Tuesday, April 29, 2008

An Unexpected Note to Arcturus*

* Yes, that's a pun on my Arcturus blog old title/URL.

I hadn't intended to post an entry, but a comment that I got on my Arcturus blog in my previous entry an entry.

It is posted
here, with the comment in question.

NO! It's not about Mr. Sirius Deneb. That topic is slowly draining away my life force and I need to leave it.

Yay! I win!

I just wanted to note here that new entry and I direct my three readers there. My next Regulus blog entry update, barring anything noteworthy, will probably be this weekend.



krzysztof said...

yay! You certainly win!

Not sure which blog this comment belongs to

I'm tired

bolshoipavel said...

Whoa! There are two blogs now?! Why?


Regulus said...

Kristof -- As I wrote on my Arcturus blog:

Me too.

Today has been abso-fucking-lutely awful, and it's supposed to be my work-from-home week. It was way too stressful for one frickin' memo and all the back-and-forth. I didn't come out looking very good to my boss or boss's boss.

I knew that would happen.

I made an eye doctor appt. for Friday in Riverdale to check out this problem with my right eye I told you about. I'd prefer not to go frickin' blind. Or maybe I'm dying.


Bolshoipavel: Hi Paul, How are you feeling? I hope you are doing well.

Yes, there are TWO blogs now.

Well, the ultimate reason is because of my Mr. Sirius fixation ... I blame him ... because he's not reading either (don't ask) but as a practical matter, I started this new blog, and I like how it looks and the easier use of it. And I can't bring myself to delete my Arcturus blog. It's where I reached my blogospheric peak about a year ago. There is too much content there for me to just get rid of it. I like my Arcturus blog.

Sorry if it will be confusing to check both. As it is, I will be updating Regulus more than Arcturus.

krzysztof said...

Sirius? I thought it was Deneb here.

krzysztof said...

you got another comment from Amy. Do you think she could write a front page story in WP about the (mis)management of my apartment building? The title could be "Washington behind a broken bathroom door".

Or she could do a front page story on you. And then there will be fame at last, and I'll be your secretary and every hot young male reporter who wants to interview you will have to sleep with me first.

Amy seems like an interesting girl. I think she was a little hurt at first but you did rectify the situation ("that sound painful").

Regulus said...

Kristof: Originally, I was going to have him be "Deneb" on this blog ... "one of the truly great stars of the Galaxy" ... and "Sirius" ... "the "Dog Star" ... on my Arcturus blog.

Alas, as he refuses to even read this blog just to be vicious and hurt me, but that is just his way, as we've discussed, so to that end, I've decided to simplify it all and just call him Sirius Deneb. Maybe I should call him Sirius Black, that character from Harry Potter.

His full name is Sirius Pollux-Rigel Alpha-Orionis Deneb.

As for my exchange with Ms. Argetsinger, see my Arcturus blog. I don't think she'll be writing a story about me on any page of The Post, so my would-be fame will be a little while longer in coming, if it ever does.

Given the history of your apt. building, though, maybe you could get a Metro reporter on the story.

krzysztof said...

There is no way in hell I'm typing Sirius Pollux-Rigel Alpha-Orionis Deneb every fricking time I comment on your chronic insanity:-)

krzysztof said...

... and how on Earth is he supposed to find your blog if you rotate the URL faster than Star Trek's Voyager rotated its shield frequency while under attack by the Borg?