Monday, June 2, 2008

Not another Monday

A tree in Elm Street Park, Bethesda, Md., May 30, 2008

I feel so sick this Monday morning. I am absolutely dreading going into work. I have been given an assignment that I simply cannot do, and it is timed for the first day of my full-timed salaried position (although in truth I've been essentially full time since I began there in early Feb.).

It is a task -- asking places of business that have their own electrical power generators that supply part or all of their electricity a bunch of intrusive questions about how they maintain equipment safety -- that no private outfit has the SLIGHTEST incentive to cooperate with.

In fact, I don't think I can do this. More importantly, I have decided that I just don't this particular job. Assuming I get my full student loan amount (I think I have one more year of availability but I won't know probably until later this month), I plan to return full time as a grad student even though I have finished my required courses. Of note, I got to A's (well, "A" and "A-") for the spring 2008 semester.

I'm not happy where I am. I want to work at a place such as EPA or for some such govt agency, not an obscure consulting firm no one knows.

I will say something to my boss today about my concerns, but I think she will just tell me "that is your job."

I feel so sick this morning.

I am planning on taking the week off from drinking -- no happy hours with my friends -- and instead just coming home from work straightaway and sleeping a lot.

My weekend was OK, including a nice day with LP yesterday at the Glen Echo festival I previously mentioned.

As a weather tidbit -- although I suppose this is more appropriate for my Arcturus blog -- we had lots of rain on Saturday, May 31, but alas, we missed tying officially the wettest May ever for DCA by 0.03" as 10.66" of precip. fell (we're 10.13 inches ahead of last year at this point and +7.77" above normal year to date as of midnight with 23.92" at DCA). The wettest May was both in 1953 and again in 1889 (a pre-DCA Washington, D.C. record) when 10.69" fell. We would've needed 0.04" to reach a new monthly record outright.

Everything is lush and green, but there are lots of mosquitoes around.



krzysztof said...

I have decided that I just don't this particular job

I'm no psychoanalyst but I bet this omission of the verb is 'Freudian' and that you were not really sure if you wanted to utter this sentence.

I hope today will turn out to be much better than you fear

Regulus said...

Thanks, Kristof. I think.

fifi said...

I'm sorry.
Every time I see the word Krzystof I think the phrase "someone there at stool".
Never fails to make me laugh and have now adopted it as common language.
"where is Tom?"
"I believe he is currently at stool" etc .

excuse me, that is most inapproriate when you have posted this serious issue.

A Grades: excellent.
Job: miserable, howver I believe you could make a go of it in the short term while you prepare your application to the EPA.
So they aren't recruiting? Too bad. They want you, they just don't know it yet. Spend happy hour tidying up your academic transcripts. Draft your letter.
Don't mention holy bathrooms or stools and it should be fine.

Regulus said...

Thank you, Fifi, I appreciate your kind words. I have decided I will work at my current job in my current capacity through late August and then -- assuming I have enuf student loan availability, which I believe I do -- I will return to school for a full year and try to work at this job in a part-time / hourly capacity. If anything, that's cheaper for them, so I don't see what the problem is.

As for Kristof and the associated imagery, I'll let him speak for himself! I will say I'm sure he'll be thrilled to have that association and meme loose in the Universe of Ideas.

I've updated my Arcturus blog if you want to check over there and see some stuff I wrote.

DJ MotorCityMonk said...

Hey Reg - my new one is up and running.

new blog----->

krzysztof said...

I made Fifi laugh!!!!!!!!!!!

While this particular association may not be my top choice I still appreciate it very much. One thing though: if the converse is also true, i.e. if performing said bodily function makes you think of me (and I sincerely hope this is not the case), please do not tell me. I don't want to know.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha:-)

travistee said...

I'm with you on the job thing, Reg...

Regulus said...

Hi there, Tattooless Freak -- it's going to take me a while to get used to that new name. I stopped by your blog and posted a comment. Thanks for adding me to your new blog roll.

Kristof: Speaking for myself, and I am unanimous, bath/rest-room related bodily functions does NOT make me think of you.

That's a Nancy Grace Guarantee ...

Hi TravisTee ... oh, dear, it looks like both of us are unhappy in our jobs, even though this week has been OK. While I don't want to speak for or project onto you my own issues, it seems that you and me are similar in some ways in a chronic and lifelong inability to find any career or relationship happiness.

fifi said...

jus returned form the end of my lecture: have had this window open for HOURS n, I am not such a slow reader!!!

K, You often make me laugh. I din't say I associated you with stools thrmselves, just that amusing turn of phrase. :-)

will read Arc tonight.

krzysztof said...

Fifi, that's what I was hoping but thank you very much for this clarification