Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hippo Unbounded and WaPo Comments Redounded

Flippo ... Plush Baby Hippo - Universal Mind Unlimited & Unbounded ...

Speak, Baby Hippo, Speak!

The green-and-white striped plush baby monkey next to Flippo is Randy. I have 8 stuffed animals in all.

Still more pictures of Flippo, the Flower of Plush Baby Hippo-dom ...



Today is a quiet Sunday at home, although a line of thunderstorms just swept across the Wash. D.C. area, and that's (to paraphrase Martha Stewart) a good thing. We like summer rain.

Here is the radar mosaic image for the northeastern quadrant of the U.S. at 1818 UTC (218PM EDT), July 27, 2008. Note the line of thunderstorms stretching from D.C. to NYC and into southern New England. The Appalachian Mountains help enhance these lines sometimes with "lee side troughs," but I don't quite recall how they work.


Here is the link to a Washington Post story about Obama's whirlwind Afghanistan / Iraq / Europe trip and whether it will help him or not in the presidential campaign against Grandpa McSame. In what was a lucky occurrence, I posted the very first comment the comment section here around 1030PM last night. There are as of now 600 comments (and counting).

I am "Arcturus." Click on the "last page" link at the bottom. Because I wrote a pro-Obama comment, I have 25 recommendations (so far), a record for any of my comments (most of which would probably be classified as "flame-throwing," with the comment moderator actually deleting one once. The 25 is, so far, the most for any comment linked to this story.

Yay, I'm great. LP said, "You're on top in your own little corner of the internet."

Ha ha.

That's all for now. I'm meeting Gerry and Gary for a late lunch in a little while.



Big Pissy said...

Awwwwwwwww.....those pictures of are so sweet! :)

Regulus said...

Thanks, BP. Yes, Flippo is my baby, along with the other seven. I don't want to give the impression I play favorites.

How are you? I'm glad you are blogging again and I'll be by your blog really soon. I think you're wonderful and I know you've been through a lot in the past year.

к.нео.физ.де.му said...



only 8?

you may not wanna play favorites but i only see flippo all the time...

i say each should get it's fair share of blogging space (and, yes, regulus' love).


Regulus said...

HEY YOU! You know I love all my plush babies of GOOD LOVE. They are my dollies o' sweetness and light, and ANY suggestion to the contrary that I somehow "play favorites" is APPALLING and UNFORGIVABLE.

I'm trying my darnest to my several of my friends -- Kristof, Gary, and Gerry, and maybe a few others who should remain nameless (and it won't work) to go to the BIIIIIIIIIIG GLEN BURNIE CARNIVAL on Friday night ... Just tryin' ...