Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Shadows of the Past

My shadow as seen around 245AM, Sunday, July 13, 2008 (my late maternal grandmother's 87th birthday), 1600 block of 16th St., NW, Washington, D.C.


This will be a short entry since I'm really tired and I need to sleep. I've built up a sleep deficit and stress surplus the past few days. It has been a rough past few days but I don't want to go too much into that right now. I think I'll just post a few pictures and be done with this entry.

I had a bad fight with my dad Sunday night -- actually, 1230AM Monday, and it was one of our episodic guttural shriek fests and, boy, I'm sure I looked psychotic walking the short distance up 16th Street home, and I was sufficiently upset, not to mention inebriated upon leaving Cobalt that I took Monday off from work as I simply could not get up.

Monday, July 14, 2008, I went to National Airport and wandered around, and later (pictured here), I ended up at the 530PM mass at St. Sirius Matthew the Apostle Cathedral.

I know taking off is bad, but I explained to my boss that "I know this is not appropriate for work, and it is wrong to let it interfere with work, but I come from a very chaotic family situation, and what happened was..."

My dad is going to his 50th (50th!) high school reunion in New Jersey in early September (Long Branch High School Class of 1958), and I was supposed to go with him, which I was sort of looking forward to visiting my home state.

But instead he is trying to take his crazy female interest -- she's not really his girlfriend. This is the one half his age whose 911 call during a big fight in Dec. 2006 got him in jail for 10 days. I wrote about that on my Arcturus blog here and here. There was a second jail stint, too, in Oct. 2007.

Of course, her rap sheet for assorted minor, sleazy underbelly of society stuff is sufficiently long that it ruins the PC thought police / actual
Flagler County Sheriff's Office / local prosecutors' mythical "it's always the man's fault" narrative that is so popular today (the case was downgraded and then dropped).

(If you do a Google search on "Flagler County" and my dad's last name (which is my last name, too, obviously), you actually get as the third hit the case in question, except the middle name initial for my dad is wrong (it's "L," not "J."). This actually references the second case last October, when he was in jail for just a few days.)

The Sun Trust Building at 15th St., New York Ave., and Pennsylvania Ave., NW, near the White House, Washington, D.C., July 14, 2008, the sky fleeced with cirrus tufts.

Speaking of high school reunions, my 20th reunion should be coming up, except (1) I haven't found any event for the Glen Burnie High School Class of 1988, and (2) even if I did, I'm not sure I'd go.

**I'm from New Jersey, but I went to junior and senior high school in Glen Burnie, Md. Boo.

My mom actually emailed me the link for GBHS Class of 1988 and it was a shock to see all those names from so long ago. I actually had two messages -- one from my good friend back then LM and another from my dear friend SS.

Lafayette Park here in D.C., July 14, 2008, Bastille Day and the 16th anniversary of the start of my 11 day psychiatric hospital stint.

SS suffered a terrible tragedy circa 1993 that involved her dad and step mom, but as near as I can tell, she has done fine.

The last time I saw her was at the Big Glen Burnie Carnival -- where I used to volunteer in the main food concession stand with a few other Class of '88 friends -- in a summer downpour as we talked under an umbrella. That must've been around 1996.

I responded to both LM and SS.

As for the rest of "GBHS Class of '88," I think there was a reason I left Glen Burnie and haven't gone back. Just because I went to high school with some of those people hardly means they were my friends. Boo.


I finished an 11 page proposal write up -- that's actually going to a Japanese government agency, though, obviously, I wrote the English language version, on reasons for the improvement in U.S. nuclear industry capacity (availability) factor.

I'm still totally uncertain about how to go about returning to school for an extra year and going back to 4 days a week hourly instead of 5 days a week salaried. I don't have to decided anything until next month.


That's all for now. Oh, yes, one minor Mr. Sirius update ... he keeps posting links in his blog entries (not that I read it ... a lot) but the links rarely seem to work. He doesn't seem to verify that they do.

I know, I know: he has better frickin' things to do with his time than check his blogs links, and change the frickin' channel if you don't like it, but really.


Hyacinth Hippo from Fantasia dancing with Ben Ali Gator in their "Dance of the Hours" number.

By the way, we are DEEP in the D.C. summer shit pattern of heat, humidity, and crap, although we had 1.11" (DCA), 1.20" (IAD), and 1.26" (BWI) of rain from Sunday night into the wee hours of Monday, so we're still good on rainfall this year.

