Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Primarily and Secondarily Tuesday Night Update -OR- The Sandernistas Trump Themselves

Palm trees and tourists on Playa Bávaro, Punta Cana, Dominican Republican, February 9, 2016.

Gary took this picture (and the one below) on this final full day in Punta Cana, DR, before returning to D.C. tomorrow.


So it's a bit after 10PM as I start this blog entry, except I just can't really get into writing anything tonight.

It would take too long and I am on a tight schedule this week that includes being to work -- offsite at DOE HQ to staff a particular desk -- by 9AM-ish.

I made it to the gym for a second night in a row, and I intend to do it a third time tomorrow, although I'm unsure of the effectuality of that. My plan is to go out (to Baan Thai and then Trade) after work on Thursday.

Lent begins on Wednesday, but as a fallen Catholic, I mo' definitely don't follow that. (I guess this week is my own little mini-Lent, albeit 4 days instead of 40.)

The beach known as Playa Bávaro, Punta Cana, Dominican Republican, along the Atlantic Ocean, February 9, 2016.


Weather Update ...

The much-discussed snow event was a total bust, but we all knew that ahead of time. Those individual random model runs showing 4 to 8+ inches of snow were all bullshit. Again, we knew that ahead of time.

There was some accumulating -- as in a coating -- of snow in the far northern and western suburbs of D.C. and into the usual elevated places well west and north of D.C. Also, the snowflakes were ginormous in some places, although not here in D.C. (at least in my Dupont / U Street 'hood), where there was basically only a brief rain/snow mix around dawn.

Above: A snowy morning scene in Damascus, Md., in a Twitter photo by user KayNineKay and reposted in this CWG entry.

Tonight is a blustery, cold one and it is going to get uncomfortably cold for the next 5 to 10 days. Highs on Sunday are forecasted only to be 22F even in D.C. proper with lows around 6F.

Snowy forest in northern Montgomery Co., Md., this morning, February 9, 2016.

This picture was taken by Twitter user Jane Bennett Aldous and reposted in this CWG entry. To be clear, it did not look like that along U Street this morning on my little walk to the Metro. Rather, I saw this:

Homeless man looking dazed at the corner of 14th and U Streets NW, Washington, D.C., 8:32AM February 9, 2016.

The hulking, fortress-like, decrepit mass of the Frank Reeves Municipal Center -- which Mayor Bowser refuses to have torn down -- acts as a magnet for the homeless and schizophrenic, although in all honesty, the wealth of the U Street Corridor and adjacent areas probably does, too.


Of note, a reinforcing cold frontal passage progged to move through in the wee hours with some light snow for the Baltimore/Washington corridor. The radar already shows that.


Primary and Secondary Colors ...

New York Times online headline announcing the victory of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders in the New Hampshire Republican and Democratic primaries, respectively, 11:07PM February 9, 2016.


Tonight the results are sweeping -- swooping? -- in from the New Hampshire Republican and Democratic primaries. The easy winners were Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

With 73% of the vote in on the Repug side, Trump has double his nearest rival: 34.6% to John Kasich's 16.2%.

Yes, John Kasich.

And frickin' JEB! is just about tied with Ted Cruz: 11.1% to Cruz's 11.5%.

Left: The current vote tally as shown on the TPM.com site. This is with 73% of the vote counted. I am not going to wait for 100% -- besides, it's not going to change that much.

The really good news (as far as I'm concerned) is that "Marcobot" -- Marco Rubio, that ultimate clueless, ineffectual, would-be tool of the 0.1% donor class -- only has 10.5%, which makes it hard for the frickin' GOP Establishment and Washington Consensus to get all excited about having an "acceptable" Republican candidate.

On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders crushed Hillary by over 20 points: With 75% of the vote in, the split is 59.6% to 38.7%.

The Sandernistas are in a frenzied, howling, yowling state of ecstatic hysteria tonight and the "Bernie Bros" are spreading their online bile in a way that Republicans -- the world's ultimate "sore winners" -- can appreciate.

Of course, these Sandernistas will be in a frenzied, howling, yowling state of bitter hysteria in November when this naturally ideologically (as opposed to operationally) right-leaning country fails to "feel the Bern" and allows the GOP candidate (whoever it is) to trounce Sanders in a 43-state rout.

