Monday, June 9, 2008

D.C. and Blogger Fountains of the Not So Deep

Hi everybody ... to my regular readers ... I really do appreciate you. This is just a quick metaphorical squirt of blog entry water ... so to speak ...

Court of Neptune Fountain outside the Library of Congress Jefferson Bldg along 1st St., SE, Washington, D.C., June 8, 2008. Neptune's sculpted sons on either side of him are pretty hot.


Yours Truly, Regulus, at the "weeping wall" fountain that forms one side of the Canadian embassy on Pennsylvania Ave., NW. Canada has a primo spot in D.C. for an embassy.

Oh, Canada!

Oh, did that feel good in the 95F heat and humidity of a sweltering day with too much sunshine and no thunderstorms (boo).

The Navy Memorial fountain, Wash. D.C., June 8, 2008. There are no shortage of fountains in DC's monumental core.

It was around 96F yesterday and today for a high at DCA and humid. This frickin' heat wave is wearin' me out ... But my weather related comments are supposed to be confined to my Arcturus blog.

Likewise, my political comments. You see, Gentle Reader, my Arcturus blog is supposed to center on weather stories and data ... wondrous astronomy news ... and politics rants ... all in lieu of Mr. Sirius stuff.


Having said that, I need to post a strange and unexpected thing that happened involving my Arcturus blog that has a political theme.

Yours Truly, Regulus, on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol yesterday.

I had quite a shock when I realized that Bartcop had actually picked up a political comment that I wrote on my Arcturus blog in my Saturday entry here and posted on his June 7 - 9, 2008 entry.

The second anonymous insulting comment was actually sort of funny. I wrote in a comment to Kristof: " How in the world Bartcop found a blog as obscure as mine, I've no idea."

Anon. #2 wrote: "Bartcop is desperately scouring the net for anyone -- anyone at all -- who will make him look like less of a loser; you qualified; it's as simple as that."

Ha ha

It could be GOD punishing me for all the nasty comments I've posted against certain WaHoPo editorial writers and columnists, most recently one aimed at Fred Hiatt himself after his June 9, 2008 column claiming that Bush didn't lie to get the U.S. bogged down in Iraq. There are currently 1515 comments (12:03AM EDT 10 June 2008) in the comment section.

A towering Pagoda tree growing on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol, June 8, 2008

My admittedly nasty comment was posted at 12:08:17AM EDT 9 June 2008. I have 54 recommendations at present -- smashing my previous record of 23, and dwarfing my usual 2 to 4 -- but others around me have far more, including 105 for "tigers1."

As a rule, the earlier the comments in a controversial column's comment section, the more recommendations you will get (provided you agree with the general consensus, which is easy when it comes to the Iraq War and the WaHoPo editorial board's position on it -- it has been, essentially, a fabulous success and Bush is God).

I have lots of pictures to post from the past several days, such as this one of the grotto at the Summer House on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol that I've talked about and posted images of on my Arcturus blog last summer, and other walk about images, but I really need to go to bed now.



krzysztof said...

I still can't believe you guys took that walk in a scorching heat. Was it at all pleasurable?

Anonymous said...

A question since you are the 'WeatherMan" why are the posted temperature readings always taken at airports?

Regulus said...

Kristof: We didn't do the long walk planned -- although a lot of that would have been in the forest of Battery Kemble and Glover Archbold parks. As it was, the walk felt long in the heat. But the destination -- Cobalt -- was all worth it, esp. when I saw you come in, baby doll.

Handmaiden: I'm really not sure. It is sort of an artifact of the fact that civilian airports have always needed excellent weather keeping for flight purposes. I think.

Regulus said...

Record keeping prior to the 1930s tended to be in downtown locations.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, that makes sense.