Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Not So Easy ...

"Easy" the big, forlorn-looking St. Bernard dog in the vapid, junkyard-looking surroundings he had to live in. This picture was taken by my friend LP a very long time ago -- Fall 1975 - in Frederick, Md., as he walked past some unidentified and now forgotten place. I was just 5 years old living in New Jersey. I scanned this picture earlier today while on campus. Poor Easy. He (I'm assuming the dog is a male) probably died by 1983, maybe earlier.My dad had a male St. Bernard named Wencel when I was a baby, but the dog apparently turned vicious (tried to bite him) and he had the dog put to sleep, probably in 1972.

A black cat with some white fur I passed while walking on Harvard Rd. in College Park, Md, earlier today, as I was heading to the Metro station.

He (she?) reminds me of a young version of my dad's old and very dear and sweet cat Pyewackett down in Florida.


I'm so depressed these days. And if you look at this picture of me from earlier today...

... see how damn old and worn out ugly I look pass through 38 yrs old (I never even got to be young and cute.) Here I was in the financial aid office waiting area -- not being seen.

Why I went there is for another entry, once I know the outcome of my academic year 2008 - 2009 financial aid status.

On another note, but still all related, how can I roll both my Arcturus and Regulus blog into one? I know there's a way to do it. But then I should change the URL to simply "Regulus - Arcturus," or maybe "Arcturus - Regulus."

Isn't Regulus - Arcturus Black the name of Harry Potter character Sirius Black's younger brother? Hmmm. And, NO, I didn't realize that when I picked the name Regulus for this blog, just like I didn't know about the weird D.C. layout - Masonic symbolism.

I'd like to come back in my next life -- which I figure should run chronologically from the years 2055 - 2127, far more as the Mr. Sirius variant. Or not. Maybe I'll be a peasant farmer in mid-21st Century Nepal in a mountain forest. Or perhaps on some other planet altogether, or some alternate/parallel Universe. Intriguing (if pointless) to ponder.

American Gothic, College Park style: house at the corner at Dartmouth Ave. and Harvard Rd., College Park, Md., May 6, 2008.

Well, that's all for now. I return to my regular work schedule tomorrow and it doesn't appear I was fired. Yay and/or boo.



krzysztof said...

how can I roll both my Arcturus and Regulus blog into one?
Try this: in the command line type:

roll -s +Arcturus +Regulus -o newblog

If that doesn't work ask Gary. He's bound to know:-)

Regulus said...

I think it best we not ask Gary about Fortran programming.

How about instead, "chmod 777 Blog-Arcturus+Blog-Regulus" = {Null}

Or even better,

"F77 (Sirius N(N+1) for N=Ego, N>0)" =

Compile ...

ha ha