Yes, this makes some assumptions about the Republican candidate, but to a large extent (as Josh Marshall once noted about House Republicans), national GOP politicians are essentially voter-proof at this point.

Left: New Hampshire Republican primary vote map with 75% reporting.

Furthermore, as I see the world, running against a widely choleric, unhinged looking, openly avowed "Socialist" (and spare us the "Social Democrat" subtlety -- you might as well quote from your Noam Chomsky and Slavoj Žižek reader at the trailer park) septuagenarian who, oh, by the way, is Jewish, well, that basically ensures Bernie has a shot at only the following states in the GENERAL election (in order of decreasing likelihood):

Vermont, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Washington, and (if only for regional affinity) New Hampshire.

I suppose Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Oregon, and JUST MAYBE Maryland (because of Baltimore City and the D.C. suburbs of Montgomery and Prince George's Counties) might be in the mix, too, although I wouldn't bet on it.

Left: New Hampshire Democratic primary vote map with 75% reporting.

I think I should repost explicitly the link to this Vox.com piece from last week:

TalkingPointsMemo.com headline announcing Sanders and Trump primary wins, 11:21PM Feb. 9, 2016.

The site also includes a colorful description of what the Republican Establishment is presently feeling. That Fred Hiatt's Washington Post Editorial Board is also deeply upset is an additional plus.


Looking ahead, the Democratic primary political terrain is far more friendly to Hillary in the upcoming primaries and caucuses, especially in the South, interior, and intermountain West, but we'll see. I guess anything is possible.

Lastly, I do want to note this Jonathan Chait piece discussing the Supreme Court's 5-4 decision (along the usual horseshit lines that thrill both the Washington Consensus and the conservative entertainment complex, but for different reason) to halt Pres. Obama's clean power plan to curtail CO2 emissions, esp. from filthy, toxic coal-fired generation (of the sort that China can't get enough of).

Here is the piece (link embedded): Supreme Court Halts Obama Power Plan

The last paragraph is worth quoting in full:

Because the Supreme Court ordered the regulation of carbon in the first place, there's little doubt that some kind of power plan could be designed that would pass legal muster. The risk is that the clock is ticking on the Obama administration's term, and if the Court strikes down this plan, and a Republican administration takes office, it will probably decide to let power plants emit all the carbon they want. Which would be bad, and which also illustrates the enormity of the stakes in November. Democrats need to hold on to the White House or literally risk planetary disaster.

A GOP Clean Air Action Plan -- in action.


While I have Jonathan Chait as a topic, these two pieces he wrote about Donald Trump are also well worth a read even if you don't agree with the conclusions (links embedded):

OK, that's all for now. I really do need to go to bed.

I'll try to update the blog tomorrow night, though it is uncertain.


Monday, February 8, 2016

A Monday Ends Much Better Than It Began; Tuesday Low Snow Expectations; and This is Y

A lovely snowy landscape image of field and fence with distant winter forest that I found online (as a still from a music video), but I've no idea where or when it was taken).


OK, it is almost 11PM as I start this entry, and I simply cannot be up late tonight. I made it to DOE HQ by 9AM this morning and I intend to do it again tomorrow and for the remainder of the week rather than being late.

My day was kind of OK, despite how awfully I was feeling this morning.

Sterling (LWX) CWA weather advisories (with legend) updated February 8, 2016.


The weather is complicated with snow in the forecast -- except widely varying possible amounts based on whatever model and model run you choose to believe. Basically, anything from no snow to 8+ inches for D.C. itself. Sterling (LWX) has taken a conservative approach and is predicting about 2 inches in D.C. proper and more toward northern Maryland. The Baltimore area is still under a winter storm warning while the immediate D.C. area is under a winter weather advisory.

Snowfall amounts are going to be driven heavily by the mesoscale thermodynamics in this system.

Mount Holly / Philadelphia (PHI) CWA weather advisories (with legend) updated February 8, 2016.

This shows the extent of the winter storm warnings into southern New Jersey. Monmouth County (where I was born and lived for most of the first 10 years of my life) is under a coastal flood warning as well as a winter weather advisory, but the more serious advisory takes precedence on this map.


I'm not going to go into this now -- I just don't have time. You can look up the recent CWG entries if you are so inclined.

