Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Quick Update

Hi Everybody -- Thank you for your comments in the previous entry.

I will publish a new post tonight but I just wanted to thank everyone for stopping by here. My Arcturus blog is not dead -- all 408 posts are saved as drafts and can be republished at some point in the upcoming weeks or months. I may merge it with this blog, too. As for why I did this, well, I'll explain in my entry tonight.

You may link this blog to yours if you like, but just don't say that Arcturus = Regulus!



krzysztof said...

I wonder if the Google engine will catch that little equation you have there (Arc%$^&# = Reg*&^%). Also, if you repost the old entries under THIS new blog it will become very easy to find it through search. But maybe this is the whole point.

Boy I feel like I'm now fully sucked into the vortex of some cosmic paranoia:-)

krzysztof said...

Oh and good luck with the blog!

I just wish I understood what it is you're trying to accomplish. I sort of know but not really:-)

Chick said...

I remember you...

Unknown said...

I don't understand it at all. You get upset when "He Who Shall Not Be Named" reads.

Then you get upset when "HWSNBN" doesn't.

Then you name this blog after a star and say it's ok to link it as long as we don't use "A*&#%!s" in the link. It would be rather obvious who Regulus is I should think.

Do you like torturing yourself? Your'e a better person than "HWSNBN" in my opinion. I'm sure others would agree. I wish that would sink into your head.

He really seems like the sort of person I would not like the pleasure of knowing.

**end rant**

Thank you for letting me know where you've relocated to.


Regulus said...

Kristof: Sweet cheeks, do you know how many times "Arcturus" appears on the internet?

You understand my logic of this. To quote Blaise Pascal: "Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connaît pas.”

Chick: Wish I could say the same. But thank you for stopping by.

Bryan: I'll do it the way I want. These are my blogs and I'm not bothering him or anyone else. You may tune in or tune out -- that's up to you. But I am indeed so pleased that you tune in. You are the wind beneath my blogging sails.

The key point is that HWSNBN -- and he shall be called Mr. Deneb here -- and whatever of his friends who may tell him what's up on my site at least theoretically temporarily can't find me. He may not care, indeed, does not, and he may not even notice. But at least I made a statement by temporarily putting my blog in hibernation. I may put it back up soon -- in a matter of a few weeks.

As it is, I'm surprised to hear you invoke rationality in certain personal situation ... guess you had a bad day.

Unknown said...

Great, just great. Now you accuse me of having rational thoughts. What the hell is this world coming to.

Sorry if I ticked you off, I didn't mean to, I just happen to have a knack for that sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

Hi A**y, I had a hell of a job tracking you down, mate.
This is a fine hiding place you have here.
BTW, it's me (Fingers)...I'm wearing a false beard and glasses just in case I was followed...

Regulus said...

Bryan: Um hm.

Fingers: I thought that was you there under the street light.