Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday Night Creature Feature: A Bit of Happy News; More Unending Frickin' Warmth; Trump Setting Up His Rightwing Kleptocracy; and Dr. Phil's Cruel Exploitation of Shelley Duvall

Fall trees on the grounds of the National Park Seminary (right along the Capital Beltway), Silver Spring, Md., 4:01APM November 13, 2016.

The pictures in this entry are an assortment that I took since last Sunday. The fall colors have been muted because of the drought.


Friday evening.

So I am happy to relate that things have been smoothed over between my mom and me. This particular hiccup was election-related and was my fault. She contacted me by text this morning and I replied -- followed by a lengthy email to her this afternoon. This is actually a very good development, and I'm happy about it, but I don't want to discuss it at length now.

Fall trees on the grounds of Our Lady Queen of Poland / St. Maximilian Kolbe, Forest Glen Road, Silver Spring, Md., 3:56PM November 13, 2016.


The day was again sunny and warm -- and in, 13F to 17F above normal daily highs -- with temperatures climbing to 70F or higher including 70F at KDCA and 73F at both KBWI and KIAD.

This November continues to average absurdly above normal across large swaths of the United States and -- as a follow-up to my entry yesterday -- the incredible warmth all the way up to the North Pole itself is continuing while central Siberia is locked in a deep freeze owing to yet another global warming-induced displacement of the polar vortex (this time into the Eurasian hemisphere).

The main ballroom building of the National Park Seminary, Forest Glen, Silver Spring, Md., 4:02PM November 13, 2016.

The entire National Park Seminary has been redeveloped into a residential community.


That entry includes the following temperature anomaly map for Eurasia:

2-meter temperature anomalies in Fahrenheit for Eurasia and the northern half of Africa for today as initialized by the 0Z 11/18/2016 ECMWF run in an imagine prettied up by


To be clear, the North Pole and surrounding areas are about 32F (0C) when they should be about -4F (-20C).

Drought conditions continue apace here in the D.C. area and much of the eastern U.S. A strong cold front is forecasted to blast across the region tomorrow evening with maybe a few frickin' badly needed rain showers

The famous Pagoda at the National Park Seminary, Forest Glen, Silver Spring, Md., 4:03PM November 13, 2016.

I'm not even sure what this building houses -- apparently, according to Google, it's just a private residence -- but its address is 2801 Linden Lane


The Trump transition continues apace with every imaginable horror being named to his Cabinet / Regime of Horrors including avowed white supremacists and Southern racists, virulent Islamophobes, crackpot conspiracy theorists, corporate vultures and assorted oligarchs, global warming deniers, and garden-variety GOP monsters.

Cemetery at Our Lady Queen of Poland / St. Maximilian Kolbe Church along Forest Glen Road, Silver Spring, Md., 3:54PM November 13, 2016.


Trump himself is setting up an opaque kleptocracy with unspecified comprised foreign dealings (including Russia) to massively enrich himself and his demon spawn -- and the GOP Jacobins have zero incentive to stop him. Given our one-party rule nation now, there isn't jack-shit the Dems can do.

It's hard to keep up with all the horrifying developments on this every day, although Jonathan Chait is doing a good job. Meanwhile, the mainstream whore-media just want to normalize the deeply abnormal and get back to the "GOP Surging / Dems In Disarray!" narrative has long been their favorite.

The bar at The Bottom Line, Washington, D.C., 7:23PM November 15, 2016.

I really like this pub -- when it isn't packed and, invariably, the goddamn jukebox blaring some awful music.


A few other items this week ...

George Ortiz, a hairdresser on the reality show Project Runway, has committed suicide at age 45. The New York Daily News had a lurid online video report about it -- how he did it and how the police found him.

Left: George Ortiz in a happier time. Rest in peace, fellow. No more demons to torment you.

Ortiz reminds me -- appearance-wise -- a bit of bartender and "17th Street Ambassador" Dito in this picture. About that situation with Dito at his bar, I would like to relate what happened because I'm really ticked off about it, but I'm probably just going to refrain from ever discussing it here.

As for other guy who was there, what can I say -- except this: I'm just fed up with those unctuous, preening, self-righteous guys who form that self-entitled, self-absorbed D.C. gay royalty. They're the type who think they shit Versace (and pee Dolce & Gabbana).

Speaking of lurid, I'm in total agreement with Vivian Kubrick, the daughter of the late Stanley Kubrick, about the shameful way -- for lurid (and exploitative) entertainment purposes -- that fucker "Dr. Phil" is exploiting the obviously very mentally ill Shelley Duvall for ratings on his stupid TV show.

Vivian Kubrick's tweeted letter to Dr. Phil regarding his exploitative interview with Shelley Duvall.

(Yes, she misspelled "Shelley.")

I read some online comments (yeah, yeah, I know) that Stanley Kubrick caused Duvall and enormous amount of stress in how demanding he was in the filming of The Shining.


Duvall -- whose most famous movies is the Kubrick-directed movie The Shining with Jack Nicholson and who appeared as Olive Oyl in the 1980 movie Popeye with the late Robin Williams -- has some mental disorder that is causing her weird paranoid delusions.

Looking very haggard and pitiable (see below), she was recently interviewed by Dr. Phil and his show sent out a teaser video ahead of the release (possibly today) in which she claims that Robin Williams, who committed suicide in 2014, is alive and a "shape-shifter"; that the "Sheriff of Nottingham" is after her; and that there is a whirling disk inside of her.

She also said she really needs help. And Dr. Phil is just the exploitative amoral jackass to not do that.

Screenshot of Dr. Phil's cruelly exploitative interview with Shelley Duvall.


OK, I think that's about all for now. For tonight, I'm going to stop at Pennsylvania 6 by Franklin Square and then go to the bars Trade and/or No. 9.

Connecticut Ave and L Street NW, Washington, D.C., 8:05PM November 15, 2016.


My next planned entry is for tomorrow evening -- Jukebox Saturday Night edition and maybe a Saturday Evening Post edition beforehand.


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