It is raining lightly now. After this weather system, it is going to get brutally cold for about a week. Highs on Sunday are forecasted to be around 21F and overnight lows in the single digits in D.C. itself.

The Sterling (LWX) county warning area (CWA) most likely snowfall map through 10PM Feb. 10, 2016 issued (image generated) at 9:45PM tonight.

This map doesn't take into account the National Airport (KDCA) systematic and sustained snow undercount effect, although it captures accurately the tidal Potomac effect.


I had a very good workout tonight -- the full, multi-part one of jogging, weightlifting, core, and a quick swim. I'm unsure if I should go tomorrow as I had planned (recall I was going to have an extra gym workout on Tuesday night in lieu of my post-work one-night-gym, other-night-bar routine precisely because of my schedule this week).

I had intended to post this in an entry discussing my Super Bowl thoughts, but I never got around to that. I'd still like to post the image because it's damn funny.


Depending on how much snow falls and if it looks like Donald Trump will win the New Hampshire GOP primary, maybe I'll go to Floriana instead. (Tomorrow is the New Hampshire Dem and Repug primaries; New Hampshire Dems will almost certainly do the dumb thing and give a big win to Bernie "43-State GOP Rout" Sanders. Thereafter, the terrain should be more favorable for Hillary. As for Trump, if he doesn't really do well tomorrow, he's probably finished in the GOP primary process.)

Speaking of the gym, I had a nice email from the Anthony Bowen YMCA that almost seemed personalized to me (I suppose it was based on how often I go to the gym). The YMCA sends out these emails entitled "This is Y: your daily motivation" and today's read as follows:


Rather than a short-term project, you are making your exercise routine a lifestyle. Keep up the great work.

It was signed by the Wellness Director.

OK, I'm going to end this entry now. I do want to discuss in an upcoming entry something I really need to get out there: The fact that I am at this point in my life not a very good friend to a lot of people, by which I mean I am not loyal at all, but I don't want to broach this topic right now.


Monday Morning Malcontented Update at the Start of a Likely Awful Week -OR- Please, God, Let It Just Be Friday Already

**This entry was posted on February 8, 2016.**

Bua, Washington, D.C., 8:04PM February 7, 2016.


Oh, God in Heaven, this is going to be a long, difficult, shitty week.

I have to be onsite at DOE HQ all week to staff a particular desk, and I have to be there by 9AM-ish. Ugh.

Sterling (LWX) CWA advisories, 7:13AM February 8, 2016.


Also, the frickin' weather is doubly, triply, quadruply annoying with the threat of snow that may or may not be disruptive -- and, technically, not here in D.C., but in the area. Thus, the Sterling (LWX) crew has put a winter storm watch in effect for the Baltimore area including all of Anne Arundel County but not D.C. and its immediate environs.

That's a big victory for them.

I'm still a bit hung over from last night. I went to No. 9 and then to Trade, where I asked bartender Aaron how I might arrange a complicated series of flights in order to accommodate my crazy dad next November (at Thanksgiving) on a planned trip to an as-yet-unspecified Dominican Republican resort that includes a brief (as in one-day) stopover in Florida. Specifically, it would involve arriving at Jacksonville (JAX) and leaving Daytona Beach (DAB) or Orlando (MCO) in order to see that goddamn trailer of his in Flagler-by-the-Sea (he and Shannon have broken up, or so he says, so she's not deal-breaking there) and then returning straight back to D.C. from, I suppose, DR via San Juan.

If anybody can do complicated flying routes, it is Aaron.

Oh, yes, I should mention that Gary and Howie are presently in the Dominican Republic -- in Punta Cana.

Later, I stopped at Bua, except I don't quite remember that, and then I went to Fox & Hounds where I saw Jamie at the tail end of the Super Bowl, and I remember even less of that. Just sort of a bright blur. And then I was home.

A satisfying series of HuffPo headlines. I'm not sure it will make any difference in the end, but satisfying nonetheless.

The frickin' Washington Consensus and GOP Establishment want Marco Rubio and will get Marco Rubio even while idiot Dems nominate Bernie and he loses in a 43-state rout.


Tonight and through Wednesday, it is gym nights. For Thursday night, I think maybe I can do Baan Thai but we'll see.

