea, but previously called the Heidi E. Roehrig and that, astonishingly, has a Web site. It plies the waters between New York and Baltimore, I guess, or at least is based in NYC. The name "Roehrig" was actually from Roehrig Maritime LLC, based in Glen Cove, N.Y., and there were a bunch of tugs with female names (e.g. Heidi E., Emma M. Eileen M., Anabelle V., Vivian L., etc.), as well as at least one male name (Brandon C.). (Prior to that, it was apparently called the Weeks Marine Tug Matthew. I've no idea when it was built but it looked old.)



Here is the downtown view looking south on Charles Street from Franklin Street is pictured here -- and whose bad sections have metastasized into a vast wasteland of ghetto rot that surpasses all but the worst sections of Washington, D.C.

But more on that tomorrow. We ended up at Fells Point in Baltimore, which was kind of nice ... indeed, below is a picture of the turgid harbor as seen from a pier at Fells Point ... and, yes, there were actually big, puffy clouds in the sky all day with a southeasterly breeze ultimately off the ocean, except the LWX weather shit-kickers and their models are back to "NO WEATHER!!!" through hour 384 on their stupid forecasts.

Part of Baltimore Harbor heading out to the Patapsco "River" -- which in turn leads to the Chesapeake Bay.


As for Baltimore and Fells Point, well, it's sort of OK, except the locals are quasi - redneck and the pronounce "Thames Street" -- pictured above -- as "THAMES" (as if you were saying "JAMES" but with a "TH" at the start, rather than the proper British pronunciation "Tems," and that sort of tells you all you need to know about, Balmer, hon. Well, that and the early 20-something guys running around screaming obscenities and EVERYBODY smoking like chimneys.


I used to live in Glen Burnie for about 12 formative teenage years, 1981 - 1993, although I'm from New Jersey. Glen Burnie is a suburb of Baltimore about 8 miles to the south. (D.C. is about 35 miles to the SW of downtown Baltimore.) I haven't talked much about that period of my life and my walk-abouts in Baltimore, but it's as pathetic and neurotic and all-around loser fucked up as you can imagine.

Here is one of the tallest buildings in Baltimore -- and no building in Baltimore is that tall. It's called the William Donald Schaefer Tower named after the former Mayor of Baltimore, Governor of the State of Maryland, and later Comptroller General of the State of Maryland, and who is still alive but thought enuf of himself to get a skyscraper named after him.

The wind -- as seen blowing the U.S. and Maryland state flags -- was from the southeast and helped to form the mT-air mass-fueled towering cumulus clouds in the sky this Saturday (not visible at that point in the picture) that we usually DON'T have in the summer.

The Wm. Donald Schaefer Tower is actually 37 stories tall (493 feet), or the third tallest in the city after the Legg Mason (40-story /529 feet) and Bank of America (formerly Maryland National Bank) Building (37-story / 509 feet). The spire on the tower is actually (as I understand) just a window-lined staircase to the roof, not somebody's spectacular office.

Baltimore has always had a sort of pathetically low skyline -- and wouldn't you know it, but Wikipedia has an article listing the city's tallest buildings -- although the skyline is aesthetically pleasing and colorful in a muted way as seen from certain angles, but there are plans afoot for a 65 and 59 story building, respectively (800+ and 771 feet, respectively).

Here is the Baltimore skyline as seen from the Harbor. I didn't take this picture but got it off the internet. The "World Trade Center" of Baltimore is the tall pentagonal shaped building on the right above the triangular-roofed building (which is part of the National Aquarium). The trade center is only 32 stories tall but the tallest pentagonal structure in the world.


Back then, I considered Baltimore my city. I really don't anymore. On balance, it's too big, too ghetto-y, and too nasty, and there isn't a sane human alive who would choose it over, say, San Francisco, Calif.


You see, LP and I had gone to Baltimore after Ellicott City ostensibly to find the northwest corner marker of the city's present day boundaries. (The city has had several annexations over its 279 year history, and much like the District of Columbia, it has a rather square-ish shape.)

Long story short, the boundary is probably NOT marked but it is at the corner of Park Heights Ave. and Slade Ave., and I have long thought that this stone marker with the spherical cement ball atop it -- just to the the left of the red truck in the picture below -- that is located on the grounds of the Baltimore Hebrew Congregation is the marker.

