Friday, May 2, 2008

"They Say Vision"

I am typing this while my vision -- blurred by eyedrops to make my pupils dilate, except I wasn't told this was going to happen and I started to freak out until it was explained to me -- is slowly getting better.

Gary was around to write out my $135 check because so much of the world was a smeared out bright blur. He also drove me back into D.C.

I'm at his place right now composing this entry, since my vision has just gotten good enuf that I can see stuff.

As for the $135, it represented a significant reduction from the $205 I was going to be charged because Gary was there I have no insurance, and this eye doctors' office therefore charges less.

Also, Phil wrote me a check for $200 to help me out.

My friends really take care of me, a fact for which I am very grateful.

As for the eye problem, long story short, I went to the eye doctor today in Riverdale, Md. I went to the Washington Eye Institute, a place recommended by the Univ. of Md. Health Center. I went there because about 4 days ago, this large brown "floater" -- not the usual small, temporary black ones -- appeared in my right eye field of vision. It appears to be the shadow of a tear that occurred when part of the liquefying and contracting gel surrounding the vitreous tore away from the retina. It is a posterior vitreous detachment. No, it's not the same as a retinal detachment -- thankfully. I'm not going blind.

The main doctor there is Henry J. Starr, and the building is called Crestwood. Hmm. But he wasn't the doctor who checked me out.

Anyway, that's all for now. Enjoy this video of the song "They Say Vision" by RES.


P.S. I've decided to STOP all entries that involve my weird and increasingly paranoidal delusion that all of my neighbors "are trying to kill me" for whatever reasons, real or imagined.


Unknown said...

Strange. Everyone lives different lives. They're all simalar though.

That song has made me very happy but has also made me want to bang my head my head against a wall for years. It all depended where my head was at.

It doesn't suprise me that you know it.

It's also taken on a different meaning in my head now that **** is back in my life. Gave it a whole different perspective.

I need to get myself to the "eyeball factory" as well... seems almost everyone can see things that I can't. What bus is that? *sigh*

I can keep going on & on, but you don't like that so I'll shut up now.

See!!! I do read it!! I do!! I check in often! (I should check myself into a mental instiution)

bolshoipavel said...

Hmm, I don't get the significance of the name of that doctor and the building he works in...

Nice seeing you and KW last night. I think I was pretty well toasted by the time you arrived, so I hope I wasn't too incoherent.


Regulus said...

Thanks, Bryan, for the comment.

The lyrics to RES's "They Say Vision" are, I think, lyrical (no pun intended). They are wonderful and poetic.

I may join you in a psych hospital stint later this summer.

I'm also worried I screwed up this week working from home -- the office was closed for a Japanese spring holiday -- and I may be fired on Monday. Oh, well. I'm tired of D.C. anyway.

BolshoiPavel: I'll explain the name significant to you when I see you. Just more of my weird Catholic-contorted search for numerological and epistemological and occult meanings and double meanings.

It was nice to see you last night and you were fine.

Unknown said...

Why would they fire you? I imagine you were somewhat productive while working from home, the office was closed after all.

You're not Japanese. Do you think they'll see it as a sign of disrespect that you didn't observe their tradition? They might, but...

I think they'll more likely appreciate the fact that since you don't have the same traditions as they do, you didn't use their holiday as an excuse to sit on yor ass and do nothing at all for them.

fingers said...

When your eyes re-adjust after the drops, I think you'll find Phil's check was for $2.00...