OK, let's get this goddamn day and week started. I'll try to update the blog tonight but I have little say.

Please, Dear God, just get me through it.


Saturday, February 6, 2016

Jukebox Saturday Night for Feb. 6th, 2016: The Blue Water, Bee Gees, and Let's Groove Edition

"Blue Water" by Eric Marienthal from his Just Around the Corner release (2007)

This is a particularly lovely YouTube video in terms of the tropical imagery still frames.


"More Than a Woman" by the Bee Gees from their legendary Saturday Night Fever: The Original Movie Sound Track album (1977)


And continuing with the disco theme (not to mention an upbeat song) ...

"Let's Groove" by Earth, Wind & Fire from the group's Raise! release (1981)


OK, that's all for now. I'm heading out in a bit. I've actually had company while putting together this entry -- Ms. Wendy, who is back from Africa but soon to travel to the Middle East to continue her GOOD WORK of the world.


Saturday Evening Post for Feb. 6th, 2016: The BIG Y'EYEMAH Loves to Dance Edition

**This entry was posted on February 6, 2016.**

Sunset over a tranquil field in Poolesville, Md., Feb. 4, 2016 in a picture taken by Martin Radigan and posted in this CWG entry.

The original Flickr page is here. Also, I cropped this image somewhat since the original was much wider than tall but the little one-room school house (if that's what it is) is still visible.


As the briefest of updates, I had a rather good, multi-part gym workout today after getting up, finally, at 1:30PM. I'm home now and just made some dinner.

The dinner is Campbell's Chunky Sirloin Burger with country vegetables soup mixed with boiled jasmine rice and some steamed broccoli and carrots.

Healthy, possibly slightly foreign suspect, but with a nod to Americana.

"Mommie Dearest" screenshot, Floriana downstairs bar, Washington, D.C., 11:33PM February 5, 2016.


Last night I had a nice time at Floriana with Roger and Fred and then later at Fox & Hounds with Jamie. At Floriana, Dito put on Mommie Dearest for me (muted but close-captioned). To be clear, while I've certainly talked about that movie before, I had never actually watched it all the way from the beginning.

For tonight, I think I'll go to Trade to start out and maybe somewhere else thereafter. As I mentioned, my coming week is going to be a challenging one in terms of having to be onsite at DOE HQ all five days starting at about 9AM, so I am going to alter my usual schedule and go to the gym more frequently but in shorter visits rather than alternating gym/bar nights.

There is a chance of snow late Monday into Tuesday but I'm not going to get into that right now.

Tomorrow is the annual agony of the Shitter-Bowl, I mean, the Super Bowl, which I, of course, will avoid like the plague.

However, I do plan an entry about that with some thoughts.

Oh, yes, since I'm on a BIG Y'EYEMAH and Wall-P (and Hysterical Gee) kick ...

Me: Oh, Wall-P, I'd like to borrow $60 Freedom Dollars from you.

Wall-P: Dude, why do you need more money?

Me: Oh, Wall-P, I'd like to take BIG Y'EYEMAH dancing at the Cracker Cabana. It's Ladies Of Notable Size night sponsored by McDonalds.

Wall-P: Dude, the last time you tried to take BIG Y'EYEMAH dancing, she fell out of her Hoveround and crashed through the floor.

Me: Oh, Wall-P, that was just a little mishap.

Hysterical Gee makes entrance in a tornadic vortex:


Hysterical Gee exits in a swirling cloud of debris.

Wall-P: Dude, she took out three floors below, injured 20, and made the building structurally unsound. Remember, we're still in litigation.

Me: Oh, Wall-P, it wasn't her fault. You know that building was old and not up to code.

Wall-P: Dude, you're kidding, right? She must weigh 1,500 pounds. It's not safe taking her dancing. I'm not going to risk it.

Me: Well, then, we'll just have to stay home in our trailer and she can eat another half dozen cheesecakes while I watch the badminton tournament. Now I need money for the cheesecakes.

Wall-P: !


OK, that's all for now. Another installment of my Jukebox Saturday Night series to follow shortly ...