By the way, far northwest Baltimore is OVERWHELMINGLY Orthodox Jewish, but a few miles in, it becomes ghetto-blasted wasteland and all black.


Some more pictures of Baltimore's nether regions taken about 1 - 2 hours BEFORE the Fells Point pictures (and THANK GOD the car ran well and didn't blow out a tire or have other mechanical trouble while transiting those 'hoods)...

Some of the scores of abandoned/boarded up houses along Park Heights Ave. in Baltimore, Md., Aug. 23, 2008. Crack houses galore, I guess.


(Reverend) Psychic Sister Faye's place off Park Heights Ave., NW, in a slummy part of Baltimore. Indeed.


The Oxford Tavern at the corner of Fulton Street and North Ave. (the latter which used to be, as I understand it, the city's northern terminus prior to 1886).


I should mention here my last Baltimore experience of note. It occurred during the depths of my Sirius annus horribilis 2004 when I went to Baltimore. (It's just about 4 years ago to the day, as I recall it was also the summer Olympics then, too).

I went there to take part in a 4-day, $2000 medical study (!) at what is regally called "Harbor Hospital" but used to be South Baltimore General.

I got booted out of the study after 1-1/2 days because my heart races on occasion and got $20 (not $2000) for my troubles. Broke, penniless, in mental agony, living with Phil in Silver Spring, estranged at the time from my mom, that was about the worst of the worst in 2004. I could not and would not go through that again, period.

And with that, let me end with a seemingly nonsensical thing I used to say to myself whenever I took the train up to Baltimore in order to visit my mother in Glen Burnie (recall that I've NEVER had a car, and so circuitous, lengthy commutes to do whatever have long defined my existence).

It is taken from the climactic scene in the post - apocalyptic movie Logan's Run, except I apply it to Baltimore.

suppose I say it because of that awful event and because, more generally speaking, my mother managed -- of all places to go -- to end up in a place like Baltimore (she lives near Glen Burnie actually), and that is why I ended up in Washington, D.C.

Computer: "Did You Find Sanctuary?"

Logan 5: "There Is No Sanctuary."

Whereupon the city computer explodes, the dome collapses, and all these young people emerge into an overgrown, depopulated world by the roaring sea with Peter Ustinov standing there, the first old person they had ever seen.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Water Works OR Regulus' Old School-Style Complainin' About Crap Beyond His Control

A Muir Woods waterfall, California.


Earlier tonight, I had a nice dinner with LP at Dupont Italian Kitchen. I met him after he went to a Richard Diebenkorn exhibit at the Phillips Milk of Magnesia Collection here in D.C. Then we went to Windows and then I went to Cobalt for a bit, where the floors had all been refinished.

I SHOULD be getting my $6100 student loan refund on or shortly (a day or two) after Aug. 25th, plus I get paid this Friday ($1200), so I'll have some money. I need to pay back LP $1050, though.


The weather sucks. The evil atmospheric criminal enterprise that IS our weather is all about ENDLESS frickin' high pressure ridges that block any and all weather ...

... such as Tropical Storm Gay Fay, which dumped 20 to 30 inches of rain around the Melbourne / Cocoa Beach, Fla., area (my dad in Flagler Beach about 50 miles north of there had about 3 to 4 inches so far).

No, I don't want 20 - 30 inches of rain at once, nor violent weather destruction. But I do totally hate D.C. weather, both summer and winter. It's either endless shitty drought mixed with humidity and stank-ass air and every t-storm totally avoiding a 50-mile radius around D.C. (while Boston, New York, New Jersey, and Philly get hammered) in summer ...

... OR it's 55F and sunny with the odd light rainy day and the nearest sleet pellet about 75 miles north and west of here in winter.

The frickin' huge high blossomed overhead, so to speak, with "good down - sloping, good drying, building heights, and fuck you," even as it forced Tropical Storm Fay over Florida to stall and then head west.

This particular high pressure -- a mountain of sinking, warm air -- needs to be beaten down over the ocean by a hundred small shortwaves until it's exterminated, so to speak.