Part of me really wishes (1) Greenland would rapidly partially melt for a 5 to 10 foot rise in sea level, and (2) the thermohaline circulation would partially collapse, and get us suddenly back to a Newfoundland-y climate here in the mid-Atlantic. Yay. (Greenland would soon freeze back up in that case.)

Does wishing for this make me a bad person?



krzysztof said...


Regulus said...

And probably last (other than this reply from me). No body reads this blog anymore, much less posts comments. This blog is worn out. My other blog is even more worn out. I'm glad you liked the Sanford & Son YouTube clip on my Arcturus blog. That is one of my favorite scenes in the whole show -- but, alas, the offending/funniest lines have been cut out in the TV Land reruns.

P.S. You're a wussy for not coming over tonight.

P.P.S. Are you going to try to go to the Screen on the Green on Monday night? The movie is The Candidate, which is probably only funny if drunk. Of course, I know you and Gary have your little Monday evening JRs happy hour just to mock me and give Him tip money. Boo.

fifi said...

Sometimes it is hard to make a comment which gives an appropriate response.

For some reason at the moment it makes me wistful to think of it being summer there and winter here.I want the world to be the same.
Actually, incidentally, the weather insydney yesterday ws exactly the same in France, because I watched the tour de france and saw the temperature.
The pope is here. Did you know that? Its quite spectacular, but not inclusive. Its like a giant party to which most people haven't been invited, very very strange. ASt least its lovely and sunny and warm.

Sounds like you are having a rotten time of it, all I can say is throw don a few Lime and Sodas between drinks at these bars yo go to and you will not feel so crappy next day. Enjoy the warmth. It can't be that bad!

sorry to hear about the fight with your dad. Thats not very nice is it, but I guess for whatever reason he needs this horrid little woman, either that or he can't get rid of her.
I started writing up a comment about Bill Henson and hopefully will post it in the next few days (appropos of Krystzof's comment)

Anonymous said...

"Does wishing for this make me a bad person?"

Yes! Stop already! it's Summer. Don't wish bad weather on us.

Big Pissy said...

At least two people you went to high school with contacted you.

NO ONE I went to hs with has EVER contacted me! LOL

Unknown said...

I read both of them, I just stay quiet... and it is summer... people are doing... whatever, so they aren't stopping in like they might otherwise...

Where am I? Who knows what the ip says. I'm hoping it's something strange.

I'm in an Econo Lodge in AC. Elton John was great. I have new ink.


DJ MotorCityMonk said...

I've never been inclined to attend any of my high school reunions and have no regrets.

I just hate living in the past, especially when the past kinda sucked compared to the present and eventual future.

Regulus said...

Fifi: I need a bit of time to compose a reply to your comment. I heard about the Pope in Sydney doing the largest outdoor confessional ever. Hmmm. I didn't think their was such Catholic religiosity and fervor in Australia.

Kristof -- that's how I spell it, since I never can get all those "y's" and "z's" -- is looking forward to your thoughts on that subject of Mr. Henson.
Handmaiden: All I would want is an area here as stormy from October - May like your area, though with a bit more snow.

Big Pissy: That's their total loss.

Bryan: Glad you liked the Elton John concert.

Tattooless Freak: Your optimism is tremendous. Funny how we come to the same decision -- not wanting to go to reunions -- for opposite reasons.

Unknown said...

You would have liked the show, except for the 3,500 or so people that were there. It was a bit loud too, even for me.

There were too many people on that darned boardwalk too. You'd have enjoyed some of the eye candy tho! Yum!!

I would have invited you if if was feasible. Honest. You'd have liked the weather I think.

fifi said...


it seems most of the "pilgrims" were from elsewhere in the world, though there are quite a lot of catholics here too.
the children have been out making friends with them today. It's like the quidditch world cup.

re bill henson: I wrote some stuff in my notebook using a PEN last week so I will type it up. I am knackered with tiredness at the moment...hope to do it tonight.

Hope you enjoyed the swim in the fountain....

Regulus said...

Bryan: I'm sure I would've enjoyed it, too, although I'm not a fan of Atlantic City itself. Now the rest of the Jersey shore is another matter.

Fifi: You mean the Vatican brought in outside agitators, as it were?? Ha ha.

Quidditch world cup?