Friday, February 5, 2016

Car Alarms, Big Winds, and Refried Beans -OR- Friday Night Blog Follies (an Ongoing Series)

View from my office in Rosslyn looking across the Potomac to Georgetown, Washington, D.C., 11:37AM February 5, 2016.


Another frickin' attempt at another frickin' blog entry.

There is a goddamn car alarm -- rapid fire horn blaring -- going off about every 30 seconds and lasting for about 20 seconds. It's not directly outside but close enough to be annoying. I'm sure the person who owns the car is thrilled and thinks its great, or more likely, is beyond clueless.

The goddamn thing is probably going to go off all night, maybe all weekend.

Isn't there a 311 number to call for that?

The family ride for BIG Y'EYEMAH and me and Li'l Annabelle Mae.


Maybe I should check in with my betrothed, BIG Y'EYEMAH, since we own a hunk of junk car that is constantly breaking down and its horn going off all the time, not to mention always having flats, shakes over 60MPH, and belches black smoke out the rear on occasion. The doors are going to fall off soon and one of the windows already has. Oh, and its a competition between the broken catalytic converter and BIG YEYEMAH's gas to see what makes the car smell worse.

Unsafe at any speed, indeed.

Balloon in my apartment, Washington, D.C., 1:17AM February 5, 2016.

Earlier in the night (and I was out way too late), I had gone to Trade and then Fox & Hound where I met Jamie.


You see, BIG Y'EYEMAH married me because she was and is deeply enamored of failure. And our "very special needs" child, Li'l Annabelle Mae -- who has been tenting out nicely thanks to a steady diet of McDonald's and American corn syrup, so she's not so li'l anymore -- has turned into demon-spawn, a.k.a., Rosemary's Baby now an adolescent, and last seen setting fire to the local academy of the politically correct arts school next to the libertarian think tank and for-profit college "campus" that is a glorified racket.

Thunder Grill, Union Station, Washington, D.C., 12:37PM February 4, 2016.

I met my mom and Ray there yesterday. I really like Thunder Grill. I need to go there once and just spend a few hours solo.


All we need now is for Wall-P to start talking about his money, not to mention a Marco Rubio presidency -- which will occur right after idiot Dems nominate Bernie and he goes on to lose in a 43-state rout -- combined wit wall-to-wall rightwing radical Republican rule. Maybe the Washington Consensus crowd can show up to lead us to oblivion.

I'm trying to think of new "Wall-P and Me (and Hysterical Gee) Makes Three Chronicles" storylines.

Wall-P: Eh. Eh. Eheheh. Dude, you can't bring BIG Y'EYEMAH to the dinner party.

Me: Oh, Wall-P, why not??

Wall-P: Dude, last time she had massive flatulence.

Me: Oh, Wall-P, that was a just a little gas.

Wall-P: Dude, she cleared out the place.

Me: Oh, Wall-P, that's because she ate ice Rocky Road ice cream right after a generous portion of refried beans and sauerkraut, and it didn't sit well.

Wall-P: Dude, she can't come.

Me: Oh, Wall-P, you just don't love BIG Y'EYEMAH. You don't see her INNER BEAUTY.

Then the Hysterical One can start shrieking and screaming uncontrollably mixed with gran mal palsied facial contortions:


Not to put too fine a point on it, but eternity could pass and it would still be too soon to see again the Hysterical One.

OK, the car alarm seems to have quieted down.

Remember when QUEEN NOBLE ran for D.C. Delegate back in 2010 and in that awesome campaign video made on the side of some awful street in Southeast D.C., she says at one point as a bus roars by behind her, "This is captivity ..."

Fred Hiatt can explain from First Principles why this is really a neoliberal Utopia, we just don't realize it.

The bar at Secret Chopsticks, Rosslyn, Arlington, Va., 7:00PM February 4, 2016.

Secret Chopsticks is a new Chinese restaurant located on the ground floor in a ginormous private residence (condo) skyscraper called Turnberry Tower. It is located next to my office building. I went there last night and stayed for about an hour. I actually went there again today for lunch with a co-worker to talk about an idea he is working on.


There is really nothing else I want to write tonight. It is a cold, clear night. It is going to be cold and blustery for the next several days and, indeed, the pattern looks cold for the next 7 to 10 days

Looking ahead, there are a few chances of snow in that time, but a big snowstorm doesn't seem likely here in D.C.

