Friday, June 13, 2008

Pyewackett the Cat -OR- My Guy Pye (b. Feb. 1991 - d. June 12, 2008)

Yours Truly, Regulus, and Pyewackett the Cat, taken on Jan. 17, 2008 in Flagler Beach, Fla.


So my dad had Pyewackett put to sleep yesterday. My Guy Pye, as I called him, was -- as mentioned in my previous entry -- my dad's last cat, the one who was with him the longest of what turned out to be a total of 7 (or 8, depending on how you reckon it). He and his brother Zuddy -- originally Zeus -- were the two original cats my dad got in late winter 1991 back in his New Jersey days.

Pyewackett and Jesus, Jan. 17, 2008, Flagler Beach, Fla.

My Guy Pye was 17 years 4 months old. He had been with my dad through approx. 18 changes of address from New Jersey to Florida to various places on the N.C. Outer Banks (KDH and Kitty Hawk) to (N. Myrtle Beach) South Carolina and back to Florida (with multiple moves in the Sunshine State from the Orlando area to the Daytona area).

My dad, who was originally a "dog person" and didn't even like cats, got a third cat, Tibby, and then his girlfriend Janet's four cats (plus an outdoor feral cat that hung around until one particular move, I think from Port Orange to awful Ocala), including after she (Janet) died in 1997.

Oh, sweet Pyewackett, rest in peace, my dear guy. Play and purr in the lap of an angel.


Up, up, up the Dupont Circle Metro escalator, Q Street entrance, Washington, D.C., on a warm evening, June 12, 2008


Sirius Star Update

So last night Mr. Sirius did another one of his D.C. local comic stand-up shows, this time opening for comedian Judy Gold.

Sunlight through the tree on the grounds of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, Bethesda, Md., June 12, 2008.

While I thought about going, in the end, I did not go as I really didn't feel like spending $26, esp. after how I was insulted on his blog after I went to see his ... odd ... performance last month at Nellies.

There was no need for him to lash out like at me so gratuitously because he messed up and got mad and I happen to be a target who in this situation is (am) unable to defend him (my) self.

Furthermore, I can go to my usual hangouts and be insulted and hear the rest of the world insulted for free. Well, sort of.

Same tree, same day, as above.

He said the show went well and I'm genuinely happy for him for that, but he added -- here we go -- it sold out, naturally, not because of Judy Gold or the other more established featured acts, but because he was there.

Then he concluded by saying he would post the film of it on his blog and his YouTube account "so all my new stalkers can watch it over and over again!"

New stalkers? Now if I didn't know any better, I would think there was a twinge of disappointment in him that I didn't show up. But I do know better, so I don't think that. Let me repeat: I do not think that.


That Queer Sinking Feeling -OR- Capital Pride Time

This brings me to my last topic tangentially related to him. This weekend is the annual gay Capital Pride time here in the thickly warm and humidly oppressive Nation's Capital. As a result, I'm getting that QUEER sinking feeling.

The picture to the left taken by me is of D.C. drag impresario legend Ella Fitzgerald at the June 2007 Capital Pride event.

Ever since the disaster involving the Sirius Star and my overall annus horribilis 2004, I've no desire to celebrate anything and I will only go to the street festival down on Pennsylvania Ave., NW, this Sunday with Gary and Kristof and maybe Gerry.

I've written about the Capital Pride events in 2006 and 2007 on Arcturus blog here (2007) and here (2006).

No, this isn't Mr. Sirius. I happened to be walking behind this lady at 17th St. and New Hampshire Ave., NW, here in D.C. yesterday evening.

What I won't do is watch the parade from a amid a throng at the corner of 17th and R St., NW, esp. given there's a chance a float will go by like it did one year with him up there dressed as a Stetson - wearing buff shirtless cowboy model in expensive jeans, aiming an over-sized plastic water machine gun at the drunken crowd while tossing those colorful beads that always show up in obnoxious quantities during pride weekend, and me feeling about the size of this -->.<-- right here.

Much smaller than the full figured lady above.

Then there's the permanent self-imposed exclusion zone around the actual forbidden place. More generally -- and not having anything to do with him -- I find most urban gay men in D.C. to be often tiresome, vexing, and unpleasant to be around. I know, I know: the problem is certainly all with me. The world just is.

