Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Morning Color-Me-Blues

A picture from my Jersey shore summer vacation last August. (I never posted the bulk of those photos.) This one was taken short ride between Wildwood and Cape May and overlooks an overgrown meadow morphing into an impenetrable thicket with some sort of yellow flowers, 1:27PM August 27, 2013.


Despite (or maybe because of?) the sunny, warm morning weather, I'm in a deep depression this morning as I start this new work week. However, I have to get into the office and then go to the gym tonight. As for work, I am worried about that now that the major Hawaii project has ended for the time being. I'm presently low on billable work. I also just don't have much of a point in life. Anyway, I'll try to update the blog tonight. I know what I can do: I can send some text messages that will be ignored. That's the ticket to fulfillment. Maybe I should get a dog like Brady, except dogs aren't really allowed in this building.


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