Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Winter D.C. Area Drought and Summer Deep Sea Sailing

Dusk on a windy but not terribly cold mid-winter's evening along Independence Avenue, SW, with the Washington Monument visible nearby, 5:54PM, Feb. 14, 2011.

And high overhead was a waxing gibbous Moon in the deepening dusky blue sky.


Not really sure what to write ...

We remain locked in a goddamn winter drought -- we're already 50% below normal precip year-to-date at DCA (see below). Granted we are only in mid-February, but it's a bad sign if you want and realize the need for rain.

The Weather Chupacabra herself, Sue Palka, and the Sterling crew (think WOODY!) are happy while the hapless looking Bob Ryan -- who inexplicably is playing second fiddle to the slurping, drooling jackass Doug Hill on channel 7 after about 4.5 billion years at channel 4 WRC as top dog -- just looked pathetic and sad as he gave the weather forecast last night

Sue Palka, a.k.a. Miss Snake Eyes, embodies so much that's wrong with (1) broadcast meteorology as a "profession"; (2) the unwatchable, shrieking hysterical side show that IS American local TV news in general; and (3) generalized stupidity, banality, and petty meanness

Ms. Chupacabra / Snake Eyes herself poses for the cover of some idiotic and unreadable local magazine a few years ago.


Here are the stats through the end of Feb. 16th (since it isn't going to rain today) for the three regional airport climate stations. The third figure is since Dec. 1, 2010, the start of the 2010 - 2011 climatological winter. Figures in parentheses are for comparison to last climatological winter at this point:

Feb. (so far): 0.92" or -0.53"
2011 (so far): 3.17" or -1.49"
Since Dec. 1, 2010: 4.95" or -2.76" (last year: 10.78")

Feb. (so far): 1.04" or -0.51"
2011 (so far): 3.70" or -1.32"
Since Dec. 1, 2010: 5.66" or -2.71" (last year 14.15")

Feb. (so far): 0.86" or -0.59"
2011 (so far): 2.73" or -1.77"
Since Dec. 1, 2010: 4.20" or -3.37" (last year 12.52")

Keep in mind that last year's 3 snowstorms, the liquid equivalents at BWI and IAD were much higher than DCA, so DCA already was a disadvantage.


Here is a link to Michael Lind's Feb. 15, 2011 Salon column "Hey, liberals: Time to give the Beck bashing a rest". As usual, brilliant.


"The education of most Americans ends with high school. That does not mean they are stupid or ignorant. Many have a life-long interest in world affairs and the American economy and American history. It speaks well of their civic engagement and intellectual curiosity that many Americans, in the absence of alternatives, are drawn to 'village explainers' like Ross Perot with his charts, which liberals mocked two decades ago, and Glenn Beck with his blackboard diagrams, which liberals mock today."


Here is a link to my Arcturus blog, except it's just a lot of vitriol and insults directed at that vulgar and narcissistic gay pig.

Yes, he's a pig ...

To paraphrase the late Ann Richards, you can keep hanging earrings and putting lipstick on him -- or in his case, $500 jeans, ridiculous $120 plunging "V-neckline" shirts, and a pretty face, and drive all that around in a $50,000 BMW -- but underneath all of that he's still a pig.

Oooh, I hope my IRS letter works. I may need to resend it if I hear nothing in 2 months.

Anyway, I don't feel like gushing all hatred and vitriol tonight and instead will just end on a peaceful note ...

A young man digs a hole in the sand of the beach in Point Reyes National Seashore along the vast expanse of the sunlit Pacific Ocean at the edge of North America.

This image is one that I found online years ago -- and is taken by someone identified as Polvi. It is also one of my two blog images I've ever posted.


Deep sea sailing on a bright, windy day on the open ocean ... This image I found online years ago is the second of my two favorite images.


OK, that's all for now. My next planned update will be over the weekend.



к.нео.физ.де.му said...

i was wondering what happenned to bob ryan...

maybe doug hill threatened him with a letter to the irs... :)

as for the lady chupacabra, i have nothing insightful to say, really...

but being quite a venomous person myself i dig your digs at her... :)


Regulus said...

Mike -- You're not venomous at all. At least not that I've seen.

As for Sue Palka, I had that bad interaction with her all those years ago and it has always bugged me. She's a vindictive b****.