The atavistic weather shit-kickers of LWX -- whose meteorologists write up 4 printed pages of discussion on whether it will be partly or mostly cloudy over the Potomac Highlands, or whether to cancel the fog advisory early -- and the TV weather whores (who I've loooooong since stopped watching) are thrilled. Their idea of good weather would produce a world that looked like this:

True, this is the entrance to the Valley of the Kings in Egypt from a stock picture I got off the internet. But pretend -- just pretend -- instead that it is a hypothetical Earth when the last bits of ocean have dried up (as indeed will come a day about 1.5 billion years hence, except the Sun will be more swollen and tinged orange over a baked, lifeless world and the sky a darker, stranger shade of blue when not filled with dust).

Imagine this as the very bottom of the deepest Pacific or Atlantic Ocean trenches with the last bit of water gone.

Or how about this ...

... as the last bit of water on the vast ocean abyssal plain dries up -- and not what it actually is, a briny pool in the Atacama Desert.

There is no chance of rain at least until next Thursday. I hate D.C. and its miserable summer weather of endless nothing crap. Every year is the same.


Changing subjects in no particular way ...

Here is the original video to the wonderful 1979 hit song "Video Killed the Radio Star" by the British New Wave group the Buggles ... it was the FIRST VIDEO aired on MTV at 1200AM on August 1, 1981, and again as the 1,000,000th video at 12:10AM Feb. 27, 2000 (does MTV even show videos anymore??).

I'm all about Trevor Horn's glasses and hair ...


I had a ridiculous - record number of hits on my Regulus blog today, 234 in all, fully 117 more than my previous all-time Regulus record that was set just last Wednesday and ten times what I was getting on a typical day before I posted a certain entry that attracted so much attention.

Virtually all of them were looking at my "Photos of Bush Drunk at the Beijing Olympics" entry from last Wednesday, and the cause of that record. Indeed, prior to that, my Regulus record was 49. Indeed, I've had 753 hits since I posted that Bush-drunk-in-Beijing entry, about 700 of which were random Google searches on that entry and representing in excess of 600 unique hits and from ALL OVER the world ... from Saudi Arabia and Sudan (!) to Venezuela to Nebraska. It's a bit jarring and unnerving, actually.

As it is, I appreciate my half dozen or so regular readers. Thank you for caring and tuning in.


Plush baby honey lamb hippo, Flippo and my other babies ...

I need to go to bed. 'night, sweetie.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"It's clouds illusions I recall / I really don't know clouds at all ..."

(Yes, that's from the Joni Mitchell song "Both Sides, Now." This is the first version of this entry. I'm undoubtedly going to have to revise this entry for a bunch of typos as it is late and I need to go to bed now.)

A fair weather cumulus cloud over Bethesda, Md., Aug. 19, 2008. This cumulus humulus cloud had NO BUSINESS forming given our shitty, no-weather-ever pattern.



From lovely weather to lovely life, circa 2008 ...

An echo of the glamour ...

... and grace of yesteryear. A big echo.


"Daisy Daisy,
Give me your answer do!
I'm half crazy (crazy),
All for the love of you!
It won't be a stylish marriage,
I can't afford a carriage,
But you'll look sweet on the seat
Of a bicycle built for two!"

--Daisy Bell,
Harry Dacre, 1892 (and sung by the psychotic computer HAL 9000 in 2001: A Space Odyssey)


The radar image below at 553 PM EDT, Aug. 19, 2008 showing Tropical Storm Fay as it lolly-gagged across the State of Florida, doing minimal damage but dropping lots of rain in certain areas.

The "eye" of Fay is pretty clear. It NEVER became a hurricane BUT it actually the storm system STRENGTHENED as it moved over the river grass "sheet flow" of South Florida. There are reasons for that, but it's too complicated to explain.

My dad lives between Palm Coast and Daytona Beach right on the coastline. It didn't rain there AT ALL today until the last half hour or so (1130PM or so -- see below).


Dear God, there were SO many things I wanted to say, but I'm home now at 1135PM and really tired and I need to go to bed ... I wanted to talk about the VICIOUS TRAVESTY of our weather, which has gone back into drought mode, even as (this week) a RUTHLESS high pressure (albeit an August "cool" Canadian one) is moving overhead that is probably going to squash "Fay" back into the Gulf of Mexico (boo) and ensure its moisture never reaches here ... and why the LWX folks, who are so titillated with this state of weather affairs, suck.