Telephone utility poll, 4400 block East - West Highway, Bethesda, Md., June 12, 2008, lunch day.

As it is, I'm hoping that LP's car is in working order and we can take a ride tomorrow up into northern Montgomery Co., Md., or maybe even Carroll Co., Md. I haven't been to Westminster in about 20 years.

Maybe we'll get a t-storm or two tomorrow. It has been a good late spring / pre-summer season for that so far.

Right now, Gary and I are going to Cobalt tonight. I'll write more on Sunday or Monday.



Rita said...

17 years, Wow!
I've never had a pet longer then 7 years. I'm sure Officer Bryant won't live that long either.

Did you mean for the escalator picture to be so ominous? I have a major escalator phobia & it really freaked me out.

Speaking of tiresome...
Are people paying to see that Mr. Sirius, guy. Well, unless he's gotten much better. Frankly, I thought his utube kinda video sucked.

Regulus said...

Hi Handmaiden:

Some people naturally freak out when they see the Dupont escalators, or some of the other massive escalators in the D.C. Metrorail system. They cannot ride them, or have to stand still, or face away. No, it was not meant to be ominous -- I thought it had a celestial look to it.

Re. Mr. Sirius, I suppose you are referring to his 2007 act. I actually thought it was sort of funny.

Remember also that it's not easy to get up there and do that kind of performance in front of people trying to be humorous. I would freeze up and run off stage if I tried it. It wouldn't be pretty. (Ditto if I ever tried to do karaoke.)

He's got a certain talent for stand up, though some of his act seems to me to rely on him just being attractive to look at, which is sort of self-defeating for a comic. The bad show he did was the bachelor auction that I saw in May, but I've written enough about that.

I haven't seen his new one as he hasn't posted it yet.

Unknown said...

Regulus, cool escalator pic. It does look ominous... but celestial st the same time.

Sorry about Pye. Dad's gotta be feeling really down. Maybe give him a call?

My boy died of old age, he wasn't sick or anything. I called my Dad when I found him... then I ran and hid in my bed for 2 days. I think he probably took him to work and tossed him in the dumpster.

Handmaiden, this will freak you out even more. Those escalators are long, and you have to use more than one to get where you're going. ("in some cases since it is about a 15 story climb", Regulus says in previous comments.) Imagine being on one when it suddenly stopped. I didn't see any reports of injuries.

D.C. had a really big power outage for a few hours Fri. morn. They shut down the Dupont Circle station for a while for public safety reasons.

I was hoping our very sweet friend Regulus was ok. I was gonna call him to check... but what if he's safe and sound, just annoyed by it all? Then I'd be another annoyance... But, what if he is in peril, trying to call for aid and can't get anybody? What if my call actually goes through?

My head spins like a top. You don't want to be inside it.

Rita said...

True, It is not that easy to get up in front of people & preform as I know. (I have to do it tonight, actually)There is the pressure to be physically attractive, but a forceful personality is really the overriding factor.

Really, I think you could do it. If you could possibly come & watch me perform, that would be the most awesome thing. Tonight, I will pretend you are in the audience:

"Ah, Mr. krunk, You are indeed a hero, bringing to mind the hero in "Desire in Dora" & i see that you are free from your affliction."

Anonymous said...

Oh, sweetie, I'm so sorry. I know you would have liked to see Pyewacket one more time. He was a wonderful cat and he obviously loved you. I'm glad at least that he's not hurting any longer.

Regulus said...

Thank you, Quill. I appreciate that. I guess my dad did the right thing but it's so hard to know when it is the right time to do the right thing ...

I had hoped to see him one more time but it just wasn't meant to be. However, this only brings home the point that I should make an effort to see Bernice on occasion in a certain shady suburban Silver Spring sanctuary ... with a certain washing machine humming sommiferously.

Regulus said...

Correction: "somniferously"

fingers said...

My condolences to your family on the loss of My Guy Pye. Seventeen years is a good innings for a pussy-cat !!!
Sad...but I always say, if you can't bear the thought of outliving your pet, get an elephant.
Or a giant tortoise...

Regulus said...

Or a hippopotamus. True, they live 35 - 50 years, about half that of a human being. But that means you probably only need two in your life at most, only one to break your heart when it dies before you.

Of course, my Flippo Plush Baby Hippo is immortal.