Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Test- Tentative First Blog Posting


Regulus, the "last" (dimmest) of the first magnitude stars in the night sky of Earth.

I just can't bring myself to delete my other blog, or at least not before I move all the content to here. There appears to be a way to do that through changing administrative privileges, but I'm really reluctant to do it. I'm so adverse to risk-taking. Plus I've put over 2 years worth of effort into the Arcturus blog, and it goes beyond whether or not that callous shall-not-be-named is reading it or not. He is not. What I'm saying is I like my old blog for its own sake.

But I really want to restart my blog, ending the Arcturus one on my terms rather than a certain someone else's terms. I've told my Blogger Buddies about my plans. I haven't told anyone yet about this blog's location. I'm not sure if/when I'll delete anything or everything on the old blog.



Anonymous said...


Good luck with your new blog! :)

I've closed down two L.Tart blogs so far, both times I felt I had to do it to protect myself from the chance the wrong person might delve too much into my personal life. I made a mistake on the first one & deleted about 1/2 of my oldest posts, too. that was stupid.

Anyway, each time it was a little sad & hard to get started on the new blog.

As you see I'm in incognito. Do you want us to not link you?

travistee said...

As you know, I've had at least 3 blogs, and have learned that if someone wants to find me...they will.
Good luck on remaining anonymous.

bolshoipavel said...

Dear Regulus,
Congratulations on the new blog.
I hope it's a success!

fifi said...


I will put you in my bookmarks rather than my links.
A new start is good, but its nice to be able to read back old things too, so keep your old writing.

Good Luck!