Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First Measurable D.C. Snowfall of the Winter -OR- Spring Semester Gym Workout Advisory

Updated lead picture ...

An increasingly rare Washington, D.C. sight: a snowy day, as seen along the 1800 bl of S St., NW, earlier this afternoon, Jan. 27, 2009.


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*Sigh* I should update this blog ...

... at least to note that it is snowing here in Washington, D.C., this day. Above is the view earlier this morning from my unpleasant little apartment.

We had our first measurable snowfall officially at DCA and our first inch of snow at DCA today. That's how pathetic our winter has been even as this month has averaged several degrees F below normal.

I updated my other blog -- that would be the Mr. Sirius one -- and sort of don't feel like writing a second one, or rather just repeating what I wrote there, which would defeat the whole purpose of having that one.

UMCP campus night view, Jan. 26, 2009.

I'm relieved to not have to go to that damn job anymore as a regular employee. I'm a contractor and can work when and wherever, including from campus. So far, it seems to be working out, but it's still early.

I have class twice a week now and plan to be on campus Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and either Tuesday or Friday.

As for today, I don't have to go to campus today and I'm not doing anything for work today, so I think I'll take a walk later, perhaps with Gary

Mad Dog Me.

I was quite pleased when I discovered that my activities fee as a graduate student INCLUDED a UMCP campus gym membership.

I also will start going to the gym on campus tomorrow or Thursday and I plan to do so regularly.By May, I hope to actually be in shape and not the blob of listless nothing that I am now. At least that's the goal. It may not happen. As of now, I looking and feel like hell and have never been fatter and felt physically worse and I cannot stand it anymore.

Returning to the weather, we may get more snow tonight.

The 1708UTC (1208PM EST), Jan. 29, 2009 radar composite for part of the United States.

The radar right now shows evidence of an elongated west-west zonal baroclinic zone with minor waves of low pressure rippling along it stretching from the Delmarva westward back to Missouri.

We are at the northern periphery of it at the present time, which means a turnover to rain is not likely, at least not now. The air temp. is in the upper 20s F and the overall atmosphere is cold enough to support snow here. DC is under a winter weather advisory with a winter storm warning in effect for the northern and western suburbs and beyond, but if anything, right now all the snow is from DC southward. The pattern may get more "wavy" tonight with mixed precip. as warmer air is advected northward.


I think that's all for now. Oh, yes, here is a picture from a lost world for me.

It is from a lost world for me. It is a picture of me taken next to a hydrangea bush that grew so lovely beside the house at 368 Kirby Ave., Long Branch, N.J., where I grew up in the 1970s. This was taken in July 1974 when I was 4 years old.

I took it from my dad's photo album when I visited him in Florida and scanned it yesterday on campus.



fifi said...

Oh, goody, snow!!

Snow makes the world so pretty! That ought cheer you up.

What a sweet little boy, and such lovely hydrangeas!

Rita said...

Exercise has more benefits then just physical, I hear it's very good for ones mental health. here

Enjoy the snow!

Regulus said...

Fifi: Yes, the snow was nice, but it turned quickly to sleet and freezing rain and made sort of a mess.

Thank you for the compliment on those hydrangeas. And me.

Rita: Thank you for the link! Yes, the snow was nice, albeit brief (see above comment to Fifi).