It's just as well.

Once they are over, snowstorms -- or rather, their aftermath -- are a big pain the ass. Oh, and National Airport always comes in with some bogus low snow total number, thus adding insult to injury and rendering the whole thing an exercise in futility.

As for tonight, I'm going to go to Trade and/or Floriana. Gary is away in the Dominican Republic at a resort with Howie and that awful friend of his who lives near Boston.


Rosslyn at dusk, Arlington, Va., 5:44PM February 4, 2016.


Next week, I have to be on client site all week -- from 9AM to 5PM, so I have to adjust the rest of my schedule accordingly including no going out after work. I might just do four shortened gym workouts Monday - Thursday rather than two long ones and two nights off.

Mostly, I just want to sleep for the time being.

OK, that's all for now.


Thursday, February 4, 2016

An Entry of No Particular Note -OR- Gloria in Excelsis Foggy Deo

The National Cathedral's towers appear to rise above a ground-hugging fog bank as seen across the Potomac River from an office window in Arlington's Rosslyn section on a gray, rainy day, 3:30PM February 3, 2016.

The fog bank was located somewhere in Georgetown, Burleith, or farther up Wisconsin Avenue in Washington, D.C. Directly across the river is the Georgetown University campus. This picture was taken by my co-worker Pete. The main tower of the Cathedra is called the Gloria in Excelsis and it contains the carillon and free-swinging bells on two different levels.

The towers still have scaffolding on their tops as part of the very slow reconstruction following damage due to the August 2011 earthquake.


(I was unable to post this entry until this morning. Also, I don't have a lot of pictures for it.)

Well, I wanted to post a full entry tonight but it is already quarter after twelve (as in midnight) as I start this one -- and I'm quite tired. I had a long day at work and then a tiring, multi-part workout at the gym tonight. I came home by 1045PM and made dinner and now I'm doing two loads of laundry (well, two wash an three dry).

Thunder Grill, Union Station, Washington, D.C., in a picture taken last year on Aug. 19, 2015.


I don't have to get up that early tomorrow because I am teleworking in the morning. This is because I am meeting my mom for lunch at our favorite restaurant -- Thunder Grill -- at Union Station. She is taking a MARC into D.C. from Anne Arundel County for a couple of hours.

Another office view from Rosslyn looking at the Georgetown section of Washington, D.C., on a rainy day, 12:56PM February 3, 2016.

I took this picture with my flip-open cellphone's low-resolution, low-quality camera.


Speaking of work and my new commute to my new office location in Rosslyn, this morning I walked to Farragut West instead of Foggy Bottom and it was 1 minute shorter (27 minutes). However, returning tonight, I realized that I overshot by two blocks where I should have gone -- all the way to 19th Street (partly because I had intended initially to walk to Foggy Bottom via New Hampshire Ave).

Rosslyn skyline as seen across the Potomac River with the Arlington Memorial Bridge in the foreground as seen on a sunny summer day.


In fact, I can just walk directly down 17th Street -- right through the heart of the aging Gay Mafia's tiresome, old-school fiefdom (also known as the Crow-Duck Dynasty) that is hardly what it once -- to Farragut Square and enter the station on the east side. This probably is more like 25 minutes.

Anyway, long story short, it took me 39 minutes to get to work today rather than 40 minutes (again, there was no Metro delay).

As for next week, I'm supposed to be onsite at DOE HQ each of the five days -- and there no later than 915AM -- so my commute will briefly revert back to the U Street / Cardozo to L'Enfant Plaza in the morning.

Interior bar of the Post Pub, Washington, D.C., 7:59PM February 2, 2016.


Last night, I departed work and stopped at the Post Pub -- a place I have gone with variable frequency over the last 20 years stretching back to the 1990s when I still lived in College Park (i.e., pre-February 2001). I actually had a nice dinner at the bar and then headed over to Trade where I texted and actually subsequently met Mark. I made it home by about 11PM and pretty much went right to bed.

Turning to the weather, it was quite rainy day as wave of low pressure rode along a vigorous frontal boundary approached the Eastern Seaboard although precipitation totals were a bit lower than the heavy rainfall suggested.

