Friday, October 4, 2013

The Late Night Blog Entry Essentials -OR- All That Jazz and These Silhouetted Themes

I'm home at this late hour -- already later than I wanted to be up -- eating dinner. I made my usual rice, steamed broccoli and carrots (and mushrooms this time), and fried up Tyson ready-made grilled chicken strips. I'm watching my usual late night TV sitcom reruns (The Golden Girls at present). The window a/c is purring in my dimly lit, wee efficiency. The a/c has not yet leaked any water into the towel I placed on the window sill below it -- but it did leak somewhat in the wee hours this morning (I had a wash cloth there to catch it).

I just completed three loads of laundry, which are now splayed out in a big pile on the floor.

I'm very tired and need to go to bed. Just a few items ...

OK, at this point, I think the USB ports are working again on my work PC -- which I take home almost nightly -- but I stupidly forgot the USB receiver (or whatever that part is called that plugs into the computer), so I'm still stuck using the mouse-less touch pad, which I find very difficult to use. Frequently, the highlighting / right clicking function eff's up and all kinds of things get highlighted and screwed up with the mouse function wholly freezing.

I don't really have much to say tonight except I'm physically exhausted after the gym. I think I'm doing too much cardio at the expense of other useful workouts involving weightlifting and/or swimming. I only did abbreviated sessions of the latter two after jogging 5+ miles / climbing the equivalent of 1,054 feet (if the displays are to be believed). As it is, I'm taking the next two or three days off from the gym.

A silhouetted figure  atop a hill or ridge as seen through a telescopic lens watching / framed by an annular eclipse in Albuquerque, N. Mex., on May 20, 2012.


I'm not going to post any commentary on the ongoing Federal Government shutdown and the current political situation with the (insane / clueless) culprit Republican Party though I point you to this piece by Jonathan Chait and this one by Paul Krugman on their respective blogs.

Turning to the weather, it remains too warm for October (mid 80s F for highs, mid 60s F for lows in the immediate D.C. area) and too flippin' dry although it has gotten more humid (dew points also in the mid 60s F tonight).

NHC 5-day forecast cone track for Tropical Storm Karen, Advisory #4 Issued 10PM CDT October 3, 2013.


The latest GFS run (0Z 10/4) screws us out of any meaningful rain from the remnants of Tropical Storm Karen as the center circulation tracks up the Eastern Seaboard / piedmont after making landfall near Pensacola, Fla. This differs from the earlier runs on Thursday showing a bull's eye of needed precipitation (2 to 4 inches of rain) moving across the D.C. area by late Monday into Tuesday. NHC still has Karen coming ashore right by the Mouth of the Mississippi southeast of New Orleans -- how cosmically ironic and appropriate if New Orleans were struck by a hurricane during a Federal Gov't shutdown -- and then moving to a point near Danville, Va., by 7PM Monday and tracking toward us.

I hate these model runs -- the latest one ALWAYS is the boning one and that always seems to be the one that verifies. And, NO, I don't want a hurricane -- just a dousing of rain.

Of note, to the extent that NOAA is entirely closed, NWS meteorologists including at NHC are working "for free" right now. That's the GOP / Teabagger way.

Sunset through the fantastic-looking silhouetted baobab trees in or near Morondava, Madagascar.


Lastly, I'm trying to get involved in a particular project at work that would allow me to get into more NEPA work but in a very interesting mapping project. As for when we go into Federal Gov't shutdown mode -- the main agency we support -- that is still uncertain, as is how long I would be kept on before being furloughed.

OK, that's all for now. I'm probably not going to update the blog until Saturday evening / night.


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