Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cat's Paw and Cat's Eye

Another picture of Yours Truly, Regulus, by that "weeping wall" fountain of the Canadian Embassy here in Washington, D.C., June 8, 2008.


Today has been an absolutely shitty day, one of the worst in a long time. It blew chunks, as they say.

Elm Street Park, Bethesda, Md., Jun. 10,2008, on hot, humid, torporific day.

The only good thing about it was I had a nice lunch with my friend Kevin. He works in Bethesda near me. I've not mentioned Kevin before on this blog, but I've known him since my Glen Burnie high school days in the late 1980s.

I've been having pains in my stomach lately and I'm worried perhaps it is an ulcer. My late paternal grandmother died of ulcers on Jan. 11 1988, or rather of complications from of ulcers.

Here is my grandfather and dad and myself as a 2 year old boy in New Jersey in a photo dated July 2, 1972 (!)

The problem was that she -- a 79 year old, 95 pound, 5' 2" woman -- was effectively subjected to a fucking medieval torture chamber surgery in Jan. 1988 to remove parts of her stomach, as opposed to the procedure now used -- developed shortly after she died, a fact that has always bothered me -- in which the patient just drinks an antibiotic fluid.

Work was horrendous as I'm being overloaded with stressful, time-sensitive assignments that are the hallmark of this kind of dead end consultancy work (even if the topics are sometimes very interesting) only encouraged my plan -- assuming I still get my student loan money -- to return to school full time when the fall semester starts. The issue will be whether I can stay there on a part time basis or not. I won't go there until late August.

My after work happy hour was neither and I couldn't wait to get home after two unhappy hours there. I should just stop going there for a while.

I also felt like every drink I had just added fat to my belly, which feels bloated and distended these days, even as my ass bubbles way, way out. I look ridiculous.

Finally, my dad called (intermittently crying) to say that Pyewackett, his 17-1/2 year old cat that he has had since he was a kitten in New Jersey (18 or so moves and 7 other cats ago), is on the verge of death and he may have him put down tomorrow.

Regulus and Pyewackett, Flagler Beach, Fla., Jan. 2008

While I have always been a dog person -- Bernice! -- "my guy Pye" (as I call him) has always been my favorite cat (well, along with my mom's 15 year old cat, Sammy Baby Doll). I last saw him on my trip to see my dad in Flagler Beach, Florida where he lives. I wrote about that trip on my Arcturus blog here, including how and why Pyewackett got his name. The cat in the movie Bell, Book, and Candle k was Pyewacket (only one "t").

My (then nearly 67 year old) dad playing the keyboard and Pyewackett, Flagler Beach, Florida, Jan. 2008.

Pye is still moving around, albeit every slowly and probably in pain. I told him I DON'T think he should have him put to sleep tomorrow. Wait a few more days.

The only fucking good news is that this shit hot weather -- and I consider today's upper 80s and lower humidity still too fucking hot and lousy -- should end in a cooler pattern with showers by early next week. At least that is how it now looks. But this is a topic for my Arcturus blog.

Last night, I had dinner at this guy B's place, pictured here (only one plate on the table at that point). He lives near Dupont Circle. I met him at Cobalt. He made dinner -- salmon, broccoli, and salad with a glass of chianti and blueberries and strawberries for dessert. He mumbled and made strange comments under his breath for much of the dinner. Only after he had a drink did he click into a friendly personality.

B. has a nice place, totally unlike my small, dusty, mostly unfurnished, nasty little cave. It would be INTOLERABLE in the summer but for the window a/c. I'm pretty much a loser.

Anyway, a storm came up as we watched three episodes of The Honeymooners on his DVD.

Well do I remember The Honey - mooners from the 1970s when I was just a little boy living in Long Branch, New Jersey with my dad and grandparents.

As Tom Shales wrote in March 2000, and as I mentioned in a recent Regulus entry here, The Honeymooners was "comedy drenched in sorrow, and therefore true to life."

As for me, well, I'm just miserable.

B. actually drove me home because it was pouring as I left his place, but the rain stopped. My internet access was down for a bit as a result of the storm but it came back up later.

OK, it's time to go to frickin' bed lest I don't get to sleep until 130AM and wake up in a state of shattered day hell, which I probably will do anyway.

Good night, Gentler Reader and Dear Jesus. My next update should be in a day or two.



bolshoipavel said...

Regulus - Don't worry about your gut or your ass - as I can testify, it could be a LOT WORSE. You, in the meantime, are still very huggable.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about Pye. May he rest in peace.

DJ MotorCityMonk said...

I always thought it was "blew chunks" as in vomiting chunks of various stuff one might throw up. I think "blew chucks" might have a whole other meaning.

krzysztof said...

tattooless freak, I received a text message from Regulus on that day which read 'blew chunks' as in vomiting chunks of various stuff one might throw up. So either that was a simple typo in the blog entry or we're dealing with a major ambiguity here

krzysztof said...

Regulus please advise re chunks/chucks

Anonymous said...


sorry to hear about pyewackett!

get better!


Regulus said...

Thanks, Bolshoipavel. I appreciate that.

Yes, Slappy, Pyewackett was put to sleep and is no more.

Tattooless Freak -- Obviously, I meant chunks, and I corrected it. I actually make typo mistakes occasionally. Hope you can forgive me.

Kristof -- You know, you have a way of being endlessly frickin' irritating sometime.

Regulus said...

MikeG -- Sorry, I forgot to acknowledge your comment. Thank you.

Kristof -- I didn't mean to snap at you. Besides, I figured you'd have more to say about the National Review article about Michelle Obama I posted on my Arcturus blog yesterday than some dumb grammar mistake I made.

Unknown said...

Did you manage to survive the big power outage? Must have been a pain.

fifi said...

oh, My respects to pyewackett.
I'm very sorry, sad to lose something that has been a part of life for so long.

Good that BERNICE the beautiful is still with us.
I hope you are eating properly and getting some air: it all helps. I wish you would start swimming laps that would please me immensely. I am sure I could e-coach you.

Sorry also that you are having a bad weeek. As for me I am having a weid week. I spent thursday in a strange state of agitation and trembled all day.
I have been busy with uni stuff but I thought I would let you know, being a journo and all, that I had a little article published in an obscure online journal. It was about Ice (the polar stuff)

Krzysztof: Just gets better, really... stools, chunks...we could write a whole sicko dadaist novel by the end of the year.

Regulus said...

Bryan: The power outage in downtown D.C. did not affect me -- I was just north of the affected area -- except it caused power to be out in some Metro stations. This included the Dupont Circle Metro and it was quite a sight with people walking up and down the escalators, confusingly sometimes on the same escalator (there are three in all -- I have a picture of it posted in my current entry). Those walking up were hurting in some cases since it is about a 15 story climb. Very bad. Someone could die because of something like that. The station was nearly pitch dark but the trains -- whose energy comes from a separate source than the station power -- were running and a train was pulling into the station just as I got there.

Fifi: I'm really sorry I have not been by your blog lately. This has been a strange and very busy week for me too and I've not been feeling that great through parts of it.

Yes, Bernice is still with us. She is a dear and good dog.

Re. swimming, I would love to take it up again, except I would need to join a gym and that is such a big deal. Now if I go back to school for another year, I get the full access to the tremendous UMCP gym, including its Olympic sized swimming pool. Quite good but not immediately convenient for me to get to. The problem is that when I'm in the pool, I don't want to do laps but just frolic around. Water always rushes up my ears, too. Guess I need earplugs.

I'd love to read that piece you wrote about polar ice.