Two Sterling (LWX) radar images from earlier today with captions:

Sterling (LWX) NWS radar, standard base mode reflectivity, looped 1:03PM to 1:45PM EST Feb. 3, 2016.


Sterling (LWX) NWS radar, standard composite mode, looped 2:04PM to 2:46PM EST Feb. 3, 2016.


Tonight it is densely foggy and the remaining snow is melting like crazy -- even visibly sublimating into the fog, as I witnessed some old, dirty snow piles doing. It must be a real sight out in the areas where the snow cover remained.

The mid-winter cold water of the Potomac River -- unseen from this vantage point in a Rosslyn office building -- combined with the warmer, moisture-laden air to create an ethereal white fog, 3:30PM January 3, 2016.

The fog is visible through the bare trees.


Interestingly, as I saw from Rosslyn office today, there was a thick, ghostly white fog along the Potomac as the warm, moist air interacted with the cold river water. My officemate took a picture of that -- posted directly above -- as well as the lead image to this entry of the towers of the National Cathedral -- including the main Gloria in Excelsis tower -- sticking up ABOVE a localized fog bank located over D.C. somewhere between the Cathedral grounds and our Rosslyn vantage point.

Rainfall totals for Feb. 3rd were as follows (and the rainfall was all-inclusive in the calendar day):

KDCA: 0.50 inches
KIAD: 0.76 inches
KBWI: 0.57 inches
KDMH: 0.54 inches

The rainfall has ended now and it is instead very foggy with some drizzle and quite mild around the area.

The rainfall and melting snow have caused numerous tributaries of the Potomac River such as the Cacapon, Opequon, and Monocacy (I love those names)and even upriver parts of the Potomac itself to rise to flood stage with flood warnings in effect. Here in D.C. and downriver in flood-prone Alexandria, it should avoid reaching actual flood stage.

The Sterling (LWX) CWA weather advisories as of 1:29AM February 4, 2016.


Temperatures reached the mid-50s Fahrenheit (57F at KDCA, 54F at KIAD, and 56F at KBWI), all well below the daily record highs at any of the three airport climate stations. However, it is presently still quite warm in the fog and drizzle with temperatures still 55F at KDCA, 56F at KBWI, and 54F at KIAD at the midnight hour.

A very foggy night as seen from the intersection of New Hampshire Ave and V Street NW, Washington, D.C., 10:45PM February 3, 2016.

I was walking back from the gym.


The cold front is moving only slowly toward the Eastern Seaboard as the upper low remains well back to the west. Furthermore, additional waves of low pressure are forecasted to develop along it tomorrow as it tries to clear the region. There is even a surface coastal low progged to form somewhere along the Outer Banks or Virginia Capes -- and it will be close call to see how near the precipitation shield gets to the D.C. area before the upper level low swings through and pushes it all out into the Atlantic.

High resolution NWS surface map, northeastern quadrant of the U.S., 3Z February 4, 2016.


The air behind the front, especially tomorrow (Thursday) night into Friday morning would be cold enough for snow the Baltimore/Washington region but right now, the D.C. zone itself has only mostly cloudy skies.

Next week, it is forecasted to be rather cold and there are a few chances of snow showers but the initial idea of a major coastal low in the Monday - Tuesday time frame -- subject of this CWG entry by Wes Junker -- affecting our area appears now to have crapped out.

Avalanche ...

This image accompanies the David Roberts column that is linked below. It is a very appropriate image for the article. That mountain looks like it is in the Himalayas but I'm not sure. I suppose it could be the Canadian Rockies.


There were some political columns and political commentary that I wanted to post but it just doesn't seem likely at this hour. I could just post the links ...

... including to pieces Andrew O'Hehir, Jonathan Chait, Paul Krugman, and this must-read one by David Roberts of Vox.com about what awaits Bernie Sanders if he is indeed the Democratic nominee.

(To be clear, I still don't think that will happen. I don't think the Democratic Party in the aggregate is that politically clueless.)

However, it's so late and even trying to post just the links is problematic, since it requires discussion (and thus more pictures to break up the text, whether or not they are topically related).

(I may return to the Vox.com one and just repost it outright since I think the topic is so important.)

That being the case, I'm just going to sign off now and go to bed. Tomorrow night is a non-gym night, so my next update might not be until Friday evening, although I'll try to post one before then.