Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Certainty Principle: On the cusp of another crappy week

As I have a lot of stuff to do for both work (assuming I'm not fired tomorrow) and for school this week, I may not have a chance to update my Regulus blog for several days. In the meantime, I direct you to my updated Arcturus blog and you can read why this picture of the Atomium in Brussels (built for a long ago World's Fair) is actually relevant to the topic of the entry.

That model of the atom, of course, is not really correct from a quantum mechanical / uncertainty principle point of view, but that's beside the point.

I have so much to do, and I didn't finish much of what I supposed to do at home last week while the office was closed (hence my fear of being fired).

We are back to all sunshine and excessive warmth and no chance of rain until at least Wed. night here in D.C. The awful summer season is here, not the kind of summer weather I like (yes, the kind of summer weather I like involves warmth and humidity, but also thunderstorms).

As a follow up to my last entry, my vision is OK, except for the floater thing that is apparently never going to go away -- but it is apparently not too serious.



fingers said...

Hey, have they switched on that big mofo LHC over at CERN yet ??
I'm dying to see what a Higgs particle looks like and my eyesight is worse than yours, Magoo...

Anonymous said...

You are so not getting fired. It ain't like they're going to find a seasoned environmental policy expert in Mumbai that they can pull in on an H1B to pay minimum wage to. In fact, they would have to be a citizen to have access to all of your research sources. You aren't going anywhere.