Here is the most recent radar image from Melbourne, Fla., of Tropical Storm Fay. The radar image is from 0345 UTC (1145PM EDT) Aug. 20. (19), 2008 Wednesday (Tuesday). The "eye" finally reached the coastline and it is raining in Flagler Beach where lives my dad (I spoke to him twice on the phone today).

A massive high pressure ridge over the mid-Atlantic is blocking the forward motion of "Fay" and the prospects for rain aren't looking too good here ... we are at the start of the usual dead-weather-shit time of year in the D.C. area (although the 18Z GFS 19 Aug. 2008 run was a little promising after Day 7).


I also wanted to give my views why Obama is losing so badly -- and why McCain may very well win, even though his presidency will be a disaster, because "Barry" is so frickin' clueless (like Kerry) and still thinks that the presidency should just be handed to him (he just doesn't get it, and I said all along that Hillary was the one). A

Anyway, I had a very nice dinner tonight with Gary, Kristof, and LP tonight at Bua's.

After Bua's (and here is money being changed hands after dinner), we went to Windows, where it was actually BEFORE karaoke. Later I went by myself to Cobalt for a little bit but I didn't stay too long as I have to go to bed and get up early.

Oh, yes, my boss came back today but she had approx. 1100 emails to go through (I'm guessing that reduces to about 100 or so once all the spam was deleted) plus a quick proposal to write, so she had no time for me this day. That was a good thing. I was actually happy to see her his morning.



As for my Mr. Sirius , well, actually, I'm not sure what to say. For the first time in a very long time, I don't feel any particular frenzied desperation.

Actually, this is a picture of Cygni 52 and the "Witch's Broom Nebula" (part of the Vela Nebula) in Cygnus.

Perhaps ... just perhaps ... it's all coming to a graceful and peaceful ending in my mind and I can bid him a quiet goodbye from afar. Is that too theatrical for me to say? Or conversely, what if it was all for nothing? That's the part I so don't like.

Anyway, I do realize that I really do need to move on.



Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fish stories ... and tales of the big one that got away

I updated this entry on Monday morning (Aug. 18, 2008) with this wonderful, uplifting sailing image I got off the internet nearly two years ago and posted a few times on my old Arcturus blog when I did all my blogging there.

God, I wish I were sailing along the the mid - Atlantic or New England coast right, or just (as in this internet picture above I also have previously posted on my other blog) just along the seashore now rather than being in a life - draining office torpor beneath the fluorescent lights on a Monday August morning.

Alas, there will be no summer beach holiday for me this year. I'm not sure what I'll be doing next summer, but I think things will be different for me, whether for the better or worse, I don't know, but hopefully in a way that involves being by the ocean, at least occasionally.


(Continued from previous ...)

Just a few pictures from this evening's dinner party at Phil and Stephanie's place after their fishing expedition out on the lower Potomac River / Chesapeake Bay earlier today.

Open door.


Stephanie and Yours Truly, Regulus, earlier today, Aug. 17, 2008.


More of Stephanie and me (Regulus), Aug. 17, 2008


My friend Steve, who went out on the fishing expedition (I did not go), cutting a lemon.


Here is Steve breading some of the fish caught. They caught lots of small to medium sized fish.


Steve and Regulus (me). Steve likes to pose.


Steve's tree trunk lower calves lower half.


SO! It seems my plush baby doll Flippo (the hippo pictured here with me) had a bad time at the Nationals baseball game today. Somehow, it involved the stadium concession staff rather than the game itself.

I told him his expectations are too high sometimes. I said to him that he needs to be a little bit more patient and not so prone to being ticked off by certain things that aren't important, esp. something like that.

Speak, Baby Hippo, speak!


Eric dicing onions.


Regulus (me) drinking, again, white wine.


Gloria and Kristof ...Gloria was just at her grandfather's 100th birthday in late July in El Salvador, but he passed away soon thereafter in early August.

My paternal grandparents would have both been 100 years old this year (Nov. 4 and Nov. 11, respectively), but they both passed away years ago ... my grandmother in Jan. 1988 and my grandfather in July 1993. Oddly enuf, another friend of mine just went to Massachusetts to celebrate his grandmother's 100th birthday.


That's all for now. I need to go to bed now.