Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sweet summer days of sour cherries

A VERY quick update ... I will post fuller entry this weekend. Please see my Arcturus blog for a weather update on the torrential rains / thunderstorms that swept across the D.C. area yesterday this very wet year. Today was a sunny, very warm, humid day, and it's going to get VERY hot (upper 90sF) this weekend. Boo


I took off from work today -- boo again -- because I was genuinely sick this morning. I hope my boss isn't too mad at me. I emailed her, of course and she just wrote back, "rest and get better."

But I still took a long walk this afternoon from Friendship Heights to Spring Valley with its tremendously wealthy homes (that I've taken pictures of and featured on my Arcturus blog in the past) to Battery Kemble park (I love saying "Battery Kemble") just off Chain Bridge and Loughboro Roads -- WHERE I FOUND MY SOUR CHERRY TREE AND IT WAS JUST REACHING FRUITION! YAY! -- to Glover Park and through Georgetown and back to Dupont Circle. I took lots of pictures on my walk, which I will post this weekend.

Regulus pays homage to this wonderful sour cherry tree.

A leaf from the sour cherry tree. Tree said I could take it.

Gerry and I had a nice Thai dinner in Arlington tonight. But I need to go to bed right now so I'll write more about my walk and dinner today over the weekend.



krzysztof said...

According to your message you played soccer and basketball today!(?)
I had no idea you are so versatile

Regulus said...

Yes. It was the first time since high school -- or about 20 years ago. It was sort of a company sporting event at a place called The Next Level in Bethesda, right next to the big "Pitch Fork" transmission tower off River Road.

I did reasonably well.

Afterwards, we went to Meiwah in Chevy Chase on the DC-MD line and then we got to go home early. I'm still not 100 percent sure how my boss sees me, but I don't want to start creating things in my head that aren't there, which I apparently have a tendency to do.

I wanted to walk back to Dupont, but after yesterday's walk ... today's strenuousness ... and a big lunch with beer ... combined with heat and humidity ... and feeling grungy and sweaty ... I just came home.

You around later?

DJ MotorCityMonk said...

Hey Reg - thanks for adding my new blog link - can you do me a favor and remove the old moniker from my new blog link - trying to shed any connection to the old blog (even though it doesn't exist anymore) - thanks.

Regulus said...

OK, TF, it's done.

DJ MotorCityMonk said...

Beautiful - thanks!

(had to delete your last comment cuz of all those references to my old blog - sorry)

Regulus said...

